Vavenby water leak results in quick response

The process went on until the break was found and fixed

Jack Young operates an excavator to fix a leak in Vavenby's water system recently.

Jack Young operates an excavator to fix a leak in Vavenby's water system recently.

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, Vavenby resident Don Pickerell discovered water flowing in his driveway.

The town’s water systems operator, Tina Hewlett, came to investigate and contacted the utilities department in Kamloops. Ken Nystoruk came out. He and Hewlett reviewed the drawings of the water system. They found that a four-inch curb stop off of the main line was damaged.

Water was turned off on Ball Road, where Pickerell lives, and all connecting roads. This was to reduce the risk of damage. It was back on at 5 p.m. It was decided that work on the damaged curb stop would have to wait until the next day.

Water was shut off again on Wednesday at 9 a.m. as Defiance and Quality Contractors of Barriere began work on the break. The excavator was operated by Jack Young. Tim Johnson worked in the hole that had been dug, doing the finer digging to find the pipe. He was also spotting for the pipe so he could tell Young to stop.

Dale Stachoski from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District utilities department in Kamloops came out to act as overseer. He also helped in the hole.

The digging had to cease when the water in the hole needed to be drained. If the curb stop wasn’t found, then there was more digging, which caused more water, so more draining. The process went on until the break was found and fixed. Water to the houses was turned back on at 1 p.m.

Checking power poles

Also on Wednesday, Sept. 29, two men from Alpine Pole came to Vavenby to check the town’s power poles for rot.

The men drilled a couple of holes into a pole and, depending on how much wood was left in the center, determined if it was rotten. Rot starts in the center.

Wood preservative was put in all of the holes made and then plugs added.

Some rotten poles were found and will be replaced later.

Vavenby residents told to vote in Avola

Many Vavenby residents have phoned Elections Canada complaining that their information card says to vote at the old schoolhouse in Avola (nearly 50 km away).

The Vavenby community hall has been the voting place in past years.

There are some issues with the Vavenby hall that are being worked on. The door does not have an automatic door opener and the ramp has a steeper incline than what is standard.

The chief electoral officer (CEO) can give special approval if there are issues related to accessibility.

The Kamloops election office should know soon if the Vavenby hall has the approval of the chief electoral officer. If and when that happens, residents will be reissued new voter information cards.