Vavenby students have year-end fun

Vavenby Primary School students went on some of their last field trips

As school comes to a close for the year, the Vavenby Primary School students went on some of their last field trips.

The students went to Raft River Elementary School on Friday, June 3, to participate in Eureka Science. It was a nice day and spent outdoors. All the children spoke enthusiastically about what they had learned.

One station was about bees. The students learned about the life cycle of bees, from eggs to larva, then pupa, then adults. The children were surprised to learn that, when honeybees sting for protection, they die afterwards.

The students learned about nectar as well – how bees collect nectar and then use it to make honey.

A third station was called The Deep Blue Sea. The children played a game called Top Predator Prey. They enjoyed the game, which included little coloured strings and little balloons that were the prey.

On June 6 the Vavenby students went by bus with three Raft River classes for a hike, which started at Dutch Lake Community Centre and followed the Clearwater River. They walked five km in two hours. It was a hot day but for a lot of the hike they were in the shade. The children saw some interesting rocks, big caves, a deer, squirrels, a waterfall, and Dutch Lake.

The students said the hike was fun but was tiring when they went up a steep hill. They took their lunches with them and had a picnic.

When getting back to their starting point everyone was given a freezie. After eating it the children rolled down a hill for some more fun.


They ended the day by going back to Raft River school to listen to a Grade 1 class sing a duck song and a salmon song that the class had made up.