Vavenby students go on Magic Schoolbus ride

The children went to Raft School to learn how to play indoor curling

On Tuesday, Nor. 15, the Vavenby Primary School students went on a field trip to Raft River School. One student said that they went on the Magic Schoolbus and Mrs. Frizzle was their bus driver.

The children went to Raft School to learn how to play indoor curling. Instructor Kathy Arnold of Curling Canada’s Rings and Rock program took groups of students and gave them a 45 min. lesson. Students from Blue River Elementary were present as well.

The children explained that somebody in Britain invented the game a long time ago. You have something like a rock with a handle. You throw it on the floor towards a big circle ahead of you. If your rock goes into the smaller ring in the middle of the bigger one then you win. They all had fun.

The students spent the rest of the day in Mrs. Ferris’ classroom. She was the teacher in Vavenby last year. Apparently they were thrilled.

Sediment causing water problems

Vavenby residents got two phone calls from the TNRD last week. The first was a water quality advisory. There was an increase in turbidity due to the change of water intake. This is seasonal.

The second call, which was on Nov. 16, let people know that the water system was going to be flushed the following day to clean out the sediment.

People on the water system were told to run their water until it came out clean.