Canfor Vavenby mill. File photo

Vavenby recieves increased legacy fund

Following more than a year of communications between the Thompson-Nicola Regional District and Canadian Forest Products (or Canfor), Vavenby has received an increase in their legacy fund from the forestry company.

After the sawmill closure, Canfor announced legacy payments of $200,000 to the District of Clearwater and just $25,000 to Vavenby. Due to the sawmill’s proximity to the community, and the health conditions endured by the residents, Vavenby was entitled to a similar legacy fund to that of the DOC, said Schaffer.

Originally set at $25,000, Carol Schaffer, TNRD director for Area “A”, has now received a cheque from Canfor for $100,000.

“It is with great pleasure I am able to announce that Canadian Forest Products has increased its financial contribution to the Vavenby legacy funds, from $25,000 to $100,000,” she said. “These funds will be used to provide the everlasting monetary support for Vavenby’s infrastructure needs.

“I am thankful to Canfor recognizing how their extra support provides comfort to the community.”

The legacy funds will be split, 25 per cent to the Vavenby Fire Department for structural repairs to the hall, and the remaining 75 per cent will go towards the Vavenby water treatment system.

Brian Fehr and Brian Baarda, owner and CEO respectively of Peak Renewables, the new owners of the previously Canfor properties, donated one acre of land to the communtiy of Vavenby for their water treatment system.