Vavenby Primary thanks volunteers at yearend ceremonies

A large audience took part in Vavenby Primary School's yearend assembly on Wednesday, July 27

Vavenby Primary School student Dayton Flegel presents flowers to Cadence Busse

Vavenby Primary School student Dayton Flegel presents flowers to Cadence Busse

Wednesday, June 27 was the yearend assembly for Vavenby Primary School. There was a large audience made up parents, grandparents, relatives, and school helpers present to watch the ceremony. Teacher Julie Boyes gave an introduction. In her introduction she said that the school was looking at a possible seven to nine students. The class filed in and then Cadence Busse entered wearing a graduation cap. She is the only Grade 3 student in the school and is “graduating” to Raft River School. Schoolmate Dayton Flegel presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Boyes told the audience about Busse’s strengths and achievements over the years. She mentioned the careers Busse thought of undertaking but at this time how she would like to be an author and illustrator of children’s books.

The thank you ceremony came next. The children had made up a song thanking the school volunteers. It was excellent. Each helper received a card made by the children. Volunteers recognized were Mary Neathway for cooking, Faye Jones for coordinating the After School Club, After School Club helpers Melissa Dohms, Rachel Dohms, Alexis Dohms, and Justin Stein, Dane Flegel and Erin Busse for helping with skating, Margaret Blackwell and Dawn Prince for fundraising for PAC, PAC member Cheryl Flegel, Tyler Busse for driving students on field trips, Gerri Dohms and Arlee Yoerger for the student reading with the dogs, and Val Bellows for helping with field trips and for all the extras she did around the school.

The students then received their awards. Dayton Flegel earned the citizenship award, Brody McCall got the creativity award, and Gavin Prince received the thoughtfulness award. Graduating student Busse was given the fine arts award for her wonderful ability in singing, dancing, artwork, and acting. Congratulations to you all!

Principal Mike Bowden spoke next. He ended his speech asking for a round of applause for Boyes for doing such a terrific job. After that vice-principal Colleen Topolovec gave a speech. She will not be here next school year as she is moving on to a school in Kamloops.

Everyone stood up to sing Oh Canada to end the ceremony. There were refreshments put out for everyone to have. It was a great assembly and the students definitely enjoyed themselves. They were looking forward to the next day, as it was the last day of school. Then summer holidays begin. Have a great summer.

Horses work together

Last week, on her drive home from Kamloops, a Vavenby resident saw some horses that seemed to be stuck in a flooded part of their field. The horses appeared lost, as if they couldn’t find their way back to shore.


Another group of horses noticed the lost ones, went out to them, and brought them “back home”. The Vavenby resident was quite amazed.