Vavenby News: Youth attend annual bible college program in Calgary

This annual event, called “Emerge,” is held at the college and the program is planned and put on by the students themselves

Five members of the Vavenby Christian Church youth group – Seth and Isaac Moilliet, Austin and Jessica Greene, and Justin Stein – were driven by John and Valerie Gerber to the Alberta Bible College in Calgary on Mar. 3, 4 and 5. This annual event, called “Emerge,” is held at the college and the program is planned and put on by the students themselves. The goal of the weekend is to give young people an inside view of what Bible College is about and to spend time with the students, having fun together, being encouraged, hearing great speakers, music bands, and outreach ministry. This year they packed clothes in boxes for Mustard Seed Ministry, a downtown ministry in Calgary. Approximately 80 people attended, including college students and youth leaders.

The theme for 2012 was “Big and Bold”. The speakers focused on the freedom that comes from fearing, loving, and obeying God. The youth could choose to go to one of the two different demo classes offered – Old Testament Survey and Global Perspectives. Some of the boys tried sumo-wrestling in the gym during free time. The youth enjoyed seeing Vienna Moilliet, who is a student there this year. She was one of the main planners of the weekend event. There was a banquet held on the Saturday night catered to by a French restaurant, which was very tasty.

One of the funny memories for the youth was getting stuck on the drive back home on Mar. 5. In turning off the highway at the icefields in search of outhouses the Suburban came to rest in a huge snowdrift. They tried pushing the vehicle out but that didn’t work. Finally a big black truck with two men from Quesnel pulled them out after the boys found a chain on a loader that was just sitting there several hundred yards away. “We did return the chain,” they said. The wind was blowing fiercely and everyone was glad they had brought boots and warm coats.

There is a speech contest held each year for students in Grade 11 or above. The winner receives a $1000 scholarship to Alberta Bible College. Last year’s winner and recipient was Vienna Moilliet.

Children told to stay home

On Mar. 5,6, and 7there were no teachers at the schools due to a form of job action. The board office in Kamloops called parents of all Vavenby Primary students telling them to keep their children at home. Custodian Val Bellows was at the school to phone parents to come pick up their children if they showed up.

Six out of eight of the students enjoyed their three days off, one did not have fun, and one couldn’t decide. When talking to a couple of high school students they thought it strange that the teachers did this job action so close to Spring Break.

Spring Break begins on Monday Mar. 19 and is one week long. The primary students are looking forward to it and plan on doing a variety of things from playing with friends, having sleep-overs, going sledding, and read books. One student is going to set up his pool and go swimming , “No matter what – even if it’s got ice.” A few children will be visiting relatives. Everyone should take more care when driving in town during school hours from Mar. 19 – 26 as the children will be out and about.

Thrift store holds contest

The Vavenby Fine Things Thrift Store will be holding a scare crow contest. Anyone interested in creating one will find lots of available supplies at the store. All scare crows must be entered by May 24.