Vavenby News: Art studio opens

Doris Scarff held the grand opening of her art studio, Dreams and Delusions, on June 25 and 26

Doris Scarff (l) and Anne Lane show off some of the artwork in the Dreams and Delusions art studio in Vavenby.

Doris Scarff (l) and Anne Lane show off some of the artwork in the Dreams and Delusions art studio in Vavenby.

Doris Scarff held the grand opening of her art studio, Dreams and Delusions, on June 25 and 26. Twenty-five people turned out on the Saturday. The studio is a dream come true for Scarff. She is very happy with the outcome and appreciates all those who helped make this dream a reality. She tossed the idea around for the last 10 years and then turned her husband Cliff’s workshop into the studio with the help of family and friends.

There is artwork done by Scarff, family members, and Anne Lane to look at and/or buy. There is a large variety of items to see – pictures painted on different surfaces, painted rocks, Christmas decorations, crocheted rugs, knitted towels, dish cloths, and scarves, cards, and jams. Scarff said that she will paint on any surface that paint will stick to.

The studio will be open on Sun. – Tues. from 10 – 4. If she is home she will open for those who would like to visit. A person can always make an appointment by phoning 250 – 676 – 9569. The women will always take orders as well.

School holds graduation

Vavenby Primary School’s “graduation” assembly was held June 29 – the last day of school.

Teacher Ms. Boyes led the Kindergarten – Grade 3 class into the library and then said that the theme for the year was overcoming challenges. To point this out she read a story about a seed. Afterwards the class sang a song. Taniah, Nathaneal and Zion Toscano, and Luke Wood sang solos for each verse and the entire class joined in for the chorus.

Following the song, awards were handed out. Nathaneal, the only Kindergarten student, received an award for academic excellence. He had mastered the Kindergarten curriculum by October.

The Grade 1 students and their awards were Lawrence Colebank for excellence in printing, Dayton Flegel for best attendance (he was absent for only one day), and Luke Wood, the most improved artist.

The Grade 2 awards presented were to Cadence Busse for fine arts (she is an exceptional artist, dancer, singer, and actress) and Taniah Toscano for achievement in reading

The Grade 3 awards went to Sunny Deugau for progress in writing and Zion Toscano for excellence in keyboarding skills.

Each student received a Success Maker Progress Award for reading skills. Then Boyes acknowledged all the school helpers. Mary Neathway, Fay Jones, Anna Wood, Val Bellows, and Hilda Zietsov were presented with plants. Cheryl Flegel, Robert Beaudry, and the bus driver received either a brownie or chocolates. Zietsov gave Boyes a gift.

Anna Wood wrapped the assembly up with a jam session with the students. Boyes told about some changes for next year. The school will stay open, she will remain as the teacher, there will be around 10 students, but new school hours. The school will start at 8:15 and end at 2:55. She hopes to start the Breakfast Club where students will eat breakfast at school followed by an activity. The idea will depend on funding.

The class went on two more field trips to end the year. The first was on June 21 to the Bert Edwards Science Centre and to the Kamloops Gymnastics and Trampoline Centre. Cadence Busse said they got to do some cool stuff. Nathaneal Toscano thought that the most fun things were  balancing a plastic bird on the end of his finger and putting his head in a box. The box had a mirror that made it look like his head was cut off.

The second trip was to Raft River School on June 24 for the Primary Fun Day.

The school had an exceptional year and had been told that Vavenby Primary was an exceptional school.

Watch your pets

Vavenby residents should be wary. A coyote has been spotted around town. Traps have been set but it has not been caught yet.

Time to conserve

Watering restrictions are in effect and the times have lengthened. People living in even house numbers water on even days from 6 to 11 in the morning and from 6 to 11 at night. Those people who have odd house numbers water on odd days for the same time periods. All residents should have received a notice in their mailbox.