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VALLEY VOICES: Lions roar in Little Fort, B.C.

Thirty-three riders tackled the Snowarama 100-mile run that took place in Little Fort on Sunday, Feb. 28, 1982.

Thirty-three riders tackled the Snowarama 100-mile run that took place in Little Fort on Sunday, Feb. 28, 1982.

Riders came from Clearwater, Barriere, Kamloops and Alberta to join local riders in helping to rack up $3,335 worth of pledges for B.C.’s Crippled Children.

The Mount Olie Lions Club hosted the event and were commended for their efforts in bringing it all together.

Chairman Bobby Rowan spear-headed the event and noted that he had dedicated two weeks to grooming the trail that proved to be an enjoyable challenge for the riders.

Many Lions Club members also stepped up to produce such a successful event for Little Fort.

Besides the snowmobile event, attendees also enjoyed snow golf, cross country skiing, and the little ones had fun sledding and sliding. A large fire welcomed the more laid-back spectators to fireside chatter, and a concession run by Angus Thompson and the Lady Lions kept stomachs satisfied, with beverages served by Jim Daley to keep spirits glowing.

The entire event proved to be a well-organized community effort that offered something for everybody.

A contingent from Barriere arrived to support Little Fort’s Snowarama event, and said they were duly impressed.

After the ride, “handsome” trophies were awarded to those who had brought in the most pledges.

First place went to Udo Wittich, a Grade 7 student, who was thrilled to receive the first place trophy for his efforts. Grace Rowan, who enjoyed first place in 1981 and 1980, was nonetheless pleased to accept second place. Rick Hill, who said he was torn between Alberta and Little Fort, won the third place trophy, while his wife Shirley was right behind him in fourth place. Barriere’s Bob Catcheside was the recipient of the fifth place award.

As for the the 27 riders that had ridden for pledges, none went home empty-handed. All were presented with a “classy” Snowarama plaque for their efforts on behalf of B.C.’s Crippled Children.

Mount Olie’s Lions Club president, Bill Foucault, thanked all those who helped make the day such a great success: His “fellow Lions and Lady Lions, Bill Mattenly from Clearwater (who did a fine job as M.C.,), the riders, and of course the community at large for coming out and supporting such an outstanding effort.”

~ Source: North Thompson Journal, March 1982