Three acts at Serenity

Danielle Savage and the Miscreants, Tom Richardson, and Benny Walker and Band entertain in rural setting

Benny Walker and Band play a combination of rock

Benny Walker and Band play a combination of rock

The Aug. 17 concert held at the Serenity Performing Arts Centre was headlined by some very talented musicians.

There was a wide range in types of music played. People, including children, were up dancing nearly all evening.

There was a thank-you given to all supporters of Serenity and one to Krystle Moilliet, who has been the sound technician for two years.

First on stage was Danielle Savage and the Miscreants. They are a group based in Penticton. Danielle Walker writes the songs, was lead singer, and played the guitar, harmonica, and “trumpazoo” an instrument she put together herself.

MiscreantsOn the drums was Darren Filipenko, and playing the keyboard, recorder, and melodic was Ryan Schick.

The band thanked Shirley de Vooght for having them and Walker said she couldn’t think of a better place to be in B.C.

“Serenity is an awesome venue, Shirley has always supported us. Shirley’s great!” she said.

The band played a mixture of lively and quiet music – some comical. One song was called Dance and was for people who don’t dance enough, ” … which is probably all of us,” she said.

The group had CDs for sale. It had just finished a new one the night before.

The “Australian Invasion” followed. They were all from a little town in the state of Victoria.

Tom Richardson was first. He has won many prestigious awards in Australia such as Blues Music, Young Performer for Victoria, and Best Album for Victoria.

Richardson played the guitar, the weissenborn which is a slide guitar, and the loop pedal. The loop pedal is operated by his foot. It records what he is playing live, and it loops it continuously. Then he can add layers and different instruments.

The particular loop pedal Richardson uses allows him to have several loops going at any one time, which he can start/stop as he chooses. It was very unique to hear and made it seem like he had a whole bandArden dances with him rather than doing it solo. He had a lot of the audience up dancing when he used a “nine piece back-up band” and “three female singers”.

Richardson remarked how polite Canadians are and how much longer they clap than Australians. He has a great sense of humour and kept the audience laughing.

Benny Walker and band came up on stage last. Richardson played with them. He played the lead guitar and sang harmony, Walker played the guitar and was lead singer, Daniel Paroissien played bass guitar, and Cat Leahy played the drums and sang harmony.

The band performed at Serenity last year and they are touring B.C. for the rest of August. They sang lively and blues music. They were very enthusiastic performers.

One song, called Crazy Mamma they dedicated to de Vooght, “… for she’s like a mom to us in Canada.”

The group was called back for an encore. For one of their songs they got two-year-old Weston Adamson on stage with them. He had a little guitar and he played along with Richardson and with Walker and his band. Adamson had the beat and the moves.

It was a wonderful evening of music.