Think on These Things: She lived, she died, and she lives

Christine Opper was born on July 31, 1914 - almost 98 years ago

A friend of mine died a couple weeks ago.  Last Saturday was her ‘Celebration of Life’ service and I would like to recap the important parts.

Christine Opper was born on July 31, 1914 – almost 98 years ago. Life was not always easy, but she found a way to make it better for those around her. She loved her family with everything she had, and to Chris, her greatest accomplishment was loving all her children. You see Chris married Ron and raised his last seven of 15 children. Every one of hers and Ron’s were very special to her and she radiated when she talked of them. Chris also spent time praying for each one, and when you talked with her she would ask you to pray for them too, as she prayed for your children. She took other’s burdens and made them hers to help bare.

Chris and Ron also made many others part of their family. At the service I met or talked with others who told how Chris and Ron made such a difference in their lives, and had adopted them into their family. Chris would have room at the table for one more. You see Christine Opper really lived life; living love exuded from her being.

On May 24 Christine Opper died. One thing you should know is that she was not afraid to die. Her body was giving up and it was time: but that was not why she was not afraid. It was because she knew Jesus as her personal saviour. John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one, and only Son; whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” Chris is spending eternity with Jesus! We mourn not for her, but for ourselves.

Now Christine is with God, her creator, the one who loved her so much, that she was able to share that love with those around her. She will live eternally with no tears, no pain, no sorrow.  Her body has been transformed and is perfect.


Chris lived, she did not just exist; she really lived. Chris died with no fear, leaving behind the results of love. Today Chris is alive. What is our legacy, and where will we spend eternity?

– Lynn Bode, Barriere Christian Life Assembly Church