Think on These Things: Handing over the reins and letting God take control

From the grave to the sky - this speaks of total victory and the wonderful answer to prayer

The other day I got a revelation. We were singing a chorus that was proclaiming how Jesus came from heaven to earth, then from earth to the cross, from the cross to the grave and the grave to the sky. I have been struggling with how some things were being done within my family, and it has been bothering me greatly for sometime. As we sang this song God impressed on my heart how my prayers should take the same route as Jesus did.

The first segment is that Jesus came from heaven to earth. When we have the revelation of who God really is, then we pray knowing that he cares and answers prayer.

Jesus said repeatedly in the gospels that he would answer our prayers. I also know from life experiences that this is true.

The next step that Jesus took was from the earth to the cross. When Jesus died on the cross he gave us the means to victory.  Therefore when I pray I take my pleadings to the foot of the cross in a sense.

After the cross Jesus went to the grave. This is the part of this equation that is the toughest. In taking my petition to the grave it means I need to “die,” or “give up” my way of wanting things done. So often when I pray I find myself telling my Father what to do and how to do it as I see fit. In the whole family problem I felt (feelings not necessarily based on all the facts) that some people were being taken advantage of others.  My solution was for this to stop. In taking my prayer to the “grave” it meant for me to step aside, saying, “Maybe I do not know what is absolutely best,” and letting God take control.  While we keep control, we do not allow God to do what is best, but by handing over the reins to the Almighty we allow Him absolute freedom. This only makes sense since we only see part of anything, but God sees not only the whole picture, but also everyone’s hearts, and how everything affects those concerned. When I gave up my ideas, then I saw not only how Jehovah answered my prayer, but also how He had already been moving in the situation. This leads to the last step.

From the grave to the sky – this speaks of total victory and the wonderful answer to prayer.  What a weight off my shoulders.

– Submitted by Lynne Bode, Christian Life Assembly