Supporting the future of Clearwater’s grads

The hat toss.
Claire Arduini and Trustee Shelley Sim.
Jesse Eby.
Teacher David Whelen laughs during his speech to grads.
Harry James, president of Legion Branch #259, and Harper Schrauwen.
Cassidy Tucker receives a bursary.
Vienne Wadlegger receives a bursary.
Reegan Yurkiw and Rose Thon receive bursaries.
Vienna Wadlegger laughs during the valedictorian speech.
Cassidy Tucker and Shelley Sim share a hug.
Daimian Baker receives his degree.
Jaime Ball receives her degree.
Olin Coates receives his degree.
Parker Collins receives his degree.
Braxton Hall receives his degree.
Brayden Janes receives his degree.
Matthew Lavigne and Shelley Sim
Hannah MacDonald receives her degree.
Lesley Pinksen receives her degree.
Kaylie Romeril receives her degree.
Allison Settle receives her degree.
Rose Thon receives her degree.
Cassidy Tucker receives her degree.
Cleo Coates sings O Canada.
Principal Darren Coates speaks to the graduating class.
Trustee Shelley Sim speaks to the graduating class.
Matthew Lavigne gives his valedictorian speech.

Clearwater Secondary School held its graduation ceremony on June 24, where 28 graduates celebrated the completion of their studies before heading off to the next stages of their lives.

The ceremony was attended by friends, family, faculty and dignitaries, some of whom offered words of inspiration and advice.

Principal Darren Coates was first to bestow a few words of wisdom. In his speech, he talked about the science behind being happy and what happiness really is — the social connection. A Harvard study almost 100 years old, following roughly 1,000 people, determined that closer, stronger relationships made people happier, more than money and fame.

A message from School District 73 superintendent and senior leadership was presented by Rick Kienlein, director of instruction and secondary education and learning services, followed by a few words from school trustee Shelley Sim.

Sim told a story about a woman with two water pots that she carried off either shoulder. One had a crack and every day one pot would come back full and the other having lost half its water. Sad about its imperfection, the cracked pot asked the woman why she uses it? The woman responded that she planted flower seeds on the cracked pot’s side of the path and every day they are watered.

“For two years you had to go through COVID, and yet you bloomed despite your last couple of years have not been perfect…all of you have thrived and grown into beautiful, beautiful young adults,” she said. “And despite the crack in the pot, each of you took this opportunity to do some wonderful things.”

CSS teacher David Whelen was invited by the grads to be the special guest speaker. He talked about small moments of perfection in life and seeing those moments for what they are.

“If you’re genuine about your silliness and you’re genuine about your argumentativeness and you’re genuine in those things that we in school try not to be too enthusiastic about, that’s still a root of beauty,” Whelen told the grads. “I want you to recognize that moving forward.”

During the ceremony a number of bursaries and scholarships were also handed out to help the graduates begin the next leg of their journey.

Vienna Wadlegger picked up the Central North Thompson Rod and Gun Club Bursary ($500) and the Central North Thompson Pioneers Bursary ($500 each) went to Katelynne Christensen and Olin Coates. The Century 21 Rison Bursary ($500) went to Seth Cooperman, while Matthew Lavigne and Cassidy Tucker were the recipients of the Clearwater Rotary Club Bursary ($500 each).

The Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi/Xi Epsilon Eta Bursary ($250) went to Cassdiy Tucker, who was also the recipient of the Chris Cleaveley/Mary Fus Bursary ($1,000 each), along with Hannah MacDonald. The Clearwater and District Minor Hockey Association: Donna Akers Sjodin Memorial ($500 each) was handed to Parker Collins and Matthew Lavigne, and the Dave Giesbrecht Memorial Bursary ($500) was also given to Parker Collins.

The District/Authority Scholarships ($1,250 each) went to Jaime Ball, Olin Coates, Matthew Lavigne, Corwin Schieck Rose Thon and Cassidy Tucker, and Harper Schrauwen received the Lynda Cairns Memorial Bursary ($250). The Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Bursary ($1,000) was given to Cassidy Tucker; the KTTA-Bert Lambert Memorial Scholarship ($500 each) was taken by Kristen Regier and Matthew Lavigne.

Vienna Wadlegger took home the Estek Environmental Sciences LLP Science Scholarship ($1,000); Katelynne Christensen was the recipient of the Fund For a Worthy Student Scholarship ($500) and Interior Savings and Credit Union Million Dollar Bursary ($1,000 each) went to Olin Coates, Hannah MacDonald, Harris Thomas and Reegan Yurkiw.

Kamloops Blazers High School Scholarship ($1,000) went to Corwin Schieck and the Pharmasave Bursary ($500) was awarded to Rose Thon. Kristen Regier was given the Principals and Vice-Principals Bursary ($750), the Redman Family Memorial Bursary ($1,000) went to Vienna Wadlegger; Harper Schrauwen took the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 259 Bursary ($1,000) and Cassidy Tucker received the Royal Purple Bursary ($250).

The Times Bursary ($300) went to Rose Thon; the Wadlegger Logging and Construction Bursary ($1,000) went to Cassidy Tucker, Reegan Yurkiw and Parker Collins, and Rose Thon and Reegan Yurkiw each took home the Yellowhead Community Services Scholarship (500 each).

Rose Thon also took home the Bill and William Sedgwick Memorial Bursary ($500), while the Skye/Courtney Buck Bursary ($750 each) was given to Kristen Regier and Reegan Yurkiw. The Buy-Low Foods Scholarship ($1,000) went to Cassidy Tucker, and Buy-Low Foods also awarded a $250 bursary to Jaime Ball, Simon Phillips and Matthew Drope.

The Clearwater Dental Clinic Bursary ($500) was awarded to Harper Schrauwen, and Matthew Lavigne took home the Fred Allan Memorial Bursary ($500). The Sikh Temple Society Scholarship ($750) went to Katelynne Christensen, and Cassidy Tucker and Harper Schrauwen each took home the Ted Richardson Memorial Bursary ($1,000 each).

The Brody Wynne Memorial ($1,000) was awarded to Kristen Regier.

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