Success By 6 receives additional funding

Success By 6 – a partnership between the United Ways and Credit Unions of B.C. and the B.C. government – is dedicated to ensuring that children ages zero to six have access to programs and resources supporting healthy growth and development. It helps to ensure that young children develop the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills they need as they enter school. Recently joining this partnership is the B.C. Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, to help promote the importance of Aboriginal early childhood development in B.C.

Success By 6 has been operating successfully since 2003, and recently, the B.C. Government is reinforcing that Success By 6 partnership, through an investment of $3.4 million for 2011-12.

The early years – from birth to age six – are extremely important in a child’s life. These years are the most critical for neurological development, as the most significant brain growth occurs in the first six years of life. That’s why early childhood development programs such as those supported by Success By 6 are key building blocks to success for B.C. families and communities.


Success By 6 is facilitated by Yellowhead Community Services in the communities of Barriere and Clearwater, call 250-672-9773 or 250-674-2600.