Students celebrate 100th day at school

Vavenby Primary School celebrates 100th Day – the 100th day of the school year

A design made by a Vavenby Primary School student helps mark the 100th day of the school year on Feb. 19.

A design made by a Vavenby Primary School student helps mark the 100th day of the school year on Feb. 19.

The Vavenby Primary School students have had a busy two weeks of school.

On Feb. 19 the school celebrated 100th Day, which was the 100th day of the school year. The children were asked to bring or wear something that would express or represent 100 in some way.

Students made a necklace or a picture from the Fruit Loops that were available. All the boys made necklaces, and all the girls created pictures. Some of the boys gave the necklaces they had made to their moms.

Vavenby students travel to Blue River races

On Feb. 20 it was off to Blue River to take part in the 17th annual cross country ski meet. It was also the first Cross Out Cancer Ski Race in honour of Andy Aufschnaiter. All the Vavenby students attended and rode on the bus with students from Raft River Elementary. It snowed during the day but everyone had fun.

The races went by grade, were done in heats, and were timed. Iyannah Toscano and Mercedes Flegel, both Grade 1 girls, were just shy of winning a medal. Toscano came first in her heat, and Mercedes came second in hers. Mike Wiegele’s Lodge provided a free lunch of spaghetti, Caesar salad, buns, cookies, and oranges.

It was a long day for the children. The bus left the Vavenby school at 7:30 a.m. and returned following the awards ceremony, which was held after lunch.

Working to end bullying

The school participated in Anti-Bullying Day the last week of February. The children were asked to wear as much pink as possible. Some people in the schools are thinking of calling it Friendship Day to make it sound more positive.

On Feb. 28  the class attended its last session and lessons at the Clearwater ski hill for downhill skiing. It was a bright and sunny day for skiing.

Bible camp in Lumby

Vienna and Isaac Moilliet were the only two members of the Youth To Christ (Y2C) youth group that attended a Bible camp at Lumby, Feb. 21 – Feb. 23. There were about 22 youth from Lumby, Kelowna, and Vernon. Leaders of the camp were Shane and Kristy Mattenley, past residents of Vavenby.

There was lots of snow and Saturday, the only full day, consisted of games such as kick ball, dodge ball, and capture the flag. The kids also went sledding. Both Friday and Saturday ended with campfires.

Isaac’s favourite experience was the game capture the flag. This involved the youths having to go up a hill and “capture” the flag – a broom – that the leaders were guarding and then take it back to their base. The game was played twice. The youths won the first game, the leaders the second one as the youths slid down the hill.

Everyone was fed very well and there was lots of food.


The speaker for the weekend was Gareth Evens. Vienna said Evens had some amazing stories about his experiences with God that held everyone’s attention.