Stop smoking with the Surgeon General’s most recommended method

Romane, Canada’s most well known touring hypnotist is coming to Clearwater

Are you tired of burning up your money? Are you noticing the effects of smoking on your health? This may be the day that you never have to make a resolution to stop smoking again.  Canada’s most well known touring hypnotist is coming to Clearwater with his famous stop smoking with hypnosis seminar. The 2 1/2 hour seminar will be held at the Wells Gray Inn on Tuesday, May 8 at 7 p.m.

Romane proudly says, “No one in the world has helped as many Canadians to stop smoking as I have. “

He has been hypnotizing Canadians and others for almost half a century. When asked why his method is so successful, he said that he uses the “multiple method” approach.

According to research by the US Surgeon General, the “multiple method” approach was said to have the highest success rate.  Romane has researched over 1,000 stop smoking programs himself, spent thousands of dollars on the programs, and has done surveys with thousands of his seminar attendees to find out what works best.

Combining all the most successful methods, he states that his approach is successful because it uses a “buckshot approach rather than a rifle shot” to help virtually anyone. His seminar also assists smokers to not only stop smoking, but to easily manage stress, build self-esteem, and even control weight gain after stopping smoking.

Romane has now decided to slow down his touring, so this is his final major tour. He quotes W. Hall:  “Take care of your health; you have no right to neglect it, and thus become a burden to yourself, and perhaps to others.”

Hypnosis is widely used in medicine, psychology, dentistry, and many other areas. Dr. Jack Gibson, a surgeon at Naas Hospital in Ireland, preformed over 4,000 operations using only hypnosis as an anesthetic.  Hypnosis has been practiced for over 200 years and is now used extensively by Russian and Swedish athletes for maximum performance.


If you want to add years to your life and life to your years, you can save substantially on limited advance tickets at Wells Gray Inn, online at or charge by phone 1-888-222-6608.  Discount tickets are $79, plus tax and ticket seller fee in advance, or $115 at the door. For more information, see