School District 73 employees take survey on vaccination policy

A survey on how people view a vaccine mandate is available for employees of School District 73.

The Board of Education passed a motion directing the superintendent to establish a committee to bring information to the board about case rates, vaccination and employees’ views of a possible vaccine mandate, during their regular meeting on Oct. 25.

The Ministry of Education said it would leave the choice to implement vaccine mandates to the school boards, providing guidelines to help school boards make an informed decision.

“We developed a survey of employees’ views of a vaccination policy by working closely with representatives from our employee groups,” said superintendent Rhonda Nixon.

“The survey is a vital part of the planning process, and it has been designed to minimize the collection of identifiable personal information,” Nixon added. “The information that is collected through the survey will be used for the purposes of informing the board about employees’ stances on a vaccination policy.”

The board stressed that all survey responses would remain confidential by human resources, and shared only on an aggregated basis.”

The District’s 2,000 employees will have until Friday, Nov. 12 to complete the anonymous survey.

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