Research tool gives indicators about communities’ interests and values

The typical resident of the V0E 1N1 postal code in Clearwater is a Heartland Retiree

What happens when you take Statistics Canada and other data and try to summarize it for each postal code across Canada?

The results can be interesting insights and sometimes perhaps humorous oversimplifications.

The typical resident of the V0E 1N1 postal code in Clearwater, plus those of V0E 3A0 in Vavenby and V0E 2C0 in Little Fort, is a Heartland Retiree, according to Environics Analytics.

They are rural, older and mature lower-middle income couples.

The average household income is about $75,000 per year. They own their own homes, which are unpretentious single detached houses or mobile homes. They tend to have high school and trade school diplomas, and those still working hold blue-collar, service sector or agricultural jobs.

Making up about 1.5 per cent of Canada’s population, Heartland Retirees enjoy camping and gardening as well as almost anything with a motor.

With no kids around, they have time for hobbies like woodworking, golf and knitting.

They also enjoy an evening out at a community theatre or local pub.

“Attraction to Nature” is their sample social value.

That was just one result obtained by plugging in postal codes into Environics’ PRIZM C2 segmentation system.

The system was developed at the postal code level and uses 66 segments defined by demographics, lifestyles and values. It was designed to help businesses and not-for-profits more effectively connect with new customers, prospects and markets.

Clearwater’s V0E 1N2 postal code is represented as Rustic Roads – rural, downscale older couples.

Nearly half of this segments working adults hold blue-collar jobs. Nearly 60 per cent are over 55 years old and lead traditional rural lifestyles. They spend their leisure time outdoors – fishing, bird-watching and snowmobiling, as well as playing sports such as basketball, volleyball and curling. They have high rates of going to local restaurants or theatres. And they don’t mind driving a long distance to attend events. Most live simple lives focussed on their churches and communities, and show little desire to change.

Those who use mailboxes at Clearwater’s post office, V0E 1N0, are described as Country Acres – middle-aged and older rural couples and families.

They are one of the nation’s most affluent rural lifestyles, with average household incomes of about $85,000. They work in a mix of jobs in agriculture or blue collar professions. Nine out of 10 are homeowners, typically living in modest single-famly houses. They say, “Life in the country is more satisfying than city life,” but they typically have to leave town for their entertainment. They enjoy hunting, fishing, boating and camping. Status is expressed by the size and newness of your pickup and family sedan – mostly domestic brands. Sample social value would be, “Aversion to Complexity.”

Aging and Active is the segment used to describe the residents of Blue River, V0E 1J0 and Avola, V0E 1C0 – older and mature, lower-middle income town households.

The segment consists of a mix of older families and empty-nesting couples in modest, single-detached homes. They spend much of their free time outdoors walking, hunting, and fishing. Residents are involved in their local communities and spend time at local venues, taking in concerts and local theatre. They will spend an evening dancing after an afternoon cycling or at an outdoor sporting event. Aging and Active residents enjoy motor sports, including ATVs and motorcycles.

“Utilitarian Consumerism” is a sample social value.


Results for more postal codes can be obtained by going to on the Internet.