RCMP report for Oct. 17

On Oct. 4, Clearwater RCMP responded to a mischief file regarding a damaged side mirror on a vehicle.

Damaged mirror

On Oct. 4, Clearwater RCMP responded to a mischief file regarding a damaged side mirror on a vehicle. RCMP attended the complainant’s residence, who explained that they had a female visitor over for dinner. When dropping this person off at their residence, the spouse of the female passenger came out of his home and damaged the mirror of his truck with a blunt object. Clearwater RCMP contacted the spouse, who then agreed to pay for the damage that he caused.

Impaired Driver at the gas station

On Oct. 4, during the evening Clearwater RCMP received a report of an erratic driver who crashed into a ditch near Birch Island on Highway 5. Police attended the scene, however could not locate the vehicle. After investigating police discovered that the vehicle was pulled out of the ditch and continued down the highway. Clearwater RCMP located the vehicle at the Clearwater Shell gas station and spoke with the driver, who was behind the wheel of a running vehicle. The driver had care and control of the vehicle and admitted to having consumed alcohol. The driver blew a fail twice and was served with a 90 day IRP, with his vehicle being impounded for 30 days.

Vandalism to cabin

On Oct. 7, Clearwater RCMP were notified of damages being done to a cabin up in the cross country skill trails near Barber Road. Broken glass, a shattered window and several red plastic cups were located on scene. During that same night, police also  received a shots fired call, involving a loud vehicle in the same area. If anyone has any information regarding this investigation please contact Clearwater RCMP.

Impaired driver at the golf course

On Oct. 7, Clearwater RCMP received a call of a possible impaired driver sitting behind the wheel of a running Ford pick up truck, parked at Lacarya Golf Course. The complainant explained to police that the driver also held a bottle of beer in his hand. Police located the driver, who blew a fail reading twice into a approved screening device. Police detained the driver for investigation on a criminal code impaired charge due to recent impaired driving history. The driver was driven back to Clearwater detachment for breath samples and released on a promise to appear for court.