Parents raise money for education

Bottle drive by Vavenby PAC raises funds for multiple purposes

Vavenby Primary School’s parents advisory committee ( PAC ) held a bottle drive March 1 – 8 to help raise money to buy sports and playground equipment, to offset some money for parents, to use for hot lunches, and other school needs.

The PAC will continue to accept all kinds of returnables. Bags can be dropped off at Vavenby General Store labelled PAC or at the school. For more information phone Katherine at at 250-676-0080.

Learning to be a midwife

Vavenby’s Vienna Moilliet, who is in the Philippines learning/training to be a midwife and missionary, keeps in touch with everyone on her blog and uses Skype with her family. She sent her last Blog at the end of winter in February and the start of the heat.

Moilliet says that she loves working with the women and babies. She feels privileged to be able to work and learn alongside such wonderful midwives, who are so skilled and caring.

Her first big assignment and test are done. She has been spending more time in the clinic so has been forced to speak some Ilocano (a language spoken in northern Philippines). She believes she’ll get better at it with practice.

It has not been all work and no play for her. The Moilliet family has a tradition for Groundhog Day. They watch Groundhog Day while eating pizza. Vienna decided to bring this tradition to the Philippines. She made the pizza and everyone gathered around to eat and watch.

There was a big party for a female volunteer from Switzerland who was going back home. The volunteer had been in the Philippines for two years.

A Philippino event that Moilliet attended was Kalinga Day, the province’s celebration. There was a Miss Kalinga Pageant and a special market like a fairground.


Moilliet will be home in June for a holiday. Then it will be back for a year and a half to complete the program.