Trekking trails

Not really a trek, but part of life’s journey

What might have been a sad weekend has been a wonderfully happy one, largely thanks to the affection and the concerted, cooperative efforts of locals. It has now been over six months since my unique and special husband died, but I delayed the “Celebration of John” until Easter. This gave me time to collect my scattered self.

Loving friends and family (his and mine) came from afar to be greeted and given delicious food by my hiking buddies, Rotary confreres, hard-working Elks members up in the wee hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Wells Gray Inn.

All meals except the last named were enjoyed in the great out of doors that my husband loved so well. My extensive lawn, so recently knee-deep in the cold, wet, white stuff, had been swept clean by dear friends Carol and Doug Hindle. Other long-time friends and neighbours came early to help in different ways. I could not have done it without all this generous and amazing help.

All visitors and locals had been instructed to “bring sunshine, no matter what kind” and they even pulled that off! During “John’s Story Time” words and thoughts brought both tears and laughter as we remembered and honoured that lovely man.

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