Artwork proposal from Lindsey Langwood as a new mural for the Clearwater skate park. It says, “In a world where you can be anything be kind.” (District of Clearwater agenda)

Artwork proposal from Lindsey Langwood as a new mural for the Clearwater skate park. It says, “In a world where you can be anything be kind.” (District of Clearwater agenda)

New mural at Clearwater skate park proposed to council

Below are a few highlights from the District of Clearwater regular council meeting held Tuesday, July 12. The meeting agenda can be found on the District’s website and a video has been uploaded to the DOC YouTube channel.

Mayor talks health care

Health care has been a popular topic for the mayor the last couple weeks. Clearwater Mayor Merlin Blackwell had a short-notice meeting with Minister of Municipal Affairs Nathan Cullen on July 7, discussing many local issues, including health care and the temporary closures of the emergency room at Dr. Helmcken Memorial. He noted MLA Peter Milobar and Dr. Kara Perdue are among some of the voices advocating for better health care supports in the area. Blackwell also had a phone meeting with Interior Health’s South Okanagan executive director of clinical operations, Carl Meadows. In the meeting, said Blackwell, it was noted about 40 per cent of IH’s management staff time is focused on resolving the health care issues in Clearwater.

Trail projects and property right of way

During his council report, Coun. Lyle Mackenzie asked if the District could publish some information clarifying municipal access of private property. He said the suggestion comes as many people were shocked when finding out how much of their front yard isn’t actually theirs. The councillor added he saw quite a few posts online of concerned residents as construction crews install the new paved trails in the Dutch Lake subdivision. Reading material outlining municipality right-of-ways, would be helpful, said Mackenzie.

Council explores new red chairs

A community parks update from staff sparked an inquiry about whether the District’s red chairs had gone out into the community. Unfortunately, noted Roger Mayer, community parks and facilities manager, they had been damaged and otherwise vandalized in previous years, making them unusable. Coun. Lucy Taylor put forward a motion to explore the cost of purchase a few more chairs that were “more robust.” It was also suggested that the chairs could be a project for local kids to assemble. The motion was passed.

Clearwater Skate Park mural proposal

Lindsey Langwood, local artist and tattoo shop owner, wrote a proposal letter to mayor and council for a new mural on the cement wall attached to the tennis court at CSS. The mural would be done herself with her own supplies, meaning there would be no cost to the District. In the letter, Langwood points out the space already has artwork but believes she can create an image that holds a more powerful message for all ages supporting anti-bullying. It would take her about a month to complete the project.

Coun. Bill Haring noted he’s in support of the project, noting the current mural is outdated and could use a face lift, though Coun. Lucy Taylor asked if any issues would be brought up if what’s on the wall was covered up. The artwork doesn’t have any initials or a signature. The mural says Clearwater Skate, with the middle three letters of skate replaced with an eight ball.

A motion was put forward to support Langwood’s request pending locating the current mural’s artist, if possible. Council discussed whether a call out should be made for other artists to put forward their ideas, building on a conversation started by Langwood. Council passed a motion to support her proposal.

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