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Little Fort man arrested after slamming vehicle into another

Clearwater RCMP responded to 31 calls for service this past week

Submitted by Sgt. G.D. Simpson

March 30

At 11:14 a.m. a 76-year-old Devon, Alta., woman called the Clearwater RCMP to report that she’d left her purse at a diner located in Little Fort on March 23. The complainant didn’t realize it was missing for some time and called the diner on March 28. She was informed by the waitress that served her that she had found the purse and that everything was still there.

The complainant attended on March 29 and noted that her credit card holder from within the purse was missing and a TV remote was now in it’s place. The credit card holder had the complainant’s Visa, Mastercard and Alberta driver’s licence in it. A spare vehicle key was also taken from the purse.

The credit cards have since been cancelled but prior to doing so the Mastercard was used at a Pizza Pizza location. It was unknown which location or what time of day however, Mastercard has since refunded the charges.

Const. Klassen attended the diner and was informed that the owner was not willing to come over to review surveillance at that time. The owner later advised that due to the power outage a few days prior, the surveillance equipment wasn’t working. The complainant was updated with this inforamtion and although disappointed, fully understood the circumstances.

March 31

At 7:04 p.m. Clearwater RCMP received a call from a 61-year-old Little Fort man stating he was in his pickup and had just been rammed by another Little Fort man, 54 years of age, in another pickup truck. Both parties were in the 9000 block of McGarrigle St, Little Fort.

Const. Van Woudenberg attended and located the complainant and a third 41-year-old male, also of Little Fort, in the complainant’s truck, a white GMC 2500. Both explained that the complainant had come to speak to a 74-year-old Little Fort woman, and the 54-year-old male had been outside. He had been blaring music and the complainant had tried to disconnect the line to quiet the music.

The 54-year-old had yelled for them to leave, and as the complainant tried starting the vehicle, the 54-year-old jumped into his truck, a red Chevrolet pickup, and rammed it backwards into the complainant’s truck twice, rendering it inoperable. The man then pulled his truck back forward, parked it and went inside the house.

The other two men had previously refused an ambulance, but now asked police to call for an ambulance as both were starting to hurt. BC Ambulance arrived and transported both to Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospital in Clearwater.

Const. Van Woudenberg arrested the 54-year-old male for assault with a weapon and breach of peace. He was handcuffed, searched and placed in a police vehicle. The man was visibly staggering and stumbling throughout this investigation, due to intoxication. The 74-year-old woman provided a shirt and coat for the man as he wasn’t wearing any.

A local tow company was called to tow the complainant’s vehicle to the yard. The 54-year-old man was transported to Clearwater Detachment and lodged in cells until sober. Const Klassen re-arrested, warned the 54-year-old and served him an appearance notice for dangerous operation of a conveyance and mischief with a court date of May 24, 2022. This matter is still under investigation.

Clearwater RCMP responded to 31 calls for service this past week.

Sgt. G.D. Simpson is the detachment commander at the Clearwater RCMP Detachment. Anyone with information on a crime is encouraged to call Clearwater RCMP at 250-674-2237 or, to report anonymously, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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