Maya Gottschalk, Grade 4, drew this picture to accompany her story about Aurora the white fox pulling Santa’s sleigh with her cubs.

Maya Gottschalk, Grade 4, drew this picture to accompany her story about Aurora the white fox pulling Santa’s sleigh with her cubs.

Kids spread holiday cheer with Christmas stories

The winners of the Times’ annual Christmas story contest have been chosen.

A big “thank you” to all of the youngsters who took the time out of their day to write and submit their Christmas creations. The stories received this year were filled with imagination and creativity, never ceasing to impress our judges. Our readers will enjoy reading the fun-filled and heart-felt stories that have brought a little holiday cheer to our pages.

This year, youngsters were asked to write stories no longer than 400 words in one of three themes: 1) Santa’s sleigh is out of date and he wants new tech. Describe what cool new features you would add to his sleigh and how they work. 2) The reindeer are just too old and can’t fly anymore. What animal flies in their place and why? 3) Someone stole the cookie decorations. Who did, and how do you get them back?

Two age divisions were offered, Kindergarten to Grade 3 and Grade 4 to Grade 7, with prizes in each division: First place $25, second place $15 and third place $10.

It was tough for the judges to decide, as all of the stories were clever, original and very creative. A story for each division and place has been awarded, but there are many honourable mentions. The judges want all of the young writers to know that even if your story didn’t place, everyone’s story blew them away. More stories will be printed in the Dec. 24 issue of the Times.

Division 1: Kindergarten to Grade 3

1st Place

Grandparents to the Rescue

My reindeer this year are too old and can’t fly. So I put on my thinking cap and had a great idea. No one else could do it better than the oldest of my crew. My grandparents, of course, could do the job just right.

So while they were sleeping I sprinkled them with magic dust. On Christmas night the dust will make them fly, their Christmas spirit is sure to shine. They will help me through the night.

Their light blue harnesses made to fit, with sparkles and bells shining so bright. I have a brand new sleigh ready to be pulled, filled with toys for children to enjoy.

I dressed them all warm with their toques and fur mittens. I dangled some fruit cake in front of their faces. Grandpa Doug in the lead with his red nose blinking and sparkling so bright.

So I called to my team, “Go Oma, go Opa! Go Grandma and Gramps! Go Nana and Grampa D!” I yelled “Lead the way!”

Then off we went like a racecar in the night. We delivered our presents to all of the world. We were all done with the night, back to the North Pole where we unloaded our crew.

With their tired hooves they had a warm fire with a hot chocolate and an extra marshmallow, maybe two.

Goodnight to you all and a good Christmas!

Rosie Graffunder, Grade 3

2nd Place

The Reindeer are Too Old to Fly

Once upon a time, there was a tree that gave Santa his magic to make him invisible. Santa’s sleigh needs a new laser technology to protect the tree. The red laser makes a dome around the magic tree in Santa’s workshop so the elves can’t touch it. But the elves can only look.

Only Santa can get past the laser.

The tree gives Santa a little magic to fly to the door in the laser dome and he opens it to get to the tree. He shakes the tree a little and magic comes out. Then he can be invisible to go deliver toys!

Jade Prime, age 5, Kindergarten

3rd Place

The Christmas Angel

At Santa’s workshop, Santa noticed that his reindeer were too old to fly, so he got an angel to find someone new to guide his sleigh.

The angel’s name was Owlette. She had beautiful long hair and big green eyes. She was off to look for some deer to fly the sleigh. On the way she met a little girl named Rose.

Rose had black hair and small green eyes. She agreed to help Owlette. The two soon become friends and found some snow deer. They caught them and started back to Santa.

On the way, they fell upon a gem inside a cave. The gem could turn Owlette into a human. Owlette could not reach the gem, so Rose climbed in and grabbed it. They continued back and Santa was happy and took them to see a Christmas concert.

At the concert there was a big flash and Owlette became the star of the conert.

Bree Bonnamour, Grade 3

Division 2: Grade 4 to Grade 7

1st Place

Santa New Tech Sleigh

It’s December, 2020, a year for the books. We’ve done some upgrades to Santa’s sleigh, some to keep him up to date.

It will get a GPS so we can go to any house. It will have a no-touch audio music. We will put rocket boosters on the sleigh for quicker deliveries.

The sleigh will start from Santa’s phone. It will track wherever Santa goes so each elf and child knows where he is. He can get calls on it from Mrs Claus and all his elves. He can push a button and food or a drink will come out the dash.

The last couple things are happening to the sleigh, like checking the boosters and audio music. Once the elves have checked all the lists, Santa will be ready to take his new tech sleigh for the Christmas deliveries.

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is seeing if his suit fits. Everything is good to go and Santa is on his way to deliver presents. Santa has put every child’s location into his GPS, and now he is listening to music while drinking a hot chocolate and eating a warm oatmeal cookie.

Santa loves his new sleigh and how much easier it made his job. I’m so happy that Santa is happy with his new sleigh upgrades. I’m so excited to see my family Christmas morning.

Last but not least, let’s remember Christmas isn’t about the presents, it’s about spending time with the people you love.

Taya Noble, Grade 4

2nd Place

A Christmas Story

In a small town off the coast of Minnesota, the snow was rapid and the air was scented like cinnamon and the sound of jingle bells flooded the entire town.

Meanwhile, a little boy named Thomas was peering out the window and he decided to go outside and play in the snow. Then he came across a homeless person and he got him a meal. His kindness created some Christmas magic.

When he realized he had magic, it was Christmas eve and he went for a walk to his fathers barn. An old lady was in the barn. Thomas asked who this mysterious woman was.

“My name is Leslie,” she replied.

Surrounding her were eight reindeer. She told Thomas that they are too old to fly the sleigh. She asked Thomas for help. He said yes in spite of himself. So he got to work.

He slowly lifted up the sleigh with his powers.

“It worked,” he said in delight.

He turned to the old lady to see her gone. Thomas laughed and went to bed. In the morning a necklace was waiting for him on his bed. It had a piece of reindeer antler hanging from the bottom. He smiled and promised to always be good.

Annie Johnston, Grade 4

3rd Place

The Sprinkle Thief

My best friend Jenny came over to make Christmas cookies. We had bought green, yellow and red sprinkles at the store yesterday. When she got to my house we only found green and yellow sprinkles. But there was a trail of tiny footprints leading out the window.

We needed to find out who stole the red sprinkles. So, I asked my mom if Jenny could spend the night and she said, “Yes.”

We made a fort and put the sprinkles in it. That night we talked until we heard something coming. I held my breath and so did Jenny. I peaked my head out and when I looked out I didn’t know what it was, but then it came to me — it was an elf.

Then it ran away. That morning, me and Jenny set a trap for the elf. When dawn came we were ready. That night we did not talk at all but we did fall asleep.

We woke up when the trap went off. So, we went to the trap and to my surprise there was an elf in it. It was so cute but we let it go after taking a picture. The End.

Adalie, Grade 5

Honourable mentions, Divison 1: Kindergarten to Grade 3

The Reindeer are Too Old to Fly

The reindeer took off and Santa went outside and he said that not even one reindeer was there. The reindeer were too cold so the owls are going to guide the sled this year. He found some turtles and he decided to add them to help pull his sleigh.

Not only are the owls and turtles guiding the sleigh, but after he saw that the reindeer took off he decided to make another sled. Santa now has a cool new sleigh.

Santa walked all the way to the dump and he collected all of the trash and decided to make a sled out of all that metal and stuff had bows all over it and it was a really cool. It was red and white. He had silver glitter on it. The shape is a circle. The colour is blue and white with bows all over it with little Santa decorations.

Then he found some tigers and he saw that they were going to bite him so he decided not to put them on his sled. He found two crabs at the beach and he said that they are going to bite him so he decided not to add them to his sleigh because they were going to pinch him.

On Christmas morning I saw Santa and I was really scared. He was really scared too! I went in his sleigh and he did not see me. I helped him put the presents inside the house without letting him see me.

Then I fed the owls. Their favourite food is owl food. We can be best friends forever. The owls took me around the whole world so I can see everything.

When Santa went into the houses to put the presents down, he saw that there were no cookies, not even one little bit. I said, “What happened to the cookies?” and then I said, “I think a burglar took all the cookies and ate them!”

He went all the way over to all the houses in the world and last but not least he went to my house. I went back to my house and slept before he put the presents down and when I woke up, I saw that he came in and I was really happy.

Esme Cameron, Grade 2

The Elf

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, I could hear something stirring but it wasn’t a mouse. I ran out of my room into the living room. Santa was not there.

I ran outside to see Santa on the roof. He flew up into the night sky without seeing me. Santa went to the work shop.

One elf gave Santa a cookie. Santa went to see Miss Santa Claus. Santa went back to the work shop. Santa was going to eat the cookie, but the cookie wasn’t there, it was stolen.

Santa couldn’t find the cookie. Santa looked everywhere. Who took the cookie?

Santa looked more. Santa still couldn’t find it. Then Santa went to the sled. Santa looked in the sled. Santa couldn’t find it. Maybe Santa should look in the workshop. Santa still can’t find it. Santa asked Miss Santa Claus. Miss Santa Claus said, no.

Santa went to the elves. Santa asked the elves. The twin elves said, no.

Maybe Taya the elf will say yes but Taya the elf said no. Maybe Natalie the elf will say yes, but Natalie the elf said no. Maybe Sophie the elf will maybe say yes, but Sophie the elf said no. Maybe Jordyn the elf will say yes, but Jordyn the elf said no.

Santa asked Baby Mason the elf, he said no, too.

Santa didn’t know who would be the criminal. Santa said, “Ask Caleb.” Caleb said no and couldn’t find out it was special to Santa.

Santa looked everywhere. Santa couldn’t find it. Maybe Skye the elf will say yes. Skye the elf is the criminal. Uh oh.

Simone Colborne, Grade 2

Someone Stole the Cookie Decorations!

The cookies and icing are missing! I think one of the elves took them. Santa came to my house and he didn’t see any cookies on the plate so he got very upset.

He went to the other houses and they didn’t have any cookies either. He got even more upset. He went to a different town. They didn’t have any cookies either! He got angry and went to Thailand and there wasn’t any cookies there either. So he got super angry.

Santa finally went to Afghanistan and there he found a house with a plate full of cookies and milk. He was happy, but he was still a little bit upset because any of the other houses didn’t have cookies.

I baked him some more on Christmas morning and I sent them to the North Pole to make up for no cookies when he came to my house last night. After, when I was done baking the cookies, I started to open my presents. I got a lot of cool stuff.

Ellie Jeck, Grade 1

Santa’s New Sleigh

Santa’s new sleigh has lots of buttons. Some of the buttons glow and are able to make it find the houses. Some of them make the sleigh go up and down. It has a big purple exhaust pipe. The fuel makes it go. The “S“ shows how high it flies.

It has pieces that hold the cab on and pieces that hold the grill on. It has an engine with a servo and a drive shaft. Santa’s new sleigh has a light rack and is purple.

James Tobin, Kindergarten

Someone Stole the Cookies!

One day the cookies were gone. I tried to wake up my mom and dad but I could not wake them up. That means no presents and no Christmas. I have to do something good and fast!

I got it! I will write a letter to Santa. I will write, “Dear Santa: Someone stole the cookies. I think the gingerbread man stole the cookies. Please come anyways.” The end.

Caleb Blair, Grade 2

Divison 2: Grade 4 to Grade 7

A Christmas Adventure

A week before Christmas, Santa was checking on his reindeer when he noticed they were getting too old to fly the sleigh.

Santa walked upstairs and boomed, “Elves, the reindeer are too old. We must find something else to replace them.”

Then an elf said, “Ask the children.”

“Not a bad idea,” said Santa.

Then he went to his computer and searched for some children that would want to help. Then he said, “Let’s try Nature.”

When Santa got to her house, Nature was making a snowman in the yard. Santa said, “Hey Nature, we need a bit of help, could you help us?”

Nature turned around and said, “Santa, why are you here and help you with what?”

“The reindeer arae too old to fly the sleigh. We were wondering what we could use to replace them?”

“How about dragons?” suggested Nature.

“Fantastic idea,” chirped Santa. “Do you know where any are?”

Nature just said, “Follow me.”

They stopped in front of a giant cave. Nature said, “This is it.” Then she called, “Hello.”

The echoes from the cave made her tremble. They made Santa tremble, too. There was a low groan coming from the cave. Santa asked, “is that the Dragon?”

“Yep,” said Nature. “The only ice dragon in the world.”

“How did you know it was here?” asked Santa.

“Because it looks like a dragon home,” replied Nature.

“How do you know so much about dragons?” asked Santa.

“Have you ever been in a library?” said Nature. “They’re swarming with dragon books.”

“Oh,” said Santa.

Suddenly, the dragon came out. She was mad because they had woken her! She roared into the night and looked down at Santa and Nature. They were terrified! The dragon charged after them! They ran and ran but then got blocked by a patch of trees. There was no escape.

Quickly, Nature reached into her pocket and took out her phone. She called her parents and they didn’t answer. She thought they must have been watching a movie or something. Quickly, Nature dialled her friend’s numbers. They answered. She told themthat she and Santa were being attacked by a dragon.

Nature’s friends rushed there right away and within 10 minutes they were all there. The eight friends joined hands and chanted dragon shrinkos. Suddenly the dragon stopped. There was a pause of silence and then the dragon exploded into eight smaller dragons. They were the perfect size to fly the sleigh.

“How did you do that?” asked Santa.

“Christmas magic,” said the eight friends, walking away.

Nature Knight, Grade 4

When Penguins Fly

“We’re too old to fly the sleigh,” the reindeer complained.

So Santa thought and thought and thought. And then he got it! He yelled, “Penguins can fly the sleigh! But we have to round them up.”

Then Elfy whispered to Relphy, “Doesn’t Santa know that penguins can’t fly?”

“I think he knows,” Relphy whispered back. “But reindeer can’t fly either, until Santa uses his magic dust.”

Then Santa said, “We’ll do it for the children!”

Santa sent some elves to find penguins. But they only came back with one. Then Santa went to round up some more penguins. Santa only came back with four more. So he only have five. He needed all nine altogether. He had to go back out to find some more. He only found two more and two waked through the door. Now they were ready!

So Santa put fake reindeer horns on the penguins. He said it was only temporary.

“I mean, it’s only until we finish going around the whole world in one night.”

So Santa tried to hook them up to the sleigh. But the penguins were smaller than the reindeer. Plus, penguins waddle. So Santa’s elves had to make new harnesses.

“Hey, Santa,” said Relphy. “Penguins go slower when they walk and waddle, but they go faster when they slide and swim.”

“Good idea,” said Santa. “Let’s make thema special harness so they can slide in the air!”

So they made the special harness and did a test flight. They cheered! It was great! The penguins slid in the air like they were swimming underwater to catch fish. And they took off into the night and saw the world.

The next morning, they got back and the penguins were exhausted! The penguins had so much fun they volunteered to do it every year until they were too old like the reindeer!

Kallan Mclarty, Grade 5

The Reindeer Are Too Old to Fly

Tomorrow is Christmas and Santa’s having a hard time with the reindeer. The reindeer are getting old and losing their magic.

Santa brought her friend Aurora the white fox. Santa asked Aurora if she can pull the sleigh with her cubs. Aurora said yes and then she brought all her seven cubs.

Aurora and her cubs pulled the sleigh and it started to float.

On Christmas night they were able to bring all the presents all around the world!

Maya Gottschalk, Grade 4

Christmas with Corona!

Boom! The room became silent. Santa and Mrs Claus bolted to the place the reindeer were kept. As they got into the room, a reindeer lying on the ground started to cough.

“I think I have corona!” the reindeer sobbed as he lay on the hay.

“Oh dear!” Mrs Claus exclaimed as she checked all of the reindeers temperatures. Unfortunately, the reindeers all had a flu. As Santa got ready for bed, he thought of an idea and an amazing one at that! Santa jumped out of bed and bolted to the phone.

“Hello!” a startled voice whispered into the phone.

“Alena!” Santa screamed with excitement.

“Oh, hi Santa. You scared me!” she shouted in a joking way. “What can I do for ya?”

“I need a favour,” Santa whispered. “Can you take some animals from Canada and bring the here for Christmas? I need them for my sleigh. The reindeer have covid!”

“Oh my. I will be there before you can say huckleberry pie!” Alena shouted.

After they stopped laughing Santa went to bed. Alena arrived very late at night. In the morning, Alena decided to make a Christmas Eve brunch with eggs, pancakes, waffles, tarts, fresh fruit and tea.

“Good morning,” Alena shouted happily.

“Wow” Mrs Claus and Santa exclaimed happily.

Soon after they got to work. Alena brought one mouse, two beavers, three bears and four penguins. Alena and Santa couldn’t fix the sleigh and get all of the animals into the sleigh on their open so they called the tiny but cool elf Julie. She could lift over 1,000 pounds. She is really strong.

“Hey bro,” Julie said. “I just got the best idea, Santa. What if, since it’s covid time, instead of giving toys we should give out masks, hand sanitizer and tissues?”

“No, we can’t do that,” Santa laughed. “Enough joking around. Time for work.”

They put on their jackets and were off to the stables. That was where Alena put the animals for the night. As they finished up, Santa invited Julie and Alena for a Christmas dinner.

“Mmm..” they both exclaimed when they were done, “that was great, thank you!”

“I guess this is goodbye,” Alena said sadly.

“Wait!” Santa shouted. “I have a question. Will both of you delivery presents to all of the good boys and girls tonight?”

“Of course we will!” They exclaimed. “It will be our honour.”

That night was the best and most wonderful Christmas in many years.

Tiannah Morgan, Grade 5

The Reindeer Are Too Old to Fly

Santa has 100 donkeys leading his sleigh. There are 12 days to Christmas. When Santa was going to Sonny’s house he had to land in the yard. Santa brought blue gum — 100 pieces! Sonny ate it all and blew a big bubble! It popped and when it exploded it turned into popcorn. Sonny put it in the fridge very quietly and hides. When everyone wakes up, they see so much popcorn they eat it all. Santa and the donkeys flew off to Ms. Chapman’s house.

Sonny Letendre-Kootenay, Kindergarten

Santa’s New Sleigh

Santa’s new sleigh is electric. Santa’s sleigh has rocket boosters. It has a gear shift with levers beside to turn the gears. It is red like fire and it has runners and it has a heated cab with brass tip on the end.

Wilf Antonio, Kindergarten

The Reindeer Are Too Old to Fly

What is going to guide Santa’s sleigh tonight? Yetis are going to guide Santa’s sleigh tonight! When he went to a house he saw there was no cookies. I know I need to find the cookies because Santa’s going to be here soon. I found the cookies and I’ll give Santa some milk too and pie too.

Sophie Foisy, Grade 1

Spilled Cookies and Milk!

Santa spilled his cookies then he spilled the milk. The other people woke up. Then Santa left in the sleigh with the reindeer. When they all woke up they saw a person walk away with the cookies. The voice said he was the wind and the wind looked like Denny’s dog.

Trevin Alexis, Grade 1

Where are the cookies?

Oh no, where did the cookies go! I wonder where the cookies went? I have to find them fast before Santa comes. I should ask my mom to help me look. Now, where should we both look to find the cookies? First, we should look all over to find the cookie crumbs…

Arya Graffunder, Grade 1

Santa’s New Sleigh

Santa’s new sleigh is orange and rainbow coloured and it is coming tonight. He is going to deliver toys. The new sleigh has rocket boosters that make it go fast.

Brycin Tourond, Grade 1

Cookie decorations are missing!

Last Christmas I got off my couch to decorate my cookies but the decorations and cookies were gone! I went to my room and I found crumbs everywhere. I saw the window open so I went outside and I saw the school superintendent eating the cookies, he was the burglar!

Last Christmas, I saw Santa’s new sled. It looks like a jet. The back was full of toys. It had a laser to shoot the presents down the chimney. It was so fast it was like Sonic.

Unfortunately, Santa’s reindeer were too cold to carry the sleigh this year so lions were carrying the sled. The lions were fast, maybe faster than the reindeer.

Sway Potts, Grade 3

The Reindeer Are Too Old to Fly

In the North Pole Santa’s reindeer were really tired and out of shape, I mean like really, really, out of shape. On Christmas night I woke up and I saw him flying across the sky. I didn’t see reindeer though I saw camels, komodo dragons and orangutans pulling the sleigh — it was really weird.

Then I saw him leave back to the North Pole and get different animals. I saw him driving by with dolphins, turtles, butterflies and hawks but he just kept going back and getting different animals. Next, I saw him fly by with tigers, lions, and even sharks.

Santa just kept going back to the North Pole and getting different animals, he got seals and penguins and polar bears, even grizzlies. He got monkeys and frogs, but Mrs. Claus didn’t let him bring bunnies. She said they’re for Easter only. So he brought zebras and flies and ants, bats and even tried to bring dinosaur skeletons (with his magic but it didn’t work).

He brought emus, even foxes and turkeys. Santa was running out of time there was only half an hour left until morning! He tried his elves and even tried to sneak sleeping humans onto his sleigh but nothing worked. He just had to keep going back and back and back.

He was running out of time there was only a couple of minutes left! So he gave the reindeer one more try to see if they can still pull the sled with their big bellies. He crossed his fingers and hoped it would work because he only had six minutes left.

Then I heard a big ladder on my roof. Santa landed on my roof I went outside I climbed up the ladder and snuck into his sleigh. I wasn’t going to steal his toys, I was doing that to help him.

A little bit later I tapped him on the shoulder. He was scared at first but then he got it together and we got the elves and they helped us deliver the presents and we finally saved Christmas. With only two minutes left we saved the whole world (but the reindeer still have fat belly’s).

I don’t know how Santa is ever going to get them fit again, it’s going to be interesting. I wonder what he’s going to take next year for his sled? It’s going to be interesting. I might have to save Christmas again. I think I might have to.

Santa said when he passes I will get to be the next Santa Claus and I know what animals I’m going to choose to guide my sleigh: the orangutans and komodo dragons. I’m going to have elves named Bobby, Orange, Jordan and Rick. My top elf is going to be named Bobbie, he’ll come with me on the sleigh. I’m going to have a fun life when I’m older.

Eric Jeck, Grade 3

The Stolen Cookies

Somebody stole my cookies but who and why? Can you help me? How will we get them back? Let’s make a plan. Will you help me make a plan, too, please? Thanks!

Let’s ask Santa to help, okay? I went looking for clues and I found out who ate the cookies. It was my dad and my mom! Thanks for helping me! Bye!

Lucas Tsao, Grade 2

Santa’s New Sleigh

Santa is getting a new sleigh. It is going to have cookies and milk and a TV with Christmas movies. On Christmas Eve Santa is coming in his new sleigh to give all of the kids their presents and eat milk and cookies. The end.

Jayla Toma, Grade 2

Santa’s New Sleigh

I wrote a letter to Santa telling him that I got him a new sleigh. Did you like the present? You can have blades on your new sleigh. They will make the sleigh go fast. It has a phone so you can call 911 if you get lost. There is a button you can push to make the sleigh work so you don’t have to drive. I hope you like the present.

Keona Fowler, Grade 2

The Sleigh Contest

Santa was ready to deliver presents but the reindeer could not fly. But Santa had a plan. He should make a contest who can fly, the bird or the dragon or the new reindeer. Santa chose the new reindeer. Yay! Santa said I could fly now. I’m ready to deliver presents.

Jordyn Romeril, Grade 2

Someone Stole the Cookie Decorations

Someone stole the cookie decorations. Who did it and how do you get them back? It was the Gingerbread Man! But why did the Gingerbread Man want to take the cookie decorations? It was because the Gingerbread Man was trying to save the cookie decorations.

Taylor Oviatt, Grade 2

The Elf

Santa can’t find the cookies. Where can they have gone? I wonder where they went? What could Santa do?

He asked the elves. They pointed at an elf. He said they were lying but the other elf said no. Santa ran to Mrs. Claus and he told Mrs. Claus about the cookies. Mrs. Claus said they were bad so they went to the reindeer to see if they saw anything.

They said they saw the elf. Santa went to the elf and he said that he will tell Mrs. Claus. He went to Mrs. Claus and he said that the elf did it. Mrs. Claus cheered. Santa found out that Jordyn the elf said that she stole the cookies. Santa solved the mystery.

Taya Cooke, Grade 2

Santa Needs a New Sleigh

Last Christmas the reindeer tripped and broke my sleigh. Now I’m looking for the right elf. Ah, this one with the big beard. He made my sleigh in one hour. It was teal with orange stripes! I was very very happy.

River Shook, Grade 2

Santa Needs a New Sleigh

Santa needs a new sleigh. He wants rocket boosters. Santa needs wings too. Santa wants Christmas lights on his new sleigh and he wants a steering wheel and new buttons on his sleigh.

Skye Kernachan, Grade 2

Santa’s New Animals

Santa’s reindeer are getting old. So he will have to use birds to pull his sleigh. Yay, yay, yay. I’m gonna fall over. Birds, that’s weird. So don’t use birds, so, so weird.

Everett Westerveld Leger, Grade 2

Oh No! Santa’s Reindeer are too old!

Once upon a time, Santa’s reindeer got so old. Oh no, they can’t fly! Santa is upset. Awwwww. Santa has to pick eight new animals.

What can fly? If he can’t find eight new animals, Christmas will be ruined. Oh no, Santa needs help! Please help me!

Ok I will help you. Thank you! Maybe butterflies or new reindeer.

“I think new reindeer, please,” Simone the elf said.

“Yes,” Taya the elf said. “YESS!”

Sophie Mackenzie, Grade 2

Santa Can’t Find the Cookies

Santa can’t find the cookies. Where could they have gone? Santa can’t find the cookies. Santa ATE the cookies. He ate them all up!

Reese Poisson, Grade 2

Santa’s New Sleigh

Santa’s sleigh was getting old. He got a new fake sleigh and he turned it into a new sleigh. He painted it black and white and he put glitter all over it. Now it was sparkly.

Natalie Wicks, Grade 2

The Reindeer

One day the reindeer got too old. Santa got worried. I wonder what he will choose next? Oh, he chose a flying rabbit. Cool. Awesome, Santa. Rabbits can hop really fast.

Brooke Savage, Grade 2

Santa Gets a New Sleigh

I can make Santa’s sleigh have rocket boosters and new textures and lightning bolts on the side. Santa needs new technology for his sleigh so his sleigh can fly from house to house. And to other houses.

Mason Kelly, Grade 2

The Gingerbread Man

Santa realized the cookies were gone. The Gingerbread Man stole the cookies. He saw the Gingerbread Man eating the cookies. He ate the whole pan too!

Isaiah Miller, Grade 2

Someone Stole the Cookies!

Oh no, the cookies are gone! Did a kid steal the cookies? Or is it Mrs. Claus? Or was it my elfs? But I do not know was it Olivia or Kiya or Chris? I just do not know. Now maybe, just maybe, it’s me. I could stay here. Could I? I will do it. Yes you found the cookies. You stole the cookies Why Bob? I love cookies. That’s why.

Kiya Heggie, Grade 4

The Flyers

Santa needs new reindeer to fly the sleigh so he went to the new ones he ordered but they said, “no!!”

So he said something about the sea. He said flying fish. So, Santa went to the sea and asked the flying fish. They said no at first. But they finally said yes — but only for one night.

So, Santa went around the world, but after Christmas, Santa asked the new reindeer if they could fly the sleigh they said yes, but next year Santa will do dives into the houses.

So he went to the stables the next year and found the new reindeer right there but one was missing and it didn’t snow so Santa didn’t know which way the reindeer went. But Santa still looked but found nothing and Santa thought all hope was lost.

But Mrs.Claus ran in and said that the scouts found the missing reindeer and are bringing it in now. So that Christmas Santa went around the world again and the flying fish always jumped under Santa’s sleigh when he needed them. The end.

Samantha Leins, Grade 4


One night in the North Pole, Santa noticed his reindeer were too old to fly the sleigh. So, that night, he went to find an animal to fly the sleigh. Then he found some foxes in the forest. So, he took some to his workshop.

Santa sprinkled some pixie dust on the foxes and that’s how the foxes flew Santa’s sleigh. And that’s how foxes saved the day and that’s how Christmas is still going at Christmas. The end.

Natalie Murphy, Grade 3

The New Reindeer!!!!

The reindeer are too old and can’t fly anymore. So one day the unicorns came to take their place. The problem was that the unicorns don’t know how to fly! The reindeer can’t teach them because they can’t fly anymore!

Santa can’t even help! It is almost Christmas day! But, the baby reindeer can help! So the baby reindeer teaches them how to fly! The unicorns can fly now that the reindeer taught them how to fly.

Christmas is almost here! The kids are setting up the Christmas tree. But the Christmas presents aren’t ready yet and Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Santa is mad and when Santa is mad he starts yelling!

“Elfs, get the presents ready by tonight!” said Santa.

The penguins came over to help. The penguins are helping now and Santa is getting his sleigh ready. The unicorns are practicing flying. Santa is done getting ready so he is going to have cookies and milk.

It is two hours until Christmas! The kids are putting up the stockings and the cookies and milk. The presents are ready. The unicorns are ready as well. Santa is putting the presents in his sleigh. The unicorns are standing in front of the sleigh imagining how fun it will be for their first time flying across the town.

The penguins feel left out and they want to fly also. Santa says they can’t fly with the unicorns but they can ride on the unicorns.

The kids are asleep now. Santa is getting the unicorns ready to fly. The unicorns and Santa are flying across the night sky.

Olivia Martin, Grade 3

The Reindeer Are Too Old to Fly

In the mountains of Salmon Arm, Santa knocked on the five grinches doors and said would you like to be my reindeer? They said, yes and so they delivered presents to kids. And so the five grinches rode Santa’s sleigh across the sky.

Kael Kernachan, Grade 4

The Reindeer Are Too Old to Fly

In the North Pole, Santa goes outside and discovers his reindeers are too old to fly. He goes into the woods and starts his search for a replacement for his reindeers. When he had searched for a long time he gave up. He went home. He decides to fly his sleigh himself. He goes in and takes off.

Jules Dumoulin-Schaller, Grade 3

The New Reindeer!

The reindeer are too old to fly. So, Santa is going to have to find new reindeer. But what are they going to be? Well, Santa found his new reindeer and they are grinches but they are funny and grumpy and they feel hairy and furry and they have fake antlers.

There are five grinches. But what are their names going to be? Maybe Bob, Kevin, Johnny, Rob or Timothy? They fly the sleigh and save the world. The End!!!

Jackson Hedman, Grade 3


One sunny day in the North Pole Santa went outside and noticed that the reindeer were too old to fly.

“We need new ones,” Santa said.

So, they went to Africa to get giraffes. So, the elves went to Africa to get the giraffes. They got 10 giraffes and two unicorns. It was only one week before Christmas and the unicorns died.

“OH NO”, Santa said.

It was Christmas Eve. All the children were asleep. It was take-off time. All the presents were delivered. The End.

Gabriel Helmer, Grade 3

Cookie Weirdo!

In the North Pole, a girl named Olivia got teleported from Hawaii. A little elf comes out and says, “Hi,” in the cutest voice ever.

Oliva says, “Why am I here?”

The elf says, “Because Santa needs help to see who has stolen the cookie decorations.”

Olivia looks in all the shops. She looks in the sleigh, nothing. She looks in the tree that powers the whole village, still nothing. Then she looks outside and walks around and sees crumbs. She walks a little and then a little more and says — nope too scared. anta says, “You can go in my sleigh.”

“Yes!”, said Olivia.

She goes out and sees a brown thing. She goes down and sees a monkey! She says you are eating all the cookies.

“Yes I did” squeaked the monkey.

“We have eyes on you but you have to control yourself and no cookies for you!” yelled Santa. “


“Bye”, said Olivia.

Then she went back to her vacation in Hawaii and saw her family again for Christamas fun.

Emelia Rotzetter, Grade 4

Santa’s Sleigh is Too Old

On a cold winter night in the North Pole, all Santa’s presents fell out of the sleigh for all the girls and boys that were sleeping that day. At the North Pole everything was white. You could not see anything until you got into the light.

The elves are fixing up the sleigh for old Santa to drop off the presents for all the girls and boys.

“What are we going to upgrade about Santa’s sleigh?” the elves said. “We only make toys. Maybe we can make it out of candy. Really sturdy candy. Our workshops are candy shops sometimes so maybe we can make it out of candy. The rails could be candy canes and the presents holders could be gum drops. The steering wheel could be a massive wagon wheel. The reindeers ropes could be made out of licorice. The bells could be made of skittles.”

And then Santa came into the workshop and he said, “Ho ho ho, what are you guys doing? You need to fix my sleigh or else all the boys and girls wont get their presents.”

The elves fixed the sleigh. Santa said “Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas to all!” The End.

Echo Meadows, Grade 4

Penguins Pull Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s reindeer are too old to fly. Santa found some penguins and talked them into flying his sleigh. They did it and delivered all the presents. The End!

Dominic Mann, Grade 3

The Husky Christmas

In the snowy blue and white North Pole, an elf said, “The reindeer are too old to fly.”

Santa said, “We can use huskies.” “I love it,” Mrs. Claus said. “But we do not have huskies,” said the elf. “But we have the Christmas huskies.”

“Yes,” said Santa. “Rein the Christmas huskies up.”

“It’s time to fly,” said the elf.

“Ho Ho Ho”. Santa said, “We need the presents. Time to fly. Hoo Hoo Hoo. Have a good Christmas to all.”

Daylia Leary, Grade 3

The Little Helper

On a cold but sunny day there was a beautiful cabin in the woods. One of Santa’s elves lived there and wanted to help Santa but he was not able because it was not Christmas, it was Nov. 1.

He decided to give his money to charity because he could not help Santa. He decided to help the people who needed it.

Darian Morgan, Grade 4

Santa Saves the Day

There was a girl named Emelia who was making cookies. There was this girl and she stole Emelia and she stole Emelia’s freshly baked cookies. Emelia got teleported into the North Pole. Emelia was chasing that girl. She got so mad she yelled and she was so helpless after that she went to take a nap.

Then she woke up from her nap and Santa was holding her bag of cookies. Santa got the cookies for Emelia and Emelia says, “What could I do without you?”

She hugs Santa.

“I didn’t eat my cookies. I baked them myself. I probably would have never got my cookies back without you,” Emelia says. “I have always believed in you and I still will.”

She hugs Santa and she says, “You are the best Santa.”

“If I need a helper ever I will always know who to pick. And I always know where your house is. I’m Santa and you can come to my house any time you want, shake the snowglobe and I’ll come if you want any time you can come sleep over at my house. Mrs. Claus loves kids so come to the North Pole any time, just shake the snow globe.”

Santa flies away and says, “Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas.”

Arihanna Chrystall-Rhodes, Grade 4

The Reindeer Are Just Too Old to Fly the Sleigh!

It’s 8:30 p.m. at the North Pole. In Santa’s workshop the elves are working on the sleigh. It feels smooth, tastes like metal and smells like hard candy canes. You can hear, “Ho, ho, ho.”

Rudolph was eating all Santa’s cookies. Rudolph was too tired to run the sleigh to give presents. So, Rudolph’s twin brother filled in for Rudolph. Christmas was saved!

Ariah Wakefield, Grade 3

The New Sleigh

Right after Christmas last year the elves noticed that the sleigh got old and slow. They built a new one and it was way faster. This year Santa’s sleigh was way faster.

Amelia McRae, Grade 3

Someone Stole the Cookie Decorations

Someone or something stole the cookie decorations! But who could have stolen the cookie decorations? When Santa and Mrs. Claus were thinking, Mrs. Claus had an idea of who it could be. But it couldn’t be him! Mrs. Claus fell to the ground! Santa caught Mrs.Claus as fast as he could.

“But it couldn’t be Billsnikile,” said Mrs. Claus. “We haven’t seen him in years!!”

“I know” said Santa as they heard the sound of the sirens. Both of them gasped.

“The sirens. He’s after the star!!!” shouted Mrs. Claus.

To be continued.

“Cannon firing! RUN!!!” Santa shouted.

To be continued for real.

Danika Carr, Grade 3

Christmas Night Disaster

On Christmas night Santa was getting ready to start the sleigh but when he got to the garage, the reindeer didn’t move, they were too old.

So, Santa got the elves to build an automatic sleigh. Once the new sleigh was constructed, Santa handed the presents to the robotic arm. The arm put all the presents in a carrier. Then the sleigh blasted into the air and delivered all the presents to all the kids in the world.

The elves got angry because Santa didn’t have to do his work. So the elves built their own robot. Now the elves could do their work twice as fast.

Jace Endacott, Grade 4

The Lost Reindeer

One day, a little deer named Snow was born. Her mother was very protective of her. She didn’t even want her to go outdoors. Snow was very lonely.

One day, someone stole Santa’s decorations for the Christmas tree. Snow wanted to find out who it was. She snuck out at night so her mother didn’t know. She looked and looked but she still couldn’t find the decorations.

The next day her mother looked for Snow everywhere but still couldn’t find her. She never wanted Snow to go out of her sight.

Snow looked everywhere for the decorations. She was worried about what her mother would say to her. She looked in a cave and saw a yeti! She asked him if he saw the decorations but he just did a big roar! Snow thought it was a no, but then he started chasing her!

Snow ran into a bush. The yeti was confused so he ran back into the cave. Snow noticed that she was lost. She had been so busy finding the decorations that it was not the next day. She found shelter.

Snow’s mother was so worried that she didn’t even want Snow to go out of her sight. In the morning, Santa’s elves split up to find Snow.

Snow was sound asleep in the cave until she heard a big noise in the distance. She got scared but she was brave enough to search for the decorations. She went outside the cave and looked. Then she saw a polar bear. She got scared at first, but snow whispered, “Hello.”

The polar bear said, “Oh, hi little deer,” as she walked off.

The longer Snow was on her journey, the slower and slower she got. Suddenly, she fell and she stayed there for hours. When the elves were looking for her, they found the polar bear and said, “Excuse me, have you seen a little white deer?”

The polar bear announced, “Yes, follow me.”

She followed the tracks and saw Snow lying on the ground.

“Snow!” one of the elves exclaimed.

They took Snow back to the North Pole. All the elves were asking Snow questions: “Where were you?” “Did you get hurt?”

A few minutes later, Santa asked Snow to fly the sleigh. Snow yelled, “Yes!”

Alena Hindle, Grade 5

Cookie Thief

It was one stormy night at the North Pole. Mrs. Claus baked delicious cookies for the tree. Each day, two cookies would go missing and this made Santa wonder. He wondered what happened to the cookies.

All there was left was gingerbread man feet and reindeer antlers. Santa went to check on the reindeer, but instead of the reindeer, he found the cookies. He thought that Tiannah the little elf and Rudolph the reindeer took the cookies. But Rudolph and Tiannah are right beside hime — so then, who took the cookies?

Santa was still confused. He didn’t know who took the cookies and how they did it. He just turned his back for one second to answer the door, and it happened. He missed all of his delicious cookies. He was sad, but Mrs. Claus was kind enough to bake another batch of cookies.

The doorbell rang, “Ring! Ring!” Santa opened the door and Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer and all the rest of the reindeer were there. Santa adn the reindeer wanted some reindeer cookies. Mrs. Claus baked some reindeer cookies.

Santa showed them the plan for Christmas. When he got back, the cookies were missing. Santa was too tired so he asked Mrs. Claus to make some more. Once he walked into the kitchen, Mrs. Claus had them ready. He did not know what was going to happen now.

Mrs. Claus was so sorry. She made more cookies so they all had some. Tiannah the little elf and Rudolph the reindeer can have cookies too.

Brooklynn Rorison, Grade 4

Santa Goes Missing

Elves are working on a new sled that doesn’t need reindeer.

“Santa,” Mrs. Claus whispered, “Are you sure it will work? Maybe you should take it for a test drive.”

“Okay, I will.”

Santa started the engine. Then Santa went off and he was gone for hours. Santa was missing! Elves went looking, but no sign of Santa anywhere.

John the elf yelled, “There’s only 10 days until Christmas! What will happen if there is no Santa? There will be no Christmas this year! Or maybe we will never have Christmas again!”

The elves shrieked, “Nooooo! All the girls and boys will be so disappointed Santa!”

“Where am I? I think I crashed. I’ve got to go back, but how? I have to fix the engine. At least the elves left me some tools.”

While Santa was fixing the engine back home, everybody was nervous about where he was. Some evles kept looking until one of them spotted him and yelled, “Santa’s over here!”

Everyone came and brought Santa home. Santa was able to deliver all the presents.

Isabel Stein, Grade 4

The New Reindeer

One chilly morning, Santa woke up with a yelp. Tiny the elf had pinched him on his check.

“What,” said Santa angrily.

Tiny muttered that the reindeer are too old to fly the sleigh for Christmas. Santa looked worried so Tiny had an idea.

“What if I can go find two friends to look for more reindeer?”

“Great idea,” cried Santa.

“There you are Winky,” shouted Tiny.

“Hi,” squeaked Winky, “What do you want?”

So Tiny explained everything to Winky. Let’s go find Krecher.

“Hi Krecher,” shouted Tiny and Winky. “Do you want to go find more reindeer for Christmas?”

“Sure,” grunted Krecher.

“Great, let’s go get packed.”

“Well, this is fun,” muttered Krecher sarcastically.

“Don’t be so gloomy,” sighed Winky.

“It’s a blizzard!” yelled Tiny. “Set up the tent — Thank goodness we set up the tent in time.”

“Ya,” agreed Winky.

“Let’s go to sleep,” muttered Krecher.

“Rise and shine!” shouted Tiny. “I found something we can use as reindeer.”

“I am up,” yawned Winky.

“Me too,” said Krecher.

“Good,” said Tiny.

“Can we at least have some hot chocolate before we go?” asked Krecher.

“Ya,” agreed Winky.

“Fine, but when you are done then we go.”

“How far away are the reindeer?” asked Winky.

“Up this hill and I didn’t say they were reindeer!”

“Oh, then what are they?”

“They are polar bears! Wierd, what if Santa doesn’t want to use them?”

“Well, it’s all we got,” explained Tiny. “I already gave the floo poweder, so they can fly us back to Santa’s workshop.”

“Tiny, you don’t have to yell,” said Krecher.

“Sorry, it’s okay, I know you don’t like to fly, but it is the only way we can get back to Santa’s workshop in time for Christmas.”

“I can handle it,” sighed Krecher.

“Well, then, pick a polar bear.” “Yes, we are here in time, I will bring the polar bears to Santa,” explained Tiny.

“Okay, I will take care of Krecher. It looks like he might be sick,” mumbled Winky.

So Tiny explained everything to Santa.

“I like it,” chuckled Santa with joy. “I will hook up the polar bears to the sleigh. Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas.”

Sandra Tilley, Grade 4/5

Christmas with No Reindeer

A couple weeks before Christmas, me and Hanne, my helper (we train Santa’s reindeer together), went to get the reindeer, when something happened! They were too old. Their bones were not strong enough to fly.

When they are too old, they trun into huskies, but they’re still too old to fly. One after another, until they were all huskies.

Me and Hanna had to get something else to fly Santa’s sleigh, but what? Then something came to out heads. Why don’t we get some polar bears? But they have to learn fast because Christmas is in a couple weeks.

We raced out the door. We looked by the big hill where all the caves are. We saw ten polar bears catching fish in their lake. Hanna tripped in the lake! I was going to help her when six bears zoomed past me to help. The other four polar bears didn’t notice Hanna.

The six polar bears pulled Hanna up from the ice cold water. They asked, “What were you doing here?” I answered that we were looking for someone to fly Santa’s sleigh because the reindeers are too old to fly.

One of the polar bears yelled, “I want to fly Santa’s sleigh.”

“Me too!” yelled the second.

I giggled, “You can all help.”

We went back to Santa’s workshop. Me and Hanna taught the polar bears how to fly. A couple weeks later, it was Christmas Eve and the sleigh was ready. I waved to the polar bears and Santa as they flew away. And I whispered to myself, “Christmas was saved.”

Presley Wicks, Grade 5

High Tech Santa Sleigh

So Santa told me to make his sleigh high tech for some extra Christmas presents.

I made an autopilot system, and put it in the sleigh. I also put rocket boosters on it and also a snowball launcher, a present launcher, and with a press of a button the whole thing can be covered with an invisible cloak. With another press of a button, it can be uncovered, too.

It’s also now electric-powered, the speed of light. And there’s special gauntlets that give him special throwing abilties to throw snowballs and presents into the houses. They’re called the Christmas guantlets and are powered by snow. And the extra Christmas presesnt I got from Santa made it all worth it.

Sawyer Smith, Grade 5

Cookie Horror

Santa yelled, “Who stole the cookies and left meat all over my couch?”

Meaty said, “You can’t catch me, Santa and the elves.”

Foot said, “No, I will get you Meaty! I will arrest you!” Santa is very mad.

Foot said, “I don’t know, maybe Meaty, then again, I don’t know.” Then Foot caught Meaty and the cookie horror was over.

Ryan Savage, Grade 4

The New Reindeer

My friends and I were hanging out when Santa called us.

“I need some help and quickly,” he said. “My reindeer are too old. I need a new set of reindeer.”

My friends and I started to go to the North Pole but, to our surprise, Santa was in the forest. So we went over to the forest and right away, Santa asked, “What animal should we get?”

Samantha replied, “Moose.”

Eile thought kitten. I said the moose sounded good. Santa agreed. So we got seven moose and the elves, my friends and I started to wrap presents when Ms. Fluffy, my teacher, called me on my cell. She shouted, “Why aren’t you at school?”

I hung up. I jumped in my car and I raced to school. When I got there, she grumbled, “Anna-Jean, you are in detention!”

And so I went to the office. The next day, I woke up and I rushed to my door. Santa was on the other side and we wrapped more presents. Then Santa was off with the moose. On Christmas night, I saw Santa and his moose delivering presents to the good children.

Anna-Jean Roy, Grade 4

The Reindeer Are Missing!

BOOM! Santa ran outisde, no reinder in sight. Where are they?

“Oh no, the gate is broken to the reindeer pen!” Santa exclaimed.

All was silent until, “It’s Rudolph! He’s back!” Mrs. Claus exclaimed.

Their reindeer were gone but Rudolph has come back.

“The reindeer that the elves were training are still here so we can use them.”

“We have to use them to deliver presents to all the boys and girls,” Santa announced.

They started training all the reindeer so they could fly on Christmas adn the elves fixed the broken gate so the new reindeer couldn’t get out. Santa Claus got some water for Rudolph.

Mrs. Claus made some cookies then Santa checked on the elves. Today is Christmas Eve.

Santa ran into the kitchen and saw the cookies and yelled, “We are out of milk for the cookies! Aaahhhh!”

“I’m leaving for my flight,” and like that, Santa is gone.

Santa was gone and he chuckled, “Ho, ho, ho.”

Ellie Thompson, Grade 5

The Cookies Disappeared

Santa had just got back from giving all the good boys and girls their presents.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa chuckled. “I got so many cookies this year, I had to put them in the sack.”

Toodles the elf asked, “Where did you put all the milk?”

“I tried putting it in the sack, too, but that did not work out,” Santa replied.

One hour later, Santa said, “I think I’m going to bed.”

“Okay, Santa,” said the elves.

“Goodnight elves,” Santa replied.

Santa didn’t know that when he woke up, his life would be changed forever. When he woke up, he went to grab a cookie, but the cookies were gone!

He gasped and yelled, “Where are my cookies!”

Everyone woke up and ran to Santa.

“What’s the matter Santa?” asked Mrs. Claus.

“My cookies disappeared,” replied Santa.

“I bet they are somewhere near,” responded Mrs. Claus.

They searched for two days but couldn’t find them. Then when Santa was locking up the reindeer for the night, he saw the cookies!

He also saw Toodles with a penguin! Toodles saw Santa and yelled, “Run buddy!”

The penguin grabbed the sack with the cookies and ran for the hills! Santa chased Toodles and the penguin around the village. Santa finally caught Toodles and then Toodles went to jail.

The penguin was never seen again and Santa had to wait until next Christmas to get more cookies.

Corbon Heggie, Grade 5

Santa’s Twin

It was the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. Mrs. Muffin was teaching a class multiplication tables. By the way, I’m Herbert Jones. We call Mrs. Muffin “The Witch” because she is mean and strict.

My best friend forever Richie sits right beside me. He whispers in my ear, “What are you doing for the holidays?”

Just as I was going to tell him “The Witch” yelled, “Herbert and Richie, down to Mr. Pink’s office, now!”

We got up and walked to Mr. Pink’s office. When we got there, he screamed, “What now boys?”

We replied to him that “The Witch,” oh, I meant, Mrs. Muffin, sent us down for talking about Christmas. And that’s how we were stuck in an office with a yelling principal, while the other kids were enjoying the snow.

Finally, it was Christmas Eve morning. The first thing I did was put on my slippers and grab my fire engine toys and firefighter toys. When I was done, I went outside and built a snowman. Then mom called me in for lunch. We had sandwiches with meat and cheese.

“I’m done,” I say before running back out.

I ran straight into my snowman. Snow went everywhere. I ran in and warmed up. I ran up the stairs. On the table, there was sausage and pepperoni, and in the middle, a big pot of boiling water.

“Fondue!” I yell.

I ate so much, now I’m stuffed. I went to sleep.

Santa and the elves were loading the presents. Then they pushed the sleigh to the runway and were off. Santa landed at coal boy’s house. Santa grabbed the big bag of coal and tossed it down the chimney then jumped in.

He went over to get the cookies, but all that there was is crumbs and half a glass of milk.

“What the —?” Santa murmered. “Well, let’s go to the next house.”

The same thing. Just as he’s walking out, he saw a figure run into the next house. Santa chased after him. When he got in, he saw the figure wearing red with a Santa’s hat. The man ran out and stole Santa’s sleigh! Noo!

Santa pulled out his candy phone and called detective Jingle, the elf.

“Hey, Santa,” chuckled Jingle.

“Some guy in red stole my sleigh and all the cookies!”

“Okay, I’m on my way.”

When Jingle arrived, Santa whispered, “He went in Richie’s house.”

Jingle ran over and slipped under the door. The guy was bent over the cookies. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! He grabbed his rope and tossed it. Yes! It went right around the man. Jingle pulled him out the door and locked him up in Candy Cane jail. Santa finished delivering presents. Herbert got all the gifts he wanted!

Cohen Cooke, Grade 4

Santa’s Sleigh Update


My phone rings.

“Who is this? Santa?” I mumble as I accept the call.

“Ho, ho, ho, I really need a repair,” Santa declared.

I thought he wanted a repair on his toy maker machine like every other year. But Santa said: “This year is different. I need a repair on my sleigh.”

I was really surprised. So, I went downstairs and got an employee, some tech and some tools. I arrived at the North Pole the morning of Dec. 18. We walked to the door. The door opened.

“Ay, Tim, the elf, wassup, little dude?”

“Oh, hi Parker. Are you here to help Santa?” Tim said in a squeaky voice.

I nodded my head. I walked in and there were at least 80,000,000 elves. I was not surprised. Like I said, I’ve been working here every Christmas for years.

I showed Santa, who was, by the way, right in front of me, some of the tech: Item #1 – GPS (for your sleigh); Item #2 – Tracker (for your reindeer); and Item #3 – Claw (to grab cookies and milk and drop off presents).

Christmas Eve, Santa thought that the tech was excellent. He texted me and the message said: “I had the best Christmas ever. Thank you.”

Parker Theodor Poisson, Grade 5

The Old Reindeer

On Christmas Eve morning, Santa was going to get his reindeer ready for the big night. Santa saw the reindeer were too old. He needed to find something to replace the reindeer. So Santa journeyed off. He saw some polar bears, grabbed them, and sprinted back to Mrs. Claus.

Santa yelled to Mrs. Claus, “I’ve got something to fly my sleigh tonight! I’ve got polar bears to replace the reindeer.”

So Santa put magic flying dust on the polar bears. Santa got all the polar bears ready on Christmas Eve. He grabbed his coffee, all the toys, and flew off into the distance.

Santa was rockin’ out with some tunes when he saw a storm was coming. The sleigh went down. Santa and the toys rode on the polar bears. He started with the first house, then the tenth house, and pretty soon, Santa was done half of the houses around the world. That night, he was able to take presents to every house in the world.

All of the elves ran to the globe and played the song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. All the little children opened their presents and Christmas was saved!

Aubrey Fehr, age 9, Grade 4/5

Christmas Madness

One Christmas day, I was in bed and BOOM! I heard something. What could it be? I nervously looked out my window and there was only my dog. He was barking at the roof where I heard the bang, so there was definitely something up on my roof.

My brother barged into my room. He made me jump. He was panting, “There was something on the roof.”

I thought it was just a huge icicle at first, but I was not right. I was running around the house to look for something to go up on the roof. I couldn’t find anything so I got my big boots and I saw Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. They were huge!

I went into my house and ran to my living room quietly, and I snuck behind the Christmas tree. I could see Santa. My brother came into the living room and he whispered, “Psst, Deklan. uuh, Santa is right there.”

“Yeah, I know,” I whispered.

Santa looked at Torin and Santa jumped. Torin got scared, barged into the kitchen and hid in a cabinet. Santa climbed into his big bag and his elf jumped out. Santa never noticed the cookie thief stole Santa’s cookies and ate them in out huge bite!

The cookie thief ran into the kitchen and opened the cookie jar. The thief ate all of the cookies. He’s a bad boy. He went to the washroom and I don’t even want to know what he is doing in there. And he crawled in the vent and I walked in there and the first thing I noticed there was toilet paper everywhere!

The vet was open. He’s a bad elf. I don’t even know where he went. Then I realized that the vent connects to the basement. The thief went back upstairs and even stole the dog treats. He really likes cookies.

I chased him around the house to try and get the treats back. Now the dogs are sad, so I let them inside and they chased the thief. They got him and they got their treats back! Then I was too busy with my dogs and I forgot about Santa.

I nervously opened my basement door and Santa wasn’t there. I was in the living room and he was right in front of the chimney. And he said, “I’m outta here.”

He used his powers and teleported to the North Pole with all his reindeer. I looked at all of the presents adn I got so much stuff! Then I woke up and it was all just a dream!

Deklan Murray, Grade 5

A Weird Christmas Eve!

On Chirstmas Eve, Santa was delivering presents and then his sleigh broke down. He decided to upgrade it a little while he was fixing it. he got Mrs. Claus to help him fix his sleigh. Mrs. Claus said that they should put a cool device in the front and it will tell you where to go next.

Santa chuckled, “Okay.”

“I have a really good idea,” Mrs. Claus mumbled, but Santa could still hear her.

“Then tell me what it is,” Santa replied.

“Okay,” Mrs. Claus laughed. “We can have a new cozy, fluffy comforter seat! The colour of the seat will be heather. On the armrests it will say: SANTA. The colour of the word SANTA will be black.On one of the armrests, there will be a red button that if you touch the button, then the armrest will open up and you will see about 10 cookies in it.”

So they got tools to build it and after two whole hours, they both were done. Then Santa climbed in the sleigh and took off.

Aliyah Christensen, Grade 4