Keith Moore is Barriere Citizen of Year

People gathered on Jan. 19 to toast Keith Moore as the Barriere’s Citizen of the Year for 2012

Keith Moore is Barriere's Citizen of the Year.

Keith Moore is Barriere's Citizen of the Year.

Elli Kohnert – Barriere Star Journal

Area residents, out of town guests, and family members gathered on Jan. 19 to toast Barriere’s Keith Moore as the Citizen of the Year for 2012. The attendees filled the Lions Hall, and everyone was ready and looking forward to not just toasting, but doing a little roasting as well of this man who has spent many of his 91 years in the Barriere area.

Long known for his ceaseless volunteer work and willing attitude to help out, all agreed Moore was a perfect choice for the award.

Master of ceremonies Beverly Murphy said, “We’re here to honor this fine Citizen Keith Moore, who has had a big part in shaping many service groups in Barriere.”

What followed was a lineup of speakers, all there to congratulate Moore.

North Thompson Star/Journal publisher Al Kirkwood presented the newspaper’s Citizen of the Year award to Moore as well as an award recognizing Moore’s accomplishments from the Barriere Fire Department, where he served as fire chief many years ago.

Dignitaries, such as MP Terry Lake, Mayor Bill Humphreys, and TNRD director Bill Kershaw gave the Citizen of the Year much well-deserved praise, as did a number of others who came up to speak.

In the middle of the program, the MC interrupted to announce the arrival of messengers from the War Front of many years ago, the USO Girls (Babes, Cathy, Jude and Beverly), who gave a rousing rendition of “The North Atlantic Squadron”. The words had been somewhat changed to suit the occasion, but all present enjoyed it all.

Moore wore his ‘crown’ through the ceremonies with much good humour, proving he really is a “King” within the community.


“I believe the Citizen of the Year Banquet is a wonderful celebration of community that honours all volunteers,” said Murphy. “Even though there is always one main honouree, it is amazing how many past Citizens of the Years and fellow volunteers are there to support the current year’s recipient.”