Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an important night for parents to be extra vigilant

According to Kate Carr, president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide, a network of organizations geared toward preventing unintentional childhood injury, Halloween is an important night for parents to be extra vigilant. To ensure everyone has a safe and fun Halloween, here are some safety tips to follow.

* Go in groups. Children can be accompanied by their parents while older children should be encouraged to trick-or-treat in groups.

* Use a flashlight. When trick-or-treating at night, take steps to improve visibility. This includes using reflective tape on costumes and carrying a flashlight or glow sticks.

* Walk on sidewalks.  Avoid walking in the street, where the risk of being hit by a car is considerable.

* Avoid distractions. Trick-or-treaters should not be wearing earbuds or talking on a phone while trick-or-treating.

* Do not enter homes. Let kids know they should only enter the homes of known friends, and even then they should only do so after getting permission from a parent.

* Consume only factory-wrapped treats.

* Wear well-fitting shoes. Shoes that are uncomfortable or loose can cause children to fall and risk injury.

* Adults should drive carefully.