Simon Appel is pictured here with his wife Stefanie, and sons Patrick and Niko. (Appel photo)

Simon Appel is pictured here with his wife Stefanie, and sons Patrick and Niko. (Appel photo)

GoFundMe raises over $46,000 in a few days for Louis Creek family

A tragic work accident rocked the Louis Creek community on June 9

The Appel family of Louis Creek was rocked on the afternoon of June 9, 2022, when they lost their beloved Simon Appel to a tragic work accident that has left his wife Stefanie and their two boys Patrick, 13, and Niko, 9, without their husband and father.

Theirs was a tight family — both Simon and Stefanie valued nothing more than time together and they adjusted their lives and their welding business to maximize the time he had with his family. Simon loved nothing more than calling it a day and hitting the lake with his three loves and their dogs and doing some fishing, or hitting the woods for a hike or a hunt. They simplified their life and made changes and sacrifices to maximize on adventures together and time spent together, and Simon always said time with family was the most important thing. The only important thing.

The siblings of Simon and Stefanie are now reaching out via GoFundMe to ask those who knew and loved Simon, and are able to do so, to help ease some of the financial pressure and strain the family will be experiencing during this heartbreaking time.

“Our campaign team is comprised of myself and Simon’s two sisters, Lisa and Nikki as well as Stef’s sister Sam,” said Simon’s brother-in-law, Colin O’Leary. “We set up this GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Stefanie, Patrick and Nicholas Appel (the survivors).”

A GoFundMe set up to help a Louis Creek family after the father and husband of two young boys died in a tragic work accident on June 9, raised over $42,000 in two days.

“Once this campaign is over I will transfer the funds to Stefanie’s bank account via a draft.”

O’Leary noted funds raised will go towards daily costs for Simon’s family.

If you would like to help Simon’s family, visit the GoFundMe page here.

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