Brycin Tourond makes his hand paint flowers with Jody Phillip’s help.                                Photo by Robyn Rexin

Brycin Tourond makes his hand paint flowers with Jody Phillip’s help. Photo by Robyn Rexin

Gifts for Mothers Day

Vavenby youngsters make crafts to give to moms

By Robyn Rexin

Students at Vavenby Elementary recently constructed wooden bird houses as Mothers Day gifts.

They each drew a plan during a brainstorming session, then made it out of cardboard.

Teacher Adam Forsyth cut all of the pieces to size and the students put their houses together with drilled holes, nails, glue, and hammers. The houses were completed on May 10 and taken home as a Mothers Day gift.

That day the children made Mothers Day cards and butterflies to put in them. A lot of the cards read, “Open with care.”

Kamloops School of Arts entertains

On Wednesday, May 9, the Vavenby class went on a field trip to Blue River School, where the Kamloops School of Arts performed.

The students enjoyed listening to a band, a choir, and watching a drama performance. One Vavenby student would like to go to that school one day.

Hand printing at Strong Start

There was lots of free play at Strong Start on Tuesday, May 8 as everyone waited for more children to show up.

The craft was making pictures of hand print flowers for a Mothers Day gift.

A child’s hand was painted and then pressed onto the construction paper. This was done three times using different coloured paints. Leader Jody Phillips or the parents painted in the stems and leaves onto the picture. When the pictures were dry they were laminated.

Healthy snack time followed and then everyone went to the gym to play.

Grade 4s to remain in Vavenby

The parents of Grade 3 students at Vavenby Elementary School were given happy news recently.

The School District 73 board has passed a motion that those children can remain in Vavenby as Grade 4 students on a trial basis.

Vavenby Elementary previously only went up to Grade 3, with students then going to Raft River Elementary.