Free dump day at Clearwater Landfill May 28

A free Dump Day will be held May 28 at the Clearwater landfill.

“Basically the Free Dump Day means residents can bring up to $20 worth of refuse to the dump free of charge,” said Adriana Mailoux, TNRD Environmental Services technologist. “Since we introduced tipping fees at our landfills and transfer stations free dump days have become a great way to transition into a future model of a true Pay-As-You-Throw system.”

“This is also a great way to help beautify your local community and help continue our push towards increased sustainability in the region,” added Mailloux.

Clearwater’s landfill accepts yard waste, batteries, used oil, scrap metal and tires free of charge. The landfill is open Saturday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to dispose of any of these materials for free. The landfill is closed Fridays during the summer.

Call the Conservation Officer service at 1-877-952-7277 to report sites/offenders and call the TNRD to arrange cleanup for material dumped on Crown land at 1-877-377-8673 or send an email to

For more information about Free Dump Days call the TNRD at 1-877-377-8673 or email

Free Hazardous Waste Day

There is also a Free Hazardous Waste Day May 29 at the North Thomnpson Sportsplex, (428 Murtle Crescent)  from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Eco-depot site

A new eco-depot site located at the former Camp Two sawmill site next to Forest Service Road 2 is expected to open this fall.

The facility will funnel the waste into five main streams; recycling, refuse, material recovers, share shed (or  drop ‘n shop) and composting.


Also targeted through the material recovery stream would be items covered by extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs, such as tires, batteries, used oil, Product Care Paint Plus facility, Encorp e-waste collections and others as they are rolled out by the provincial government.