Four nominated for Golden Girl award

The Clearwater Canoe Regatta organizing committee has received four nominations for the Golden Girl Award for 2011


The Clearwater Canoe Regatta organizing committee has received four nominations for the Golden Girl Award for 2011. The award is to honor a woman who has made alastnig legacy of voluntteering within the valley.


I am nominating Marina Deneef as a candidate for this year’s award. Marina, along with her whole family – husband Frank, son Frank, daughters Theresa, Mary, and Kathy were a constant “Face of the Lake” during the 70s and 80s.

Marina spent countless hours at the beach, helping with swim lessons as well as organizing  and working at the Regattas.

Not only did Marina have her own children at the lake every day, she always had many nieces and nephews from the Okanagan and Vancouver with her. They all were involved in taking swimming lessons as well as any other activities that might be happening at the lake.

In later years Marina and her family did contract work at the lake – always making sure the beach was clean and the flowers were well taken care of.

In addition to her many hours of volunteering at the lake, Marina was a member of the board of directors of the Credit Union for many years.  Also, Marina has been the chief elections officer in our area for many years.

Because of her many countless hours of volunteering at Dutch Lake and all the other Community activities that Marina has been involved in I believe she is the perfect candidate for Golden Girl 2011.


I am suggesting two fine ladies for this year’s award: Barbara Ferguson and Joanne Wright. Both are long-time residents, but I am not, so I do not know a lot about their early volunteer activities.

Barb was a nurse in the old hospital; Joanne a teacher here. Both are now retired and have been for some years, but they are always up front and centre for anyone who needs their special touch.

Since I have known them (about five years), I have seen both give unstintingly of themselves and their time to help others. Joanne helped at the Food Bank for many years, and is now with the Hospice Society. Somehow, Barb knows when someone needs contact and support and – there she is. Both attend services at Forest View Place on a regular basis, and spend that time getting to know and chat with each of the patients there. Their caring attitude to each one is a delight to see. Helping to keep the garden looking beautiful just outside the doors of that part of the hospital is something they do without fanfare or expectation of acknowledgement or reward.

This is a sample of what these two lovely ladies do on a regular basis. Clearwater is richer for their dedication and devotion to helping others. More happened in the past, I am sure.

Happily submitting this, I thank you for all that you do to make the Canoe Regatta a success. This idea of the Golden Gals Award is a wonderful addition.


Thank you very much for the opportunity to highlight the contributions of our pioneer women who really have served as the backbone of our community over the years. I would like to nominate Pauline Gregory as a candidate for the 2011 Golden Girl Award. Pauline has served in more capacities than I can mention in one short nomination. She has been a tireless contributor to Clearwater and to her Birch Island community. I even remember Pauline having broken her leg and still serving as the lead contact for the Canadian Cancer April fundraiser. There was nothing that would stop her in her efforts to serve the North Thompson Valley. Pauline served as school trustee for the area and has been the recipient of Citizen of the Year. She has also been a long time member of the Hospital Auxiliary and volunteers tirelessly through her church. Women like Pauline have a volunteer resume that stretches for miles. Likely, there is another 10 pages of contributions for Pauline but like many volunteers, she just goes about her projects for the joy of them, not the glory.

I can only hope by mentioning Pauline’s name, it triggers people to remember all that Pauline has generously offered to Birch Island, Clearwater and neighboring communities.