Forest View Place is one of 12 care homes that have been awarded a $1,700 grant from Interior Savings to purchase a new tablet so their residents can better keep in touch with friends and family. (Pixabay photo)

Forest View receives grant to stay connected

Forest View Place is one of 12 recipients of a grant from Interior Savings for the purchase of a new iPad for the facility.

The “Care Home Connection” contest asked employees and representatives of care homes to enter the contest, describing how a new tablet would be used in the facility and what impact the grant would have on those in the care home’s care. The non-profit or health authority-managed care homes in the Thompson, Nicola and Okanagan were invited to enter the contest.

Nicole Weber, recreation coordinator for Forest View Place, entered into the contest on behalf of the care home and said she found out just a few days later that they had been chosen. She heard about the contest through a friend, found the contest posting on Interior Savings’ Facebook page, and submitted the form.

“It was super quick!” she said.

The facility already has one tablet. But with 21 residents, sharing the current iPad can be tricky. The addition of a second would add to how the residents keep in touch with friends and family, while also helping them engage with technology.

“This will also allow us to have multiple tablets,” said Weber. “If they’re all sitting around a table, it’s a new sensory for them to be able to do dementia games on the iPad, so even a shape game, (where) they have to match the shapes — it’s a whole new sensory for them.”

The cheque, worth $1,700, is due to arrive Jan. 11. From there, Weber said they are able to go out and pick which tablet they purchase.

Although initially offering 10 grants, Interior Savings increased the number of prizes to 12 grants to get more tablets into care homes, according to a media release.

With many restrictions places on visiting to keep people safe and prevent the virus from spreading, it has made it very difficult for people to stay connected to their friends and family.

“We know this year has been very challenging. We’re so appreciative of the care and commitment that our frontline workers have shown,” said Kathy Conway, CEO of Interior Savings, in the release. “It was evident from the heartfelt entries just how important the well-being of those in their care is. It was also evident that tablets are of great need in our local care homes.”