Evacuation routes are top choice in Vavenby

There was a town meeting to discuss what to do with the funds that Vavenby receives from Clearwater

There was a town meeting at Vavenby Community Hall on Wednesday evening, April 2, to discuss previous suggestions on what to do with the funds that Vavenby receives from Clearwater due to that town’s incorporation.

The meeting was chaired by Carol Schaffer and secretary was Charlotte Cederholm. Approximately 35 people attended.

Residents who had made previous suggestions gave further information and explanations about them so that people would have a better understanding of them before voting. Nine of the 17 suggestions were removed as they would not benefit all the residents or the town would be unable to do them. A new suggestion was given and that was to put up a new town sign at the turn-off into Vavenby.

After the discussion and question period everyone was given four stickers to put on their four different choices. Results were different than the first meeting. Choice #1, with 22 votes, was to establish a fund to support the establishment of evacuation routes. Second, with 19 votes, was to put up the sign. Third was to establish multi-use trails that were wheelchair accessible and have memorial benches – families would do this – on a portion of property between the school grounds, the transfer station, and Busses’ gate. And fourth, with 16 votes, was to put in a playground/small skate park at the Vavenby Community Park for children and adults.

Seminar teaches life skills

Karen Moilliet got back from Toronto on Monday, Mar. 31. She was there to attend a two-day business/wealth seminar by life coach and businessman Raymond Aaron.

Aaron is one of North America’s top life coaches. He encouraged authors to come and promote their self-published books. After teaching his students how to write and self-publish their books, Aaron teaches them how to brand and monetize their business with their books. Moilliet is a life coach and used his program to write her book “Silk On Fire: The Ultimate Guide On Craving Sex With Your Husband.”

The seminar took place at the Westin Bristol Place Toronto Airport hotel’s ballroom. Both days involved listening and discussing with speakers and in workshops. In one workshop Moilliet and other self-published authors were asked to help new writers decide their subject, market, and title of their books.

Besides the workshops Moilliet had a table to advertise her book and sign them. She was amazed at the conservative avoidance response of most women and the upfront questions of most men. There was a woman, though, who said, “Give me one one of those books!” and another who said, “Tell me how long it took to write your book and tell me the process.”

One 30-year-old man picked up her book and then said, “Sex dies after marriage,” as he disdainfully threw it back down onto the table.

Moilliet explained that that is why she coaches to both men and women in committed relationships using the Guaranteed LUCKY Technique. She coaches her clients to be successful with their spouses in sexual intimacy instead of letting it wilt and wither.

Moilliet found the two-day event amazing. She sold more books and feels the two days were a success as it gave her business as a life coach a lot of exposure.

She said, “The two days wasn’t about selling books, it was about selling my business. Only time will tell how successful it was.”

Moilliet spent the rest of her time in Toronto visiting with her son Adam, daughter-in-law Krystle, and grandson Hayden.

Young animals arriving

Calving season is nearly over at the Graffunder ranches. You can see the young animals as you drive along the highway.

Lambing season at Moilliets’ Aveley Ranch has just begun. People can go on self-guided tours from now until April 24. Times are from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There is a charge to attend but children two and under are free. The cost includes a hay ride.

Store changes hours


During break-up there are new hours at the Vavenby General store. The store is now open Mondays – Fridays, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.