CSS outreach program expands

The enhanced community program would include programs such as a speaker series, a literacy program, and inviting seniors into the school

Clearwater Secondary School has a central location in the community and could be the hub of a community outreach program, according to principal Alan Stel.

Stel was at last Tuesday’s District of Clearwater meeting to ask for a $7,000 grant to expand the current youth outreach program to one that serves the whole community.

The CSS principal noted that the youth outreach coordinator, Christine Parsons, has been on contract with the school for the past year through Community LINKS.

Working three hours a day, three days a week, she has provided opportunities for youth such as boot-camp, yoga, zumba, a Youth Week committee, smoking cessation, self-esteem and wellness workshops.

The enhanced community outreach program would include programs such as a speaker series using local professionals and community services, a literacy program with Yellowhead Community Services, and inviting seniors into the school to teach chess, bridge or backgammon.

The money would be for an eight-week trial period, although Mayor John Harwood felt it could be stretched to 11 weeks.

The request was approved after Councilor Ken Kjenstad asked that the motion be brought forward right away (normal procedure is such a request would wait until the following council meeting).