Circus Funtastic was all that and more

Kids lining up to get their pictures taken with two giant Circus Funtastic transformer robots.  (Jill Hayward photo)
Kids were wowed when a giant transformer robot entered the Circus Funtastic wooden ring. (Jill Hayward photo)
Indoor 'fence climbers' waiting for the show to start.  (Jill Hayward photo)
A Circus Funtastic performer is shown balancing on a board placed on top of a wobbly round pipe during part of her act. (Jill Hayward photo)
A Circus Funtastic 'candy butcher' walks through the audience seating area selling cotton candy. (Jill Hayward photo)
Circus Funtastic acrobats from Mexico were truly fantastic. (Jill Hayward photo)
Balancing a sword tip on the tip of a knife held in her mouth, this Circus Funtastic performer climbed the ladder and down the other side. (Jill Hayward photo)
Metal hoola hoops went from three at a time to thirty during a performance by this talented performer. (Jill Hayward photo)

When residents of Barriere heard a circus was coming on July 10 to perform in the North Thompson Agriplex at the fairgrounds in Barriere, no one quite knew what to expect. But in true circus fashion the show was filled with laughs, thrills, surprises and plenty of fun for all ages, but especially the kids.

Circus Funtastic show manager Gustavo Parra said his circus annually travels “across the united States from February to October of each year”.

“We haven’t been through Canada for a few years,” said Parra, “We don’t always do as well in Canada, but we thought we would come up this year and perform in as many Canadian communities as we can.”

He added the circus troop consists of 19 people who this year are spending eight months on the road in the Unites States and Canada. The troop had recently performed in Yellowknife, were now in Barriere, the next day they would perform in Armstrong, and by July 20 they would be performing in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

The circus was definitely a crowd pleaser, there was plenty of interaction with both youngsters and adults, lots of laughs, numerous “wows”, and Funtastic memories made for all who attended.

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