Christmas Story Winners

Christmas Story Winners

Top three stories in Kindergarten – Grade 3 and Grades 4 – 7 categories

Grade 4 – 7 winners

First Place

Twas Day After Christmas

By Reid Muddiman

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house.

Wrapping paper was strewn by my mechanical mouse.

The stockings were hung on the tree with disgrace.

And the children were playing with fresh new toys, like astronauts heading into space.

Mamma in her new apron and dad in his new ball cap.

Had just settled down to play a brand new app.

When over in the kitchen there came such a clatter.

Mom jumped from her chair to see what was the matter.

Away to the kitchen, she flew like a flash.

Tore open the door and looked at the backsplash.

And what to her awed pupils should she see.

But the new china cup smashed, and the culprit trying to flee.

The little young guy, so excited and quick

She knew in a moment it must be my brother Rick.

More rapid than cheetahs, reinforcements came.

Mamma screamed and shouted and called them by name

Amy to the front door, Dixon to the back

Dad to the kitchen door, and i’ll put him in a sack!

Don’t let him out, just keep him in,

Now circle him, circle him until he gives in

Oh the reinforcements, they were mean

And with a mother for a leader it was a horrible scene

And then in a crack, I heard a crying on the ground

The splashing, And the dripping

Of an extremely sad sound

As I drew in my head and was turning around

I saw him crumpled in a great big mound on the ground

He was covered all in tears

From his head To his foot

And his hands, all gross and covered in soot

And then with a startling shock came a voice from Jessica’s toy (the one that could bite)

Merry Belated Christmas To All And To All A Belated Christmas Night!

Second Place

The dog who Saved Santa

By Owen Thon, Grade 5

Jimmy was a German Shepherd dog, he was five. Jimmy loved Christmas as much as children love the candy store. During the Christmas holidays he would go around to all the neighbours and steal their wreaths. He would run as fast as he could up to their doors, jump up grab the wreaths and do a 180` and run as fast as the speed of light home. Once he get home he would hide the wreaths in his dog house but the his dog instincts would kick in and he would rip them to shreds.

After all the fun of wrecking the wreath he would feel sad and be disappointed in himself. He wanted to figure a way to make things right.

His family were very disappointed. The family had to replace the wreaths. Every Christmas the family would spend hundreds of dollars on buying new wreaths. They talked about rehoming Jimmy if he did not change his ways. Jimmy overheard the family talking about getting rid of him. He was even more sad. Jimmy suddenly realized that it was Christmas Eve. Now I can make wreaths I can be a better dog.

He heard a loud THUMP. Jimmy ran out of his dog house and there before him was Santa Claus. Jimmy looked up at him and saw his reindeer were missing so he ran to the sleigh and tried to hook himself to the sleigh .Santa saw this and went to help him, so Jimmy pulled the sleigh.

Town after town, country after country, home after home, Jimmy helped deliver the presents. He made wreaths and pulled the sleigh. What a great dog Jimmy turned out to be!

Third Place

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Brook Fowler, Grade 5

It was Christmas Eve December 24th. Cold, damp air surrounded the town. Santa was getting ready for delivering presents to all the children.

The weather being treacherous and a blizzard was one of Santa’s biggest nightmares.

“Ahhhhhhh, Santa screamed.

He was horrified to see nine reindeer prancing off into the distance. Reindeer don’t like bad weather!

Along came a dog named Foxy, a Jack Russel Terrior who had wings! Yup, wings, this was a bird-dog! Foxy was flying to the North Pole to save Santa.

He heard about the reindeer running off. He was just in time!

Santa recognized it was a bird dog! He looked up as there was snow in his eyes and he saw Foxy. They locked eyes and Foxy was there to help him get the reindeer!

Foxy decided to use his super powers to pull Santa’s sleigh to get the presents delivered and he would get the reindeer later!

It worked! Foxy then rounded up the reindeer as he has the idea to also deliver food and clothes to those without!

Santa boomed, “Merry Christmas to all and to all bird dogs a good night.”

Kindergarten – Grade 3 winners

First Place

The Puppy who Saved Christmas

By Kai McFadyen, Grade 3

Santa was in trouble and his sled was stuck in the snow. His reindeer ran away. In the middle of the night, the puppy woke up to help Santa. Santa tossed some of his magic powder on the puppy.

The puppy tried as hard as he could but the sled was too heavy. The puppy called for some help and Santa tossed some more of his magic powder on all of the dogs.

The dogs tried with all of their might and they got the sled out of the snow. They all help and they all got lots and lots of presents but it’s not over there still lots of kids to do. Just then, a blizzard hit them and they couldn’t see the houses.

Christmas was over. But then the dogs saw all the lights of the houses. They had only three hours left to do all of the houses.

Now Christmas was over for good! But then all of Santa’s reindeer came back and helped. Now we can saved Christmas. There’s only ten more minutes and we need to hurry. There’s only two houses left now. There’s only

one left and we only have two minutes. The reindeer are about to run out of magic powder but they have just enough magic to get to the lst house.

They have made it! The reindeer need more magic powder to get home. Santa tossed some more magic powder and they’re off to go home.

Second Place

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Parker Wright, Grade 2

Once there was a dog named Tank. He lived in the North Pole with Santa.

There also was an elf named Evil. Evil is really evil. On Christmas Eve Santa and Tank were getting ready for their big trip. Santa said HOHOHO!!! I cant wait to see all of the beautiful lights, can’t you Tank?

YES!! said Tank. On their way they saw Evil. Evil tipped the sleigh and then Santa fell out of the sleigh. AHHHHHHHHH HELP ME TANK!!!!!!!!!!! I’m coming for you Santa. I will save you from dying said Tank.

Yaaaaay you caught me said Santa. And almost everyone had a happily ever after.

Third Place

The Snow White Cat

By Tia Lingren-Wilson, Grade 3

Dolphin upon a time, a snow white alley cat in a snow white alley. The cat was a very white. His name was Vex.

Vex heard a noise. It was a cat napper. Vex ran into the snow and the cat napper didn’t see Vex.

The next day, the cat Napper came again. This time Vex undid his belt and the cat napper fell into a trash can. So the dolphin. (aka, the end)