Christmas story contest winners announced

Sarah Oud and Kirsten Regier take first place prizes in the Times' annual contest

Clearwater and area students submit entries for the Times' annual Christmas stories contest.

Clearwater and area students submit entries for the Times' annual Christmas stories contest.

Only 52 local youngsters entered the Times’ Christmas story contest this year. This is down from 119 last year, 98 in 2011, 83 entries the year before that, and the 102 that entered in 2009.

Main reason for the decrease likely was that we inadvertently timed this year’s deadline to coincide with report cards – although we did give an extension.

Despite the decline in quantity we definitely got some quality stories for 2013.

Sarah Oud, who is in Grade 2, took first place in the Kindergarten – Grade 3 division. Her story told of how a fairy used the last of her pixie dust to take herself and Santa back to the North Pole.

Second place in the Kindergarten – Grade 3 division went to Grade 2 student Joey Ressler. He told the story of a grumpy old troll who lived in a swamp. A pair of magic skates made him grin.

Third place went to Grade 3 student Sophia Braaten. She wrote about how a little boy named James came to believe in Santa Claus.

Kirsten Regier, a Grade 4 student, took first place in the Grade 4 – 7 division. Her story tells about how a pair of magic skates found by Santa helped a little girl.

Keziah Vollans took second spot with his story about how the people of a town taught a cranky little green goblin the meaning of Christmas. Keziah is in Grade 5.

Number three spot in the Grade 4 – 7 division went to Grade 4 student Hannah MacDonald. In her story, a goblin named Bob learns from Santa that the true meaning of Christmas is giving to others.

The first place winners will receive $25 for their efforts. Second place is worth $15 while third place will bring in $10.

Here are the prize-winning stories:


Santa and the Magic Fairy

Once upon a time there was a fairy flying around in the town. She was very lonely. Then she met a very nice man but when she saw the mans face she noticed he was Santa Clause.

She laughed and said you are Santa Clause. He looked at her and giggled and looked at her and said you are a fairy. I like your red suit said the fairy oh thank you I like your green and orange dress thank you said the fairy.

Would you like to take a walk with me in the park of course said Santa Clause. Ok would you like to go now said Santa yes said the fairy.

Do you want to use my pixie dust to take us there or we could take my sleigh well I would rather use my pixie dust no said Santa we will take my sleigh.

Why don’t we just walk said the fairy they both agreed and got to the park and played on the slide. There was kids at the park and they noticed Santa they started to run to Santa and jumped and tried to tackle him.

Santa said we can use your pixie dust. Okay said the fairy. The fairy used her pixie to take Santa back to the North Pole and she spent Christmas with Santa, Mrs Clause and his elves.

That was the last time she used her pixie dust before it ran out. The fairy and Santa lived happily ever after.

By Sarah Oud

Grade 2



The Grumpy Troll

Once upon a time there was a grumpy old troll. So he woke up and there was no Christmas so he got up and started to look for Christmas. He really wanted Christmas and then he went back to bed and then he woke up the next morning and he got a present.

It was a pair of ice skates that Santa gave him so he was really happy that he got a pair of skates that were magic. The grumpy old troll grinned. He went to Santa and gave him a great big hug and went on to his swamp and the troll said thank-you Santa.

He said I love you for all the things you got me and he went on to his swamp.

By Joey Ressler

Grade 2



The Little Boy who Finds out that Santa is real at Christmas

There once was a little boy named James who didn’t believe in Santa Claus. It was Christmas eve night tomorrow and everybody was getting their stockings up having a ball.

Every house was full with Christmas lights except for one it was completely empty and up at Santa’s workshop. He wasn’t very happy HO HO HO. He just doesn’t have the Christmas spirit any more.

Said Santa let’s go deliver gifts said one of the elves. Well we should deliver this poor boys gifts to him first.

Said Santa. Sure jolly old saint nick said, laughy elf. He looks pretty sad to me I sure hope he gets the Christmas spirit in him. I wish to now lets go deliver presents said, one of the elves.

So they went to the sleigh and tied up the reindeer to deliver the presents. The first house they went to was the little boy, James. Santa Claus jumped down the chimney and went to put the presents under the tree.

James heard a noise, woke up and ran down the stairs. Santa turned  around in alarm and saw James. Santa quickly reached in to into his bag and threw sleeping powder on James.

James slumped to the floor and started snoring. Santa ran out the door and jumped into his sled and flew into the night saying Ho,Ho,Ho.

When James woke up beside the Christmas tree he saw the presents under the tree and realized that Santa was real!


By Sophia Braaten, Grade 3



The Magic Ice Skates

One cold winter day Santa was getting ready for Christmas. The elves were making toys for Santa to bring to all the boys and girls around the world.

Santa looked out the window and saw a pair of strange skates. So he went outside to see the strange skates. He tried to put on the skates but they did not fit Santa. He brought them inside the workshop to show Cindy and Clumsy.

They loved the magic skates. Santa went to go check the mail. But to his surprise there was a card in the mail box.

It said Dear Santa I would like a pair of skates. But my mom and dad can’t afford a pair of skates. So can you please get me some skates for Christmas. Love Brooke

Santa said in his head if I’m going to bring the skates to Brooke I need to go wrap the skates. Santa said to Cindy can you go wrap the skates for Brook and write on the card that they are magic. But how are they magic. You will find out how they are magic when you wrap the present.

So she wrapped it and they where glowing. When she was done she brought it to Santa. He loved it so much. Then he went to bed. So he could deliver the pleasant tomorrow night.

Buzz buzz buzz it was Santa’s alarm to wake him up. He got up and got dressed in his big red suite. Then went down stairs to eat breakfast. Good morning Ms. Clause said Santa good morning to you to she replied. I made eggs and toast for you Santa.


Once upon a time there was a cranky little green goblin who did NOT like the spirit of Christmas.

He didn’t even care for presents!

All he did on Christmas Eve was wander the streets of the Kinky Kolla sidewalks and stare into the Christmas stores filled with mega decorations and beautiful clothes, (which the goblin thought weren’t his style)!

He really fell in love with the skates and skate covers, though. Many people greeted him with joy and that confused him.

And he never said anything back, all he did was stare at them in shock. But when the people shouted MERRY CHRISTMAS and/or HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS, the little guy thought that they were greeting him so nicely! So as the little guy kept walking along the sidewalks of Kinky Kolla he kept thinking and thinking and thinking until BLING he had the best idea ever!

He decided that when he took his usual morning walk he greeted the people first!!!

That is how the grouchy green goblin turned out to be ‘Little Green Goblin.’

By Keziah Vollans, Grade 4

The true meaning of Christmas

One day Santa found an old stiff dark cave. He look around and nothing was there.

The next day he was out in the forest looking for mushrooms to have for dinner when he came across this mysterious cave. He went home and thought he would come back the next day and see what was in the cave.

A goblin came out and frightened the elves right out of their shoes! Santa took the goblin by the hand and said “Who are you?”

The goblin explained he was Bob.  Bob had a lot to say! He told Santa he may as well skip his house every year!

Santa thought the goblin sounded like he needed to know the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa took him by the hand and off they went for a stroll.

On the snow piled sidewalk he softly spoke to the goblin,tell me what you think the true meaning of Christmas is?

Yes the Bob explained the true meaning of Christmas is PRESENTS!

He exclaimed and Santa spoke kindly, no the true meaning of Christmas is giving !!!

Oh Bob said now I know the true meaning of CHRISTMAS!!!!!

So they spent the rest of Christmas together and they were very giving to others.

By Hannah MacDonald, Grade 4