Christmas Stories Primary

Entries in the Times’ Christmas Story contest from students in Kindergarten to Grade 3

The Puppy who Saved Santa

By Owen Lamond, Grade 3

On a mountain, Santa and Jack the puppy flew to a town.

Santa and Jack fell off his sled into a ditch. Jack caught up to the sled and pinned it to the ground.


The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Averley Frediani, Grade 2

The dog was helping Santa in the North Pole. They were making presents.

Ella the elf was taking the presents from Santa and putting them in the city. Then the dog and Santa got the presents back from Ella by going to the city where Ella was hiding them.

The Nightmare before Christmas

By Gregory Richardson, Grade 2

There was a graveyard there were zombies and skeletons and the zombies did not like the skeletons but the skeletons wanted to be friends and the skeletons gave presents to all of the zombies then the zombies and skeletons learned the meaning of christmas and they all lived happily ever after.

The Dog who Saved Santa.

By Evan Colborne, Grade 3

Chapter 1 – Flash gets a Chew Toy!

Five years ago, in a house, lived a dog named Flash. She was a Husky. She was a very kind dog, but right now she was feeling gloomy even though it was only 6 days until Christmas. Annie, her owner, just finished dinner and was about to feed Flash.

After dinner, Flash ran upstairs because after dinner the cat comes back. The cat’s name is Black, Black is a black cat. So, Flash went up the stairs to chase the cat down the stairs to come back up the stairs! Black was frightened and jumped out the window. That done, Flash went to sleep.

Days passed and it was Christmas Eve. Flash went on a walk around the street, there was so much snow! Flash and her best friend Snowball, the doggie down the street, had a wonderful snowball fight! When afternoon approached she had to head home.

When Flash came in through her dog door, she saw her owner Annie holding a Christmas Eve present. Annie called Flashover, and Annie passed the present to Flash. Flash walked fast up the stairs holding the present in her mouth and looking proud! When she got up the stairs into her room, she tore and ripped through the wrapping paper! Surprisingly, there was more than one layer of wrapping paper. BOO YA! Flash thought to herself, Flash got her first giant chew toy! She started chewing it but as soon as Flash started chewing, she slowly started to fade away. Now she was completely gone! Ten seconds later Black came back through the window. The chew toy was still there, so of course Black licked it, and he was gone too! They were transported to the North Pole!!

Chapter 2 – The Problem

As soon as Flash fell to the ground, in the cold snow, she took one look and thought to herself that it was a super beautiful but crazy place! Flash was wondering why everything was so messy! Flash realized where she was, and started to sniff out Santa.

When the trail ended she was at the giant Christmas tree. Suddenly Flash heard a noise behind her, she looked back and it was Black! Flash let out a happy bark! Black meowed back. They looked up to the tippy-top of the tree, there was Santa! Santa looked down to them, “Hi” said Santa “will you guys help me get down from here?” “Okay” barked Flash. So Flash held on to the bottom of the tree while Black climbed up the tree with a rope in his mouth. Black gave Santa the rope and Santa tied it around himself while the elves prepared a trampoline under Santa.

Black climbed down the tree and then Santa jumped down and landed on his face, which gave him a rosy complexion. Black ran over as soon as the elves were done petting him. Santa led them to the barn where the reindeer were. Flash asked why there isn’t that many reindeer. Santa answered back “Well, Rudolph is on vacation and one of the reindeer died. So now I only have seven reindeer. You know that present that Annie gave you? I had magic put on it so that you and Black would come here”. Black started to meow. Santa can talk cat, Black was asking how he had put the magic there. “I didn’t, I sent a couple of my fairies to put the magic on the present”.

Chapter 3 – The Save

“So, back to what I brought you here for, I was wondering if you could help me pull my sleigh?” “Would I?, Yeeesss!” yelped Flash. “But what will Black do?” “He will ride with me” said Santa. “Okay, Let’s go!” said Flash and Black.

“We had better hurry so that we can get all the presents delivered and you two home!” Santa told the elves to get the sleigh ready, they sprinkled magic dust on the reindeer, and Flash too! Now they were ready to go, Flash was leading.

“First stop is Flash and Black’s house!” bellowed Santa. The reindeer and Flash pranced down to their house, as soon as they landed Annie ran out of the house looking worried. She hugged them and smiled. For Christmas Annie got a kitten, she named the kitten ‘Star’. And that was the story of the dog who saved Santa!

The Day After Christmas

By Sara Schulte, Grade 3

It was the day after Christmas. It was good because Mom, Dad and I love Christmas. We were sleeping and Santa tiptoed to the tree with decorations.

We saw presents. There were presents. We opened presents. We had fun! We love Christmas!

The Day After Christmas

By Adalie Shook, Grade: 2

It was a snowy morning at my house. Febey was asleep, mom was too, dad was too. So I went back to sleep. Febey woke up, she drank the milk. She bumped the glass, she knocked it over and it broke.

Mom woke up but Santa got another glass and put it under the tree! Mom came down and she saw Santa’s hat on Febey. She laughed and said you silly cat. THE END!

Slapshot the Snowman

By Chace Smith, Grade 3

One day there was a kid named John. He was sitting on his couch watching tv and he was watching a hockey game. Then at that moment he realized he has a hockey game tomorrow.

So he said to himself, ¨oh no, I need to get some practise in.” So he grabbed his stick and gloves and then he ran out the door and went to his hockey net and started shooting some pucks. Then ooohhh crossbar down.

And then when he got bored he decided to make a snowman. He named him slapshot. He thought it was a pretty good name.Then he gave the snowman a stick and gloves. Then John went back into his house. Later that night, he heard a strange noise outside. It sounded like someone was skating on his outdoor hockey rink so he went down to the bottom of the stairs and he heard a slap shot.

Next, he heard a loud ping off the post. Woooaaahhh what was that? So he went outside and there was nothing out there. He waited for something but still nothing. So he went back inside and went back to bed.

As soon as he hopped into bed he heard another weird noise. He went back outside but still nothing. He waited but still not a peep. So he went back to bed and didn’t care what would happen next. He fell asleep and there was nothing annoying the rest of the night.

In the morning, John got ready for game day. When he got to the arena ten minutes later the Zamboni got off the ice. When his team got on the ice, the team that John was playing against looked really hard. When the ref dropped the puck, straight off the bat boom breakaway deke shoot and goal. After the game John’s team won six five it was a close game.

He went home so happy because it was their first victory! So when he got home he practiced more and then someone said, “Hi John” “Who was that?” said John. “It’s me Slap Shot” the weird voice said. “Slap Shot? Hi Slap Shot you can talk.

“And play hockey,” he said. “Ok” said John. I challenge you to a game of hockey.” “Ok” said Slap Shot “Lets play to five. Let’s go three two one go!” And their off boom goallll for John then boom a goal for Slap Shot then another goal for Slap Shot then another goal for Slap Shot, then goal for Slap Shot and then booom mm a goal for Slap Shot. “Good game,” said John.

The end.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Audrey Ayers, Grade 2

On Christmas Eve, Santa was delivering presents with elves and his Husky dog. They were flying in the sky in Santa’s sled and they crashed onto a roof.

The sled got lots of snow in it. They could not fly because the snow was really stuck in the sleigh and they could deliver the rest of the presents for the girls and boys.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Fife Lovgren, Grade: 2

Sugar the gingerbread dog went to the bakers house and got the baker to go to the ginger bread house. The baker and Sugar the ginger bread dog went to the ginger bread house but Sugar broke in half.

The baker got icing to put her back together. The next day the baker got hurt and Sugar the ginger bread dog helped the baker. The baker felt better and they lived happily ever after. The End.

Rosie And Zoey Save Christmas

By Kayden Ursulak, age five

It was December 24th, 2017, everyone in 5922 Stewart St. Were fast asleep in their beds.

Rosie and Zoey were cuddled up by the fire patiently waiting for Santa to arrive, when all of a sudden, they heard a big bang on top of the roof.

Rosie then woke up Zoey in excitement telling her Santa was here, while they sat waiting for Santa to come down the chimney they heard him yell. “ouch that’s hot”

Zoey then spoke up then said, “oh no Santa can’t get in because Dad forgot to put out the stove before he went to bed” Rosie then told Zoey “its ok, he can just come through the front door” at that moment they heard foot steps coming up the steps and then seen the handle trying to turn. “The door is locked Kayden is going to be sad in the morning when she wakes up” Cried Zoey, Rosie calmed Zoey down and told her she had an idea.

“Come” Rosie told Zoey, jump on my back and unlock the door for Santa. Zoey then jumped on Rosie back and tried to reach the lock, she was just big enough.

“I got it” Zoey yelled, as they stepped back and watch open in came a big man all dressed in red, “Thank you Rosie and Zoey” Said Santa “I was so worried I wasn’t going to get in now I have to try and get all the presents down from the roof if only I was a fast climber”

“I am” said Zoey, Rosie then thought of an idea, “why don’t you jump onto the roof Zoey, slide the presents off ill grab them bring them to the door then Santa can place them under the tree” Explained Rosie.

And one by one they gently placed each present inside while Santa was enjoying his milk and cookies that Kayden left for him the night before, and as soon as Santa was done he leaped up with excitement and thanked Rosie and Zoey for giving him a helping hand with the presents he special made for Kayden. He then tossed Rosie a bone, Cat Toy for Zoey and then through a log on the stove while collecting his big red sack and made his departure for the rest of the world.

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Dog who saved Santa

By Jed Fast, Grade 2

On Christmas day the elf named Flake was not stealing from just any toy store, Santa’s toy store. The elf was on his way to the toy store but a dog named Jeff and Santa stopped him and they said to him you better stop taking toys!

And they went home and so did the elf “you better be good” said Santa and if you want to be good cook me milk and cookies! The End

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Richard Onslow, Grade 1, Blue River

Santa was going on Christmas then suddenly a tree appeared and Prancer got hit by the tree and came out of his harness and Santa crash landed.

And then he went into my house and he asked me if he could borrow my dog, Scout to use him for Christmas or else Christmas will be ruined.

Scout will be the Hero of Christmas. I said yes to Santa.

The Kitty who Saved Christmas

By Amelia Greffard, Grade 3

Once there was a kitty and her name was Tea cup. It was a snowy winter day. In fact, it was the day before Christmas! Little teacup was excited for Christmas. She went to her brother Frockey Tockey. She sat down. Frockey. “What?” “Are you excited for Christmas?”

“Yes!”said her brother. “I wonder what Santa is going to bring us,” asked Teacup. Barley was sitting on the carpet not listening. “Oh,” said Teacup. “It´s time for bed!” So everyone went to bed except teacup who went over to her mom Bubbles. “Mommy?” “Yes Teacup.” “When is Santa coming?” “Soon very soon. Now go to bed or Santa will not come.” “Ok.” Teacup went to bed.

Teacup was awake again she tried to go to sleep. Finally she went to sleep.zzzz.zz. Teacup listened. She heard a smash sound outside. Tea Cup did know she was not aloud to go outside. But she pulled the door open and got outside. There was a snow storm.

Teacup saw the sled. Oh no! She ran over to Santa. “Santa what happened?” “ I ran into a tree!” said Santa. “And I lost all my reindeer! “That’s bad! Why not go your reindeer?” “Ok”. said Santa. He went off to find the reindeer. So, Teacup got in the sled. Teacup accidentally hit the button that said go! The sled went flying up in the air! MMMeoWWW!!! Teacup landed on a beach. Wow itś like a big litter box but it is!! Wait I have to save to save Christmas! I need to start giving gifts out to the boys and girls! So, Teacup got in the sled and hit go! The first kid was a kid that lived in Mexico. Her name was winter. So, Teacup put the gifts under the tree and “Next,” said Teacup mewing. 4hrs later Teacup gave all the gifts to the boys and girls. Teacup yawned and went back home when she got home she went to sleep. zzzz zz.

The next morning, Teacup ran as fast as she could to the sparkling Christmas tree. She looked in her stocking and saw toys, food, pillows cat candy and so much more! There was a letter that said. “Thanks for saving Christmas Teacup and have a pawsome Christmas!

The Little Ninja That Saved Christmas

By: Rusty Adams, Grade: 2

There was a little ninja he was practising his ninja moves. The ninja said to the little kid “I will help you find your decorations for Christmas”.

The ninja still was helping the little kid find his decorations but then a robber stole his shiny decorations.

They did not know that the robber was not nice but the ninja took back the decorations and the ninja called the police and the robber went to jail. The End.

The Dog That Saved Christmas

By: Helena Lapshinoff Ursulak, Grade: 2

The Gingerbread man stole one present from the dog. The dog was mad and the dog caught the Gingerbread man. The dog got it back and the dog is on its way to the North Pole.

Then the Gingerbread man got mad to. But the dog was happy. His job was almost done. The dog said to the people “presents are almost here”.

Everyone is here and everyone is happy even the dog. All the people got there presents. But the bad guy was still mad he was very mad. But the Gingerbread man learned his lesson.

The Puppy Who Saved Christmas

By Kaitlyn Vaisnis, Grade 3

Once upon time there were twin puppies named Holly and Molly and a mom puppy named Jisse. Sadly their dad passed away. They were so sad, the mother actually. It was Christmas Eve and they were getting their Christmas tree.

It was so snowy that the puppies could not walk in the snow. A three year old kid saw the puppies. She said, “Mommy, can we keep them?” “Well, O.K.”

The puppies were fun but Jisse was not. She didn’t like it at all. There were kids everywhere! Night came. Santa came.

He threw his sack down the chimney but then he got stuck. The reindeer tried to help Santa but they got stuck too. It was all up to the puppies and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. But not the Mom, she was sleeping.

The puppies were eating before they saved Santa. They were drinking water too. They were powered up. Rudolph was too. He had, well you don’t want to know. He ate a fish, a bird, a cat and another fish then they saved Santa. It was one AM.

The little girl woke up. The puppies were waiting for her. They were all going to open the presents but the parents wouldn’t wake up. They were making breakfast all along.

The Drone who Saved Christmas

By Hen-Ray Cuthbert, Grade 3

On Christmas Eve, Santa was flying his sleigh. He was on his way to deliver presents to the children. The reindeer lost control and crashed at the North Pole.

Santa called his elves for help. But he didn’t know where he was. The elves flew a drone to find him. They found Santa just in time as he was wet and cold.

The drone gave Santa magic dust to power his sleigh. With help from the elves he delivered the rest of the presents. The kids were very happy Christmas morning to open their gifts.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Mathias Dumoulin-Schaller, Grade: 2

The dog and fox were friends. The fox, Sheeper, and the dog, Super, wanted to help Santa with the presents. They were all in the forest!

Santa’s sled is stuck in the snow, and the fox and dog both have shovels to dig the sled out of the snow. Santa is sick, and he needs the dog and the fox to help with the presents.

The fox and the dog delivered all the presents with Santa! Then, Super got tired because he worked very hard. Finally, everyone went to bed. THE END.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By: Presley Wicks, Grade: 2

Once there was a cat named Snowy and a dog named Brownie. There was a Santa and an elf named Dragonfly. They had 7 reindeer.

One Christmas Eve Santa was getting ready to deliver the presents. Santa always brings Dragonfly and Brownie, just in case something happens.

When they went to the first house, Santa thought he was too fat. He jumped in the chimney. Santa got stuck. They got snowy. They lit the fire. Santa got so scared he popped out. The End.

The Dog That Saved Santa

By Sandra Tilley, Grade: 2

When Santa fell out of the sleigh, Santa was scared, the reindeer did not know what to do. A dog saw Santa and the dog had a plan.

The dogs plan was that he would call the reindeer. The reindeer came down with the sleigh then Santa fell into the sleigh he did not get hurt, the dogs plan worked the dog was happy and Santa was happy to.

Santa named the dog Penny and kept the dog as a pet. Santa fed the dog and told his wife and she hugged Santa and the dog. The end.

The Day After Christmas Morning At Our House

By Simone Charbonneau, Grade: 2

When Santa wrapped up the presents, Santa went back to the toyshop. When Santa was at the toyshop he was wrapping presents for all the kids.

When Santa left the toyshop a evil dog came and took the presents and then the dog went back to the city. The dog took the presents with him.

And then Santa had to go to the city and get the presents from the evil dog. When Santa got the presents from the evil dog he went back to the North Pole.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Wesson, Grade 2

Once upon a time in a city, there was a kitten in the city and he was a crazy kitten! There was an evil dragon name Slaor and there was a dog named Fire.

He was a good dog. There was a puppy named Spray and he was an awesome puppy. Then, the dog went to the toy shop to save Santa and the dog was fighting the dragon!

The dog used an eye beam! Then the dragon used fire blast! It was an epic battle! After that, they had milk and cookies, and the dog had bones.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By: Sienna Spear, Grade: 2

This is a story about how Ella the dog saved Santa. One day Santa was on a roof of a skyscraper in Vancouver.

When he was on the roof a squirrel jumped out and scared him and he fell backwards and almost fell off the roof but Ella caught him just in time!

“You saved my life! Thank you Ella the dog!” Said Santa “Bark bark” replied Ella “do you want to come back to the North Pole with me?” asked Santa

“bark bark” said Ella (which meant yes!). Ella went back to the North Pole with Santa and helped with making toys and they all lived happily ever after! The End!

How The Boy And The Dog Saved Santa

By Ethan Schenkeveld, Grade: 2

On Christmas Eve night, Santa was delivering presents. He was flying around and he crashed into a field of deep snow. He was buried in the snow.

The boy and the dog were sleeping, and they heard Santa crash! Ryan and his dog Copper, went outside, and they saw something buried into the snow.

They went back home to get a shovel for the boy. They went back and dug it out. Then they found out it was Santa’s sled and Santa in the sled!

Then Copper and Ryan helped Santa get the sled flying. Santa flew off, and Ryan and Copper saw Santa fly off land and go down a chimney with the presents. Then they went inside, and went to sleep.

How Does the Evil Elf Steal the Presents

By: Kallan McLarty, Grade: 2

The elf on the shelf was sitting down then the dad sat down by the mom. The little boy went to sleep. The mom and the dad went to the toy store.

They brought lots of toys and put them under the tree. Then they went to bed. The elf on the shelf was sitting on the shelf when the big evil elf came and stole all the presents.

The elf on the shelf woke up the dad and told him about the big evil elf stealing the presents. The dad and the elf on the shelf went to get the present’s back but they only got some back and back under the tree. They got most of them back under the tree.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By: Kiyah Giles, Grade: 2

There was an evil cat and dog and they stole a present. Santa was mad! But the elf went to go and get the present but the cat and dog ran as fast as they could, they could go faster than the elf. The elf finally got the present, Santa was very happy!

After the elf got the present he went to bed and the cat and the dog were crying “Waaaa”. But Santa woke up and gave them a present, they smiled and they were very happy. The cat and dog learned to share toys and presents.

All the kids shared toys and presents, even all the kids in the world and every kid was happy. Then they all went to bed. The End

The Dog who Saved Santa

By Bailey Rotzetter, Grade 3

On Christmas Eve, Rosa Anne walked her dog Snowball down the snowy street. When they were walking back home, Rosa Anne saw flashing lights. Is that a star or Santa? SLAM a sled smack into the snowy ground.

Snowball started running to the sled. The dog pulled Santa up and snowball looked to see what had happen.

Rosa said what happened? Well said Santa one of my reindeer cut it’s leg. Without the reindeer the sled became too heavy for the other’s to lift.

Well said Rosa?

Maybe we could help? That would be wonderful said santa. Wait one whole minute can snowball fly? asked santa.

Well can she borrow some flying dust, said Rosa what about the reindeer said santa I will take to the vet okay okay said santa so rosa brought the reindeer to the vet and put the band aid on it’s hurt leg.

”Let’s go then”, said Santa. So they delivered the presents they had a happy new year!

The Boy That Saved Christmas

By Brodie Rempel, Grade 3

One day on a snowy day, a boy named Chace was sleeping in again. It was the last

day of school and snowing outside.

Chace had to go through the forest to get to his log cabin. When he got to his house when he was about to step into the door he saw smoke. He ran through the smoke. When he got through, there was Santa and the sleigh crashed. Chace looked at the sleigh. The rudder was broken.

“Santa I will help you down from there.”

“Thank you.” “Now lets find my magic star and fix the rudder.”

“Santa you stay with the slay.” “I will go find the magic star.” It must be around here. What is up ahead? It is the magic star. I found the magic star. Chace ran back to the sleigh.

Here you go Santa. Let’s fix the rudder. I brought my old sled. I do not use it any more. Snap. “Here you go.” “The rudder works.” “Bye Santa.” “See you next year.”

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By: Deklan Murray, Grade: 2

Santa landed on a house, it was good news but they fell in the deep deep snow. The elf sank in the snow then the dog helped the elf.

The elf was OK but he got a little sick because he ate a little bit of snow. Santa gave him hot chocolate to make the elf better. The elf can be guard for Santa because the elf has to hide and be an elf on a shelf. Then they were done and they went to deliver the rest of the presents to all of the kids.

They went home and they got really happy so they made some presents every day. They gave the presents to the kids next year and the kids had the best year ever.

They can make more and more presents and they did it again and again. The kids went to the North Pole to help them make more and more presents and they lived happily ever after.

The Wolf Pup that Saved Christmas

By Tristan Cool, Grade 3

On a snowy afternoon in a cosy cave sat Buddy the reddish-gray wolf pup was chewing on a bone in the leader’s cave. The pack was hunting. He and his friends decided to stay home go swimming in their pond.

When Buddy was cold he went into his cave he saw Santa stuck in a weird hole in the top of the cave. Buddy asked if Santa wanted help. Santa said, “yes!” Buddy howled, “come hear everybody.”

The pack ran towards Buddy and e explained about Santa. The pack didn’t want to help so Buddy pushed by himself. He wasn’t strong enough to push him out of the weird hole.

At that time, Jack joined but they still weren’t strong enough to push him. AJ and DJ joined and started to push and finally they were strong enough.

On the way out, Santa out and the reindeer flew into the bushes. Luckily Buddy, Jack, AJ, and DJ didn’t give up after Buddy explained Christmas would not happen without them. Buddy made them believe how much Santa needed them.

With one last push, the sleigh flew into the sky.

All the friends ran to the top of the mountain to watch Santa disappear in the sky. They went back to their cave very happy.

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