Christmas stories – Intermediate

Christmas stories – Intermediate

Entries in the Times’ Christmas story contest from students in grades 4 – 7

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Josie Lever, Grade 4

It was Christmas eve. When Santa was finished putting Baby Alive and the dark snacking Lilly doll under the tree he turned around.

He saw a big dog named Ella eating chocolate chip cookies. Santa joined her and they ate all of the cookies!

When Santa tried to go back up the chimney he got stuck because his tummy was too big!

Ella tugged on his coat and got him out of the chimney. As Santa went out the door he said, “thank you Ella and Merry Christmas!”

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Trent Ross, Grade 4

One night at Christmas time, Santa was riding his sleigh to give out presents.

Oh, oh, he got stuck in a chimney at one of the homes!

This dog Jake heard Santa! Jake dragged a ladder and climbed up! He saw he needed a big rope so he went down the ladder and found one.

He climbed up again and Santa grabbed the rope with Jake holding onto the rope. Santa got out of the chimney! Santa was saved.

“Zip,” he was he was on his way giving presents as he went.

After Santa finished giving presents, Jake went in his house. And felt great he was able to help Santa. This is the true Christmas, helping others.

The Christmas Dog

By Michael Shook, Grade 5

It was a cold morning. I was sleeping at my owner’s feet on the bed, my ears hanging down so low that they might touch the covers.

I heard the loud beep beep of the alarm clock. I jumped up in shock and nearly fell off the bed.My owner sat up.”Go back to bed Sally” he yelled as Sally darted into the room.

”Dad dad” She yelled. “Santa didn’t come”. “of course he didn’t, it’s Christmas Eve”.

“Oh yeah I forgot” she said sounding a little embarrassed. I walked downstairs to admire the Christmas tree. It was beautiful. The lights reflected on the little glass balls hung from the branches and made little colorful spots all over the roof.

I strode over to the window. It was still dark but it was a lot lighter because of the lights of the houses down the street . it was still pretty early in the morning so I decided to go back to bed.

I heard something step with a crunch, I lept up on the windowsill. then I saw something streak past the window. It looked like a deer but it had red harnesses with gold Bells around it. suddenly the door handle started to turn

I ran over to the door just in time to see it open but no one was there. I stuck my head out the door but only the reindeer was there. Perplexed I walked out the door.

Then the strangest thing happened. It felt like I was falling but I was going up. Then I started flying over to the reindeer and I fell right on top of the reindeer. the reindeer pushed on the ground and raised into the air.

I was terrified. I struggled to stay on it’s back I dug my claws into the fur on the reindeer’s back. It felt like I was going a million kilometers per hour and maybe I was. It was hard to see where I was going because of all the snow.

Suddenly the reindeer slowed down we started to glide down. The ground was covered in a blanket of snow and sun reflected off it to make the snow have a sparkly gold color to it .

We landed in a thicket of trees and jumped off. It felt so good to be back on the ground. I could barely stand because I had just adjusted to flying. The reindeer walked into a clearing I decided to follow it.

Suddenly I noticed a little hut sitting in the snow. I trudged through the snow towards the hut and so did the reindeer. The door handle opened to reveal a small room with a hole in one side of the room. The reindeer rose up into the air I jumped onto its back and started to move towards the hole and dropped right into the hole.

We landed in a sort of factory full of tiny people with tiny pointed hats. I bounded down the stairs to get a better view of the factory. There was an conveyer belt all around the building and reves hung on the walls.

I saw something white slide past me. I looked around just in time to see a white bone slide into a slot in the wall. I jumped up on the machine.I started to slide towards the slot I tried to run the other way but it was no use. I was plunged down a hole and down a sort of slide.

I was going faster and faster down the slide suddenly the slide ended I dropped into a large sack. As more boxes landed on top of me I was squished between two hard boxes. I tried to lift my head but I could not because of the boxes all around me.

Quietly the sack was lifted off the ground and cold breeze swept over me. When I could move my head I could see that I was at a very familiar house. There where the reindeer tracks I knew where I was. I was home.

Saving Clearwater B.C.

By Alexander Hedman, Grade 5

Santa came in on the 24th of December on his bright, shiny, red, sled. He was led by Prancer.

He flew over ICBC and dumped out of a lot of money. ICBC brought a lot of trucks. He flew over my teacher’s house and dropped money so she could buy books for her classroom.

Next he went to Brett Turcotte’s house and he did a back flip on his sled. He wanted to share with Brett the skills he had learned.

He flew over the food bank and dropped lots and lots of food for those who need it. He dropped off cards and toys for the children of Clearwater too!

Santa knew his job was done so he flew out of sight and boomed, “Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Isiah Leppky, Grade 4

One Christmas Eve Santa woke up and went and made breakfast for Mrs Claus. He made eggs, toast and cookies and poured a glass of milk.

Then Santa woke up his elves and told them to go get dressed and while to finish wrapping the presents.When an elf was wrapping a present he ran out of tape.

Soon all the elves ran out of tape They had no way of getting more. The nearest neighbour was 25 miles away on a super snowy day. So they sent their trusty dog Onyx with a note asking for some wapping tape to finish the presents.

So Onyx ran all the way there and back through the snow storm. When he got back with the wrapping tape in his mouth all the elves jumped for joy because their dog saved Christmas!

A Christmas Nightmare

By Soren Arduini

It was the morning after Christmas. My camouflage onesie ripped open as I stretched my arms. I looked at the hole and burst into tears.

I fell off of the couch, still crying. I got up to make a bagel, thinking it would cheer me up. Little did I know that we had none! I cried more! I reached for my brand new Jake Paul toque and that’s when I noticed all of my toys were gone!

The only toy left was my GoProHero6, with a note. “Film everything that is about to happen,” it said.

I was scared. I searched the whole house for my parents. No trace. I turned on the GoPro and started to film. Weird things started to happen … Toys were crawling out of the wall, Pennywise the Clown appeared and my Christmas tree grew arms and legs! I lived at the top of a ski hill, so I had to get my boots on without getting caught!

I ran to the ski shack and quietly tried to put them on. The first went on quietly, but when I tried to put the second on, I hit the door stopper. TWAAAAANG. All of the weird things in my living room heard and knew where I was!

I burst through the door and threw my skis to the ground. I jumped into the skis. Click. Click. I started down the hill. Perfect. No one had been on it all day. The snow was powdery. I could hear them chasing me, so I turned into the trees.

My favorite run. Somehow, I escaped the evil things and made it to the bottom of the hill. I was actually starting to have fun.

Just then, I saw a cafe! In the window, a sign said “Make your own bagel for $1.99!” I ran right over and pulled a toonie out of my pocket. I flipped the toonie and it landed on the counter. “Keep the change,” I said.

The bagel was cream cheesy, bagelly and delicious! Just as I finished the last bite, I felt my arm shaking.

“Logan! Wake up!” my mom yelled. “You were eating a bagel in your sleep!” I opened my eyes and saw all of my toys, a fresh bagel, no hole in my onesie and a warm Jake Paul toque on my head. Phew!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Alyssa Ball

“GET OUT OF MY RESTAURANT”. Charlie got out with his Christmas feast.

He went to his dog house and before he went to sleep he wished for a family on Christmas because he was a stray.

Suddenly he heard a BANG! He jolted out of bed to go see what all the ruckus was about. Charlie saw a big sleigh and presents scattered all around.

The reindeer were frightened and one ran away. Santa saw Charlie and had a great idea, he took magic from the tank and put it on Charlie. Charlie felt tingly and started to float.

Santa hooked him up to the rains and Santa’s sleigh was flying again. Charlie and the other reindeer delivered all the present in record time.

When they got back to the North Pole Santa was so happy with Charlie he invited him to live at the North Pole, Charlie was jumping with joy!


The Dog who saved Christmas

by Cadence Cisna, Grade Four

A dog named Shep lived with his family. He is a golden retriever and he was one year old. He loved to help out at home but Christmas was coming.

His family was in Hawaii. He missed his family because he wanted to spend Christmas with them he was sad he thought they would miss him too!

At night he tried to walk to Hawaii. He found out it was way across the ocean, he couldn’t walk on water!

Instead, he met Santa stuck in the snow. he dug Santa out and Santa gave him a dog treat Santa couldn’t find the reindeer Santa knew Christmas rewed

Shep barked and all the reindeer came running all expedited for Rudolph.

He was dinner for wolfs Shep darted to Rudolph and scared them of

Rudolph peransed to the sled. Santa left Shep dashed home.

His family was home he was so surprised.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Saya Stelter

One December afternoon, a dog named Mosley slept quietly. He was a patient at the St. Clinic. Unfortunately Mosley passed away, but let me tell you where he is now!

Zoey the elf was practising her magic to make the reindeer fly on Christmas Day, but it wasn’t working. All of a sudden…POP…a dog appeared!

“Woowww!” Zoey whispered in confusion.

“I’ve got to tell Santa Claus.” Zoey said before running out the door!

“Hey Santa! Look what I found! Can I keep it? PLEASE?!!!!

“Ho ho ho, of course” Santa said. “So what’s the little dog’s name?”

“Mosley!” Zoey said.

For the next year, she fed him, bathed him, played with him, talked to him, walked him and best of all loved him. Then something big happened!

“Ok guys, lets do this! We have 48 hours until Christmas,” Santa said.

“Oh no!” Lilly came out of the reindeer camp and saw that Blitzen had sprained his ankle on the monkey bars!

Soon the word spread all over town. Even the penguins knew and when Mosley heard, he knew exactly what to do. He went to the reindeer training camp.

“I’ll help” he said, as he barged into the room.

All of the reindeer laughed, but Rudolph said “Give him a chance! We can’t do it without eight of us pulling the sleigh.”

They all agreed and even Santa said “Well… we can try giving it a shot.”

It was time to go and Mosley was terrified, He didn’t know what to do but Rudolph guided him through the winter snow all night. In some places there were even beautiful palm trees. It was fun. Mosley was proud and loved watching all the presents falling into the chimneys. But Mosley started to get sad and he wanted to see Zoey. Finally Santa said “Mosley, we are heading home!”

When they got home, Mosley jumped out of the harness and ran to Zoey. He knocked her down with happiness and she said “I have a surprise for you!”

Zoey threw a surprise party! That made Mosley happy. He took Zoey to the mistletoe and went under it. He licked Zoey’s cheek, giving her a great big kiss!

Merry Christmas!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Jackson Graffunder

“Ho ho ho, it is Christmas Eve. We better get all of the presents ready!” Santa was walking down the stairs when all of a sudden, “Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie, my leg!” Santa had fractured a bone in his leg! It was so bad, it looked like a broken stick.

“Apollo, let’s go play” said Jake. Apollo was Jake’s dog. Apollo and Jake were playing at the park but then Apollo started to run north! Jake tried to catch him but he could not. He was too fast! He called in his friends Chance and Anthony who also tried very very very hard but they could not catch him. Apollo was one fast young doggie!

It took almost forever … well if you can call 15 minutes forever. Apollo found Santa crumpled at the base of a particularly long staircase writhing on the ground. Apollo heaved Santa onto his back and ran all the way to the hospital. He had saved santa! To make things even better, Apollo surprised Jake by popping out of one of his presents!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Kylie Prince, Grade 5

Rocco was a friendly dog. He was two years old and very frisky. I got him from my mother, she knows I love dogs. It is a labrador retriever, he is golden blonde.

Rocco saw Santa Claus in trouble. Santa was stuck because his sleigh was stuck in the snow! It was topped over and the presents were all falling OUT!

So the dog helped and got the sleigh out of the snow. He whistled to his dog friends and they all came running. The worked together to get the sleigh up and with their mouths they carefully put the presents back into the sack. Not one got drool on it!

Santa Claus was very happy that Rocco helped him.

Now Santa can deliver the goods and the kids can be happy as their Christmas was saved.

Presents are not what Christmas is about the kids knew that, but they are a fun part of Christmas. It is about being with family and of course dogs!

The Dog who Saved Santa

By Lylyan Roberts, Grade 4

There once was a dog named Gibson. He had a beautiful home to watch over in Mexico. He was a Malamute wolf cross and he liked to run on the beach and chase coconuts.

His owners went on a trip to Mexico and he was home to guard their home. He was happy to help out.

Meanwhile, in the North Pole, Santa was getting ready for Christmas. He was polishing his sled and putting the many decorated presents into the sled. It was loaded!

Back in Mexico, Gibson was helping to put up the tree

It was very colourful and the angel was so gorgeous.

Gibson went outside and saw Santa, his sleigh and all the reindeer.

All the gift were on the ground and all the reindeer flew away. Santa was very disappointed and Gibson tries to pull Santa out. It works! Santa is free and Gibson is a hero!

Santa flew out of sight and Gibson waited for his people to come home tanned and happy from Mexico.

Felix Navidad! Merry Christmas.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Mercedes Flegel, Grade 5

One snowy day Candy Cane the dog was jumping in the snow. Candy Cane lived in a big blue house and he always wanted to meet Santa. He even had dreams about Santa living in the North Pole.

Candy Cane LOVES Christmas. He even LOVES snow. Every Christmas Candy Cane dreams of helping Santa. One night Candy Cane had a dream about helping Santa deliver presents.

Then Candy Cane heard a BANG! He woke up saw Santa stuck in a big snow bank Candy Cane ran outside to help Santa. But Candy Cane did not know what to do! So Candy Cane asked Santa ” What should I do”

Santa replied ”Candy Cane you can help me out of me sleigh” Candy Cane helped Santa out of his sleigh by pulling on his jacket.

Then Santa jumped out. Santa pulled the sleigh and reindeer out of the snow bank. After that Santa asked Candy Cane if he wanted to came and deliver presents with him. So Candy Cane’s dream came true!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Reyna Connolly-Myhre

Tonight is Christmas Eve. I’m so excited for tomorrow! Tomorrow morning is when can open presents! My name is Jimmy and I have a pet dog whose name is Buddy.

“Jimmy,” Mom and dad were calling.

“We have bad news,” dad sad in a sad voice.

“What is the matter dad?” I said.

That’s when mom said buddy ran away. I went outside. I could see some dog prints so I followed the prints. Before I knew it, I was in the North Pole and there was buddy right beside me. I could not believe it. Santa was standing right there. One of his legs had a cast on it. I asked him what happened. Santa told me that he fell down in the snow and his leg kind of twisted. Santa said, “I have to deliver the presents tonight!” That’s when buddy started to talk.

When we got back Santa said, “Thanks you two for delivering the presents for me!”

I said bye to him and left.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Evan Cooke, Grade Four

One Christmas Santa was getting ready to leave. The elves were packing the presents into the sleigh. Santa attached the reindeer and they were off Whoosh.

When they got to Toronto the reindeer were exhausted

Santa parked in the park. Santa was feeding the reindeer when two bad guys came up to him. They grabbed him and tied him to a tree they are going to steel all the presents Santa yelled.

When Out came a dog named jingle.

The dog bit the bad guys and they ran away.

The dog ripped the rope off Santa.

Santa was saved Santa gave the dog jingle a huge bone Santa got back in the sleigh and delivered the rest of the presents jingle walked back home to his family and went to sleep knowing he was a hero.

The next morning Jingles family opened all their presents, they didn’t know that all that was because of their dog.

Later that day they had a Christmas lunch. Jingles family had pudding and Jingle got special dog food for lunch. Yum! Woof!

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Dog who Saved Santa

By Cecilia Charbonneau, Grade 5

One Christmas night a little puppy named Gummy Bear was sleeping in the living room. He heard a knock on the door. It was the pound.

Now lets start where it all really began!

On December 25 2015 a puppy named Gummy Bear was born on Christmas day.

On the first day that he born he got a police suit for a present!

But suddenly the door knocked. It was the pound the pound were looking for German shepherd’s security dogs. Gummy Bear hid under the couch and they could not fined him so they left.

That night at 12:00am he heard a humungous BOOM! He got up instantly and got up and looked in the chimney and saw Santa Claus.

Stuck in the chimney all of his reindeer were gone and his presents too.

Gummy bear pulled and pulled Santa.

He had a excellent idea, he got a piece of wood and poked Santa Claus.

Now off to gie his reindeer.

They found his reindeer down an alley tied up with a note on them.

They got the reindeer now they just needed to find his presents.

They found his presents and he delivered to all and Gummy bear went down in


And remember Christmas is not all about presents its about love and celebrating your family!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Jacob Jensen, Grade Four

One snowy day in DECEMBER there was a kid named Mike. Ever year he would ask for a dog but his mom and dad said no to him ever year. They yelled NO!

But one day he ask Santa for a dog. He sent a letter saying I want a dog please.

Santa got the letter. He got his elves to get a dog but it was a puppy. Santa put a bow and a tag saying to Mike from Santa.

It’s the day before Christmas Mike blabbered.

He blabbered to his mom I’m getting a dog but his mom said “NO we are not buying a dog”.

That night it was so foggy Rudolph nose did not work. So Santa could not fly. He had to mush the reindeer so the puppy helped mush and delivered the presents but their was a wolf that came up to them and scared all the reindeer away and the puppy.

Santa was lost but the puppy herded the reindeer and got all the toys and then they gave Mike the puppy.

In the morning Mike opened all of his toys but one toy was missing. Mike found the puppy and every lived happy ever after.

Christmas is a time for to be with family and friends and pets! Merry Christmas!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Lochlan Schley, Grade 5

Busy Busy elves.

It was Christmas Eve and the elves were all very busy hustling and hammering to get all the toys ready.

When they were done they loaded all the toys into the sack, then they celebrated. They had waited all year for this day.

Soon they had to wish Santa goodbye. As he was heading out to the homes and the chimneys to deliver all the presents!

He got distracted from the up coming city lights and Santa was going down. He was trying to pull up but it was too late. Santa crashed! He was knocked out cold!

A big fierce dog who was far away from home heard the sleigh crash. The poor dog saw a motionless man in the snow!

He was astounded to find Santa Claus!

When the dog was sure it was Santa (he sniffed and sniffed) he then starting licking his face and beard! Next. he started to whimper that woke Santa up. When Santa was on his feet he thanked the dog then took the dog in his sleigh.

After Santa gave all the presents away he took the dog back to the North Pole. It became the dog’s new home and all the elves loved him forever! The dog, elves and Santa celebrated or forever on every Christmas day!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Sienna Van Rooy

“Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas elves! Make sure to make a lot of gifts because it is Christmas Eve,” I said.

The Next Morning…

Blink blink. Peppermint, my polar bear, was lying next to me. “OW!! My back!”

Flop the Elf came running “What is the matter Santa?” he said, in his cute elf outfit.

“My back hurts. I can’t get out of bed.”

“But you have to Santa. Boys and girls are going to be sad if they don’t get gifts!”

“Well Flop, I am running out of magic,” I said.

Winter, my friend the dog, also has a little bit of magic…” said Flop.

“You’re funny Flop, but nobody can do my job,” I said.

“I’m sorry Santa, but she’s on her way already.”

“WHAT! This can’t be happening! FLOP, WHY WOULD YOU SEND HER?!”

“Um santa, I’m sorry. I only did it because we’re trapped in your house. It snowed a lot and I was afraid that boys and girls weren’t going to get their gifts!”

“I’m sorry for getting mad at you Flop,” I said.

WOOF. WOOF. WOOF. SCRATCH. SCRATCH. SCRATCH. BANG. A window shattered. Winter jumped in with a saddle just in time and all the gifts were delivered.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Kalan Priede

It was December 24th and everyone was awake around 8:00 am excited for Christmas. They finished putting up their tree and it looked amazing and bright. They turned on their outside lights and took Christmas photos in front of the tree.

Luna the dog and Peter the 11 year old boy were not cooperating, but they finished any way. When it was bedtime, Luna slept beside Peter and fell asleep. Just before they did, their mom said “Wake up at 8:00!”

They slept until Luna woke up at 3:00am to go to the bathroom. He looked at the tree and there were no presents to be seen. Then he went to use the bathroom and looked in the sky but could not see Santa in the sky. He then decided to go to the North Pole to see what was going on.

“HELP ME! HELP ME! I think I’ve broken my leg!” Luna dashed over there as fast as he could and helped Santa up. His leg was totally broken and his sleigh was a wreck.

Luna found a walkie talkie in his back pocket and called the elves who brought a new sleigh. Luna started delivering the presents to the rest of the people and got back home just in time. He went back beside Peter and their family woke up and had a great morning!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Mathew Lee

One day at the North Pole, Santa was getting ready for Christmas. He was also was practicing flying in his sleigh so he could get used to flying around.

A few days later, Santa had the sleigh loaded and ready for the next day because the next day was Christmas! He was putting the reindeer away when he noticed something. He started walking to it and once he got there, he noticed that it was a dog. He took him inside to warm him up. Once he was warmed up, he was happy.

That’s when Santa noticed that it was a puppy because it had a lot of energy. He didn’t know who his owner was so he decided to take him care of him. Santa was getting ready for the night, but when he found the dog he forgot to lock up the reindeer.

Just then, he remembered. He grabbed a lantern and ran to go looking for them. He searched and searched for hours but there was no sign of them. He was heading back when he realized he was lost! He was searching and searching but he couldn’t find his house.

Then, he heard barking. It was the puppy! He had found the reindeer and Santa! The dog led santa back to the house and Santa hooked up the reindeer safely this time. Christmas was saved!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Torin Murray, Grade 4

One day before Christmas in Chicago USA a german sheperd Flash went outside to go get his toy and he saw Santa Claus.

Flash walked over to Santa when he got to Santa he disappeared.

Flash walked back to his house to go play fetch with his owner Conner. They were finished playing fetch so after Flash went in to his house and had his Christmas dinner.

After Flash ate his Christmas dinner he fell asleep and when he woke up it was 12:30pm at night. Flash looked at the presents and they were not there.

Flash looked outside and there was a big snow blizzard. When Flash looked at the blizzard he saw Santa Claus fly out of his sleigh.

Flash went over there and Santa was stuck in the snow. Flash pulled Santa out of the snow but he needed three more reindeer to help him out. There was one reindeer missing so Flash got Santa dust on him so he could fly and so he could fill in for the missing reindeer.

Santa had a little bit of time so they got on the roll. They went to every house and dropped off all the presents. Then Santa dropped off Flash. When he did dropped off Flash Santa found his reindeer that was missing.

Santa got his reindeer and went back to the the north pole. After that everyone had the best Christmas ever.

Christmas Is Saved

By Rogue Schley

It was 3 days before Christmas when Rudolph broke his leg. Santa didn’t know what to do, so he called his favorite elf Holly. She was the sneakiest and fastest elf who had ever worked for Santa. Santa told her to look on the globe to see someone who is capable of helping Santa deliver presents to all the kids in Jolly City.

Holly went to the globe and said “Someone who is eligible to help Santa….”

As fast as lightning the globe showed a dog!

“The dogs name is Rocky … he’s a dark lab … almost the same color as the reindeer’s fur.”

On the globe the image showed him snuggling with a five year old girl named Emma.

Two days later…

It was the middle of the night. Holly was packing up to go and go get Rocky! Holly snuck into the house and said “Come here boy … Come help Santa.”

“HELP SANTA!” said the dog.

The dog can talk … Holly didn’t know dogs can talk! Rocky decided that he wanted to help Santa so that’s what they did. They left to the North Pole to get ready for Christmas!

Four hours later…

They arrived at Santa’s workshop SUPER EXCITED. Santa came down the stairs and said, “I didn’t say to bring a dog!”

Holly explained to santa that this dog is special. Santa understood so off they went to deliver presents to all of the kids in Jolly City. Santa got Rocky home before Emma even noticed and everyone had a happy Christmas!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Abbygale Elliot, Grade 5

It is a cold damp day in December. Santa stamped a letter to send away to the North Pole. He was excited to ask Santa for a special present.

While his mom and him were going to the car Sam saw a puppy and wanted to keep the puppy! Mom never responded so Sam just gave up the idea.

When he got his letter stamped they went home.

On Christmas eve the same puppy came to the door step of his mom’s house. Sam was at his friends house and mom up the puppy downstairs with a box of food and water.

Sam was excited he got a puppy on Christmas day. Sam came home at 9:00am they open there presents at 12:00pm. The puppy ran away until the puppy had enough. He was on a street and couldn’t see. But what’s there Santa?

Stuck in the chimney, the puppy tried to climb on the roof to saved Santa, but he had an idea there were blocks that he could us to climb up.

He did, he pulled Santa out of the chimney Santa was all black because of the smoke from the chimney!

Next they went to give presents to everyone in the City. After they gave presents. Santa dropped off the puppy, got himself cleaned up at Sam’s house. Santa waved farewell, the puppy noted his head and said bye with his eyes.

When Santa left the puppy walked to the door step. Sam opened the door and Sam explained, “I missed you alot and I’m thinking about your name. I wanted it to be Bella.”

Bella came inside, open presents with everyone. The best gift of all is love with dogs, family and relatives!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Lars Dowker, Grade 5

It was Christmas Eve night. Wind was blowing and it was super cold. All the kid where trying to sleep. John went outside to get fresh air and forgot to close the door and Jeff, the talking dog ran outside into the forest.

He ran kilometres into the forest. Then he heard a huge CRASH!!! He heard someone hopelessly saying, “Help help help”.

Jeff ran as fast as he could to the sound but only saw a big pile of clothes. Then he heard someone crying “Help help help” again. He saw a face in the pile of clothes and yelled, “IT’S SANTA”! Jeff ran and started licking Santa.

Santa tried to talk but barely could. Good thing dogs have good hearing. Santa muttered “We have to find my sleigh so I can deliver my presents and fast”. Santa pulled out a rope and tied it to him and Jeff.

It was hard to pull but he got the hang of it. It had been about an hour since Jeff found Santa. All of a sudden something popped out at them. They could not see because it was dark.

They were about to run away when Santa recognized a glowing red dot in the background. It was RUDOLPH AND HIS REINDEER! He was so happy to see them. Jeff dragged Santa to his sleigh and popped him on. He told Jeff to come and help him deliver presents. It was finally the last house, Jeff’s house.

Jeff was about to get off but Santa yelled “WAIT”! He gave Jeff a special present. When Jeff got inside everybody was so happy to see him. Jeff told them all what happened but nobody believed him. But he did not care.

The End

The Day After Christmas

By Presley Dowds

On Christmas morning, all of the kids got up and ran to the Christmas tree! There was so much stuff! Gab, Presley, and Zion were around the Christmas tree. Gab wanted to go first so she did, then Presley, then Zion. They were so happy with their gifts, especially Gab! She got a stuffy dog and for some odd reason it was really special to her!

The day after Christmas, Gab got up. Presley and Zion were still sleeping. Gab’s dog stuffy was GONE!!!! She was hearing things so she ran down stairs AND THERE WAS A DOG. It was black and white, just like her stuffy dog … wait … is … no … could it be … no … well … wait … IT WAS GAB’S STUFFY DOG! She got the dog and put it in the closet as fast as she could. She was thinking back and forth, wondering what to do. At least her mom was at work until dinner but what would she do then?!

9 hours later….

It was dinner time and the dog was barking as Gab’s mom pulled up. She didn’t know what to do so she grabbed some old cat food from the cupboard and put the dog in her bedroom with water and cat food. Gab’s mom walked in the door and her heart was racing so fast she could barely breathe.

“What’s the matter?” her mom said. “Oh nothing,” Gab said under her breath. She went in the kitchen and started cooking dinner. “Dinner time!” hollered mom a few moments later. Zion, Presley, and Gab ran to the table after dinner. The dog was barking so Gab ran to her bedroom, but her mom was already in there. She gave Gab trouble, but in the end we ended up keeping the magical stuffy dog!

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Jorja Bond, Grade 5

It all started on December 24 2017 with Spiky.

Spiky was an adventurous dog and he was a three year old German Shepard. Spikey lives in a dog shelter on 48th street in Barn Heart Valley in Alberta.

In Spiky’s shelter there are five dogs who bully him and make fun of him because he loves Santa.

Spiky has always wanted to meet Santa! Santa never came to any shelters in the valley.

Every Christmas night it would be rainy and dark and that Spiky couldn’t see Santa out the window even if he wanted to!

Christmas night Santa came to Spiky’s shelter with a surprise. It was a present but Santa only had one and it was for Spiky. Santa went to look around the shelter and that’s when Spiky sneaked in Santa’s bag of presents.

Santa got back and they were on their way from that point on.

A few minutes later Spiky heard a bang and a boom then heard an oww…..

Spiky jumped out of Santa’s bag of presents then found Santa stuck in the tree with his sleigh looking down at Spiky. Spiky looked for a way up to help.

Spiky finally did and he was glad. When he got up to Santa he didn’t know how to walk him down so Spiky just unbuckled his seat belt and Santa fell, but he was okay.

After Santa was safe Spiky went to find the reindeer and eventually he did.

After Santa was going to bring back to the shelter and Spiky leaped up and licked Santa and barked and barked so Santa knew he loved Spiky and had to keep him.

So Santa let him stay and they road back to the North Pole and they lived happily ever after and Spiky was now called the Christmas dog. “Merry Christmas to Spikey,” said Santa.

The Dog Who Saved Santa

By Kileigh Foisy

It was a snowy Christmas Eve. Everyone was sleeping, waiting for Santa. I’m Ben. Ben the dog. I’m just waiting for Santa because every year he gives me a bone. I’ve been waiting for a while but all I see is snow, snow and more snow. Suddenly, I see a flash! I thought it was just a star but no, it was Santa! I saw his sleigh fall in my town, so I decided to go looking for him. I ran everywhere but I was lost! I finally found him.

“Santa!” I said.

“Ben, could you help me deliver the presents?” Santa asked.

So I did. We finished by 1:00 in the morning. Santa was really impressed, so he said “Well done, Ben!” Then Santa told me that there was one present left, but it didn’t have a name! We rode all over the world and then we stopped.

“The Christmas spirit is low, so the sleigh won’t work,” Santa said.

I ran city to city making the Christmas spirit work.

“It worked!” Santa said. “Ben, the present was yours!” I was on the ground so Santa threw down some dust (the stuff that made the reindeer fly!) so that I could fly up to the sleigh. I flew up. Santa asked me if I wanted to live with him at the North Pole.

I said “YES!! But what about my family?”

So Santa said “Ben I’ll make a note saying that you’re living with me.”

We arrived at the North Pole and I had some food and water and fell asleep.

Then I heard my owners voices. “Ben, wake up it’s time for food!” James said. I looked out the window and there I could see Santa flying in the cold wintery sky. He said Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Ho ho ho!

The Dog Who Saved Christmas

By Katie Biagioni, Grade 4

One morning Santa woke up to a lovely smell. He rushed out of bed. Mrs. Claus was making ginger bread men in the kitchen.

She reminded him that it was Christmas. He replied “I would never forget Christmas.”

A few hours later the door bell rang. One of his elves had a box Santa asked what it was. The elf replied I don’t know. Some one gave it to me to give to you.”

Santa showed Mrs. Claus. She asked what it was? Santa whispered ”I don’t know”. They opened the box very slowly.

It was a puppy. Santa and Mrs. Claus gasped. Santa and Mrs. Claus celebrated. Then it was time for Santa to go make sure the elves were making the toys for the children.

Santa went in the workshop. Every thing was going fine. Santa announced that he had news. All of the elves looked at him excitedly. Then Santa said I have a puppy!

All of the elves cheered then Santa told them to get back to work! I’ll be getting the reindeer and the sled ready. It was really stormy and then Santa remembered he forgot Rudolph and the storm was getting worse!

Santa couldn’t see. Rudolph knew Santa was in trouble. He started kicking at his stall and the puppy saw him. The puppy could sense his fear so the puppy knew he had to do some thing!

The little puppy some how unhooked the latch,then Rudolph burst out of his stall and flew to Santa. Rudolph magically connected to the sleigh with his harness. Santa couldn’t believe his eyes. He wondered how Rudolph got there.

Christmas was saved! Santa was able to deliver all the presents that stormy night. Santa finally got home. Santa couldn’t find his puppy anywhere. He went to say good night to the reindeer. He looked all over for the puppy he finally found it in Rudolph’s stall.

Santa came back to the house with the puppy. Mrs. Claus was worried about the puppy. Santa sat down and had one of those ginger bread men that Mrs. Claus made that morning. Santa told Mrs. Claus all about the deliveries!

The Day After Christmas

By Kayden Wei

It was the end of Christmas. There was a boy named Ben. He was the meanest boy in the world. He bugged kids, he broke mailboxes and he stole chips from the gas station! No one seemed to like him … except Santa. Santa believed that had a good heart deep down and that if he learned to be nicer, he would make friends.

This year Santa was done delivering presents a little early so he decided to leave Ben and note instead of a present. Ben rolled out of bed. He noticed a paper near his door.

“Dear Ben,

This is Santa. If you can be nice all year, I will give you whatever you want next Christmas. That means NO bugging kids, NO breaking mail boxes and NO stealing chips.

Love, Santa”

Ben ripped the note to shreds. “I’m never going to be nice!” he roared.

Later that day, he was laying in his bed still thinking about the note when he suddenly heard a bark. He looked out the window and saw a fluffy brown dog.

“Hey! That’s the dog from the news! The one who saved Christmas!”

He ran out and noticed another note.

“Dear Ben,

I can help teach you to be nice, but there’s a catch. I need a squeaky toy.”

Ben knew they sold toys at the gas station. He ran there and grabbed the nearest one. He was about to steal it, but then he remembered Santa’s note. This time, he went to the cash register and bought it! He brought it to the dog who said, “I have another favor.”

“Okay, what?”

“Can you get my mail? said the dog.

Ben went to the mailbox. He couldn’t get it open and got so mad he was about to break it. Then, he got an idea! He politely asked the mail lady to help him. After getting the mail, he went to the dog.

“Okay, please help me be nice now!” Ben said.

“You’re welcome,” said the dog as he started to walk away.

“You have to help me, though!” yelled Ben.

“I already did!” the dog said and then he disappeared.

Thank Goodness for Snow

By Noelle Muddiman, Grade 7

It all started when Santa drank too much eggnog. It was late Christmas eve, around 3 in the morning, and it had been a long night.

Long enough that Santa opened up his secret stash of eggnog, and proceeded to down the entire 1 litre bottle. Thus heavily intoxicated, he didn’t remember to to kill the fire at the bottom of a particularly long chimney before sliding down it.

The chimney was attached to a large brown house. The house belonged to the Pettisons, as did a small, grey and white husky dog.

Who was this small, grey, husky dog? Me. My name is Wish, and this is how I saved Santa.

When Santa slid down the chimney, he at first didn’t realize that he was sitting in a fire. I guess eggnog really dulls the senses.

Anyways, when he did discover the blaze underneath him, there was a lot of curses, followed by some screaming, and it was all wrapped up with a loud “Bang!” as Santa hit his head on the mantle.

Now, the Pettisons could sleep through a hurricane, so a bit of screaming did nothing to alert them to the fact that a magical legend was writhing on the floor of the living room with first degree burns. I would have to take matters into my own paws.

First, I inspected the damage. Santa was covered in bright red welts, and his famous beard was all but burnt away. When Santa rolled over and saw me standing 6 inches from his nose, I must have looked pretty scary, because he passed out.

I had to do something. The burns looked pretty bad, and it wasn’t like I could open the freezer and swipe some ice. Believe me, I’ve tried to open the fridge, but it’s impossible.

I was puzzling over whether or not to wake the Pettisons, when I remembered that it was winter. I could just roll Santa outside!

And so that’s what I did. Getting the old man through the dog door was a bit of a squeeze, but I managed to get him outside and into the snow.

I’d saved Santa.

The End

Snowflake Saves Christmas

By Sam Jensen

The town is frozen. There is no color except for the crystal like diamonds dangling from the houses. All through the houses there is not a peep…except for one. A little boy, Samuel, and his dog, Snowflake, were playing. They loved to experience Winter, mostly because of light fluffy snow, Christmas and yummy sugary baked goods!

Today, the two were outside playing on their super duper toboggan. All was good until Snowflake realized Samuel was headed right for a tree. Snowflake leaped up, latched onto Samuels jacket, flew up and unlatched his claws. “Drop,” went Samuel.

“Samuel,” his mom Tasha called “Come on in, I’m making hot cocoa!”

While waiting, they checked the santa tracker. While watching Santa slowly move across the screen, he got glitchy then something popped that said “Santa is having technical difficulties, please wait for him to start to travel again.” Snowflake ran to the door and Samuel knew what he had to do!

He opened the door and Snowflake flew away, searching Canada until he found the big old jolly man. Santa was relieved to see a happy face. I even think his belly got bigger.

“I knew you would come to my side. See, I lost my super jets and I don’t have enough power. Can you help?”

“Woof woof woof.” Snowflake got behind the sleigh and then went around house to house without a sound, tip toeing around the tree delivering presents to good boys and girls. As time passed, it was soon dawn and there was only one house left. Samuel’s house. As soon as they landed, Snowflake came around, stared at Santa and left.

As soon as Santa was gone, Snowflake went in the frozen doggy door and climbed into one of the presents. Morning arrived and Samuel rushed into his parents room. Samuel, Tasha and Cory came running down the stairs. When they got downstairs, Samuel saw a present moving and grabbed it. He pulled open the top and there was Snowflake! Samuel was so happy! He took Snowflake and hugged his mom and dad, like a family would on Christmas Day.