Christmas signs and a colourful wreath make a stark contrast in front of the fall leaves still on the trees in Chase, B.C. (John Enman photo)

Christmas signs and a colourful wreath make a stark contrast in front of the fall leaves still on the trees in Chase, B.C. (John Enman photo)

Christmas decorations provide photo opportunities

In my last article I wrote about my friend and photographer Jo McAvany’s dog photography. I also mentioned her diverse collection of pets. This past week Jo added another to her colourful flock of birds, an emu. She has a friend who rescues animals and saved the seven-month-old emu, but couldn’t keep it.

The McAvany family are now proud owners of a seven-month-old emu named Emma.

Yesterday, I was about to go for a drive, it had been raining, cold, damp and dismal for the past few days and I had just decided a drive in the quiet countryside near my home (with my camera) would be just the thing. As I was walking out to my car I got a text from McAvany saying she was heading to the small nearby town of Chase to pick up turkey feed for her new pet Emu.

My reply was, “I’ll drive, be there in a few minutes. Grab your camera.”

Although I do enjoy slowly driving the county roads alone, its always fun to go with a friend.

We headed along a dirt road stopping for some shots of horses in a field, swans in a small pond, and Jo got some good photos of eagles resting in some roadside trees. I should have talked her out of that 28-300mm lens before we headed out. I had my 24-70mm that’s great for scenic, but the eagle shot demanded at least 300mm.

As we drove into town I noticed Christmas decorations that must have just been put up along the main road. I had read a post in the local photographers Facebook page that was complaining and criticizing people for putting up Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day on November 11th. Gosh, I must have missed the memo regarding decorations.

I don’t want to get into a discussion about what is respectful or not respectful, but to me the festive Christmas decorations were just fine. I like Christmas; it always makes me feel good.

What I saw in that small town was the opportunity to photograph the clash of the decorations celebrating the upcoming Christmas with it’s snowy winter and the Fall trees that were losing their leaves.

As I walked along the peaceful sidewalk choosing things to photograph I could hear the sound of leaves cracking under my feet. The town’s colourful fall foliage made a welcoming scene. There were cars and people on the street, although not many. The day was cold and the pandemic has many people in that retirement town safely staying home.

I enjoy photographing buildings, and it’s always better when there aren’t many people on the street. Sometimes when I get a new camera in my store I’ll bring it home for the weekend to test out in Chase on a Sunday morning when the streets are empty. This was an unusual 2 p.m. on a Wednesday.

I was thinking I should have brought a different lens. I wanted a longer lens for the eagles and a wider lens for the buildings. We photographers are never satisfied. I should always bring every lens and camera that I own.

Oh well, I had a good time taking photos of the Christmas decorations with orange leaved trees in the background. This is a good time of year to take photos of the changing season. Everything is happening at the same time. The beginning of the week there was snow, and by mid week it was cold rain. Yesterday was nice comfortable jacket weather with some sun, but today was damp, windy and uncomfortably cold. Next week there will probably be snow and maybe a day with some sunny periods. Yep, it’s a good time of year for photography.

Stay safe and be creative.

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