Blue River celebrates Canada Day under blue skies

Blue River's Canada Day began with blue skies, warm sun and a stiff breeze. Canadian flags, red and white b

Blue River’s Canada Day began with blue skies, warm sun and a stiff breeze. Canadian flags, red and white balloons and streamers danced as the parade wended it’s way through our streets. The rescue truck led the way followed by Lane’s Towing’s large red truck. A delightful vintage open truck featured a smoking stove, a grinning hillbilly driver in a battered hat and dungarees and “Granny” sitting up behind. The theme song from the “Beverley Hillbillies” filled the air.

The entry from Mike Wiegele’s Heliski Village featured a beach table and umbrella edged with red and white balloons beneath, which Michelle Wiegele and Charlie Guinn relaxed with some friends. A long yellow canoe from Blue River Campground carried Michaela Nesterski, Ruthy Macdonald and friends. A jeep from River Safari had a friendly husky keeping a friendly eye on the proceedings.

A black pickup from Blue River Sledz carried two sledders mounted on snowmobiles high above the truck bed. Kinder Morgans’s riverboat carried a patriotic crew. Chris Robinson, attired in a white t-shirt sporting a large red “EH?” rode his motorized scooter. His twin sister in a matching outfit rode her bike beside a cycling friend.

Ron Baird of Valemount kindly sent a selection of his beautiful vintage cars to enhance our parade experience. A black 1930 model A-Ford, a red convertible from the same era and several long sleek and sassy convertibles from a more glamorous time added style and glamour to the occasion.

We had two horsemen in our parade this year. John Beaton rode his palomino Morgan, Jubal, while his grandson Aidan Beaton rode his grey Arab, Sharif. Both horses are 26 years old and have been part of Blue River’s Canada Day parade for many years.

O’ Canada was sung at the beachhouse at noon. Hotdogs, chips and pop were available at the concession, manned by TNRD rep Willow Macdonald. A delicious Canada Day cake was provided by Mike Wiegele’s Heliski Village and ice cream was donated by Oakman’s Grocery.

Scottie Burgoyne was kept busy doing face painting to the joy of his young clientele, while Leigh Potoulis and other volunteers organized beach games and the annual canoe races.

A special visitor was Gisele Bedard who, about 20 years ago, was a very involved community member in Blue River. Giselle and Barb Quinn taught preschool together here and also worked together organizing Canada Day celebrations here for several years.

Parades and special times require a lot of effort. Each person who volunteered or participated in any way proved community spirit is still alive and well in Blue River.