Barriere Art celebrated amidst rain and windstorms

Despite the weather issues, everyone appeared to be pretty happy with the 2012 Barriere Celebration of the Arts

By Thursday, June 21, all the signs were put up advertising the fact that fifth annual Barriere Celebration of the Arts was fast approaching. Friday, June 22,  the grounds at Sam’s Pizza and Rib House were busy with vendors arriving and putting up their tents and canopies in preparation for the weekend’s event.

Unfortunately though, at around 8 p.m., Mother Nature decided to stir things up, sending a wicked, steady and very strong wind that uprooted the stakes holding down canopies, and tossed everything all over the place. Many canopies sustained some damage, a few were destroyed, and a fortunate few managed to escape relatively unharmed. By 8:15 p.m. it was over, and everyone did their best to tidy up and salvage what they could.

All was quiet … during the night, there was one more ‘big blow’ from Mother Nature, at about 1:30 a.m., causing those who were camping out to go around and check for any further damage, which included a few more canopies biting the dust.

However, Saturday morning saw most of the vendors on site. They’d finished setting up their displays and were ready for the public. Most did a brisk business during the morning, which was a good thing, as just after noon it started to pour – not drizzle, not sprinkle – pour. By 2 p.m. the wind kicked in again, resulting in most of the vendors calling it a day.

Sunday morning, despite an on-and-off-again drizzle, everyone set up and got ready for another day of displaying their wares. This time, as the day progressed, it got nicer, warmer, and sunnier – yay!

Despite the weather issues, everyone appeared to be pretty happy with the 2012 event, many of the vendors stating they would be back next year.

North Thompson Arts Council would like to remind everyone that anyone can become a member. They accept any age, any medium (whether wood carvers, potters, painter, etc.), and even those who just want to support the arts. Membership is only $10 per year.

The next meeting of the Arts Council will be at Blackpool Hall, Clearwater, on Sept. 23 at 2 p.m. All will be welcome.

– Barriere Star/Journal