Back in Time

Back in Time

50 Years Ago: From Blue River to Merritt was about to become the Thompson-Nicola Regional District

50 Years Ago:

The area from Blue River to Merritt was about to become the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Central North Thompson Chamber of Commerce had spearheaded the move, backed by Barriere and Blue River. Interim directors for the North Thompson were: T. Wilson, Area G, Heffley Creek, McLure; A.S. Carlstrom, Area D, Louis Creek, Barriere, Adams; E. Woodward, Area C, Little Fort; H. Mjolsness, Area A, Clearwater; and D. Nelson, Area B, Blue River, Albreda.

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45 Years Ago:

Blue River Waterworks District announced that a new and larger intake system was in operation.

North Thompson local Wendy Whitford was chosen as the voting delegate at the first meeting of the B.C. Association of Non-Status Indians (BCANSI).

North Thompson pioneer Charles Cleaveley passed away at the age of 89. Born in Orillia, Ontario, he married Pearl Bose of Ashcroft in 1912 and homesteaded at Roundtop.

40 Years Ago:

Dennison Mines announced there would be a public meeting in December to discuss a proposed uranium mine. Co-chairmen of the meeting were to be lawyer Doug Smith and Rev. Max deHamel.

The trestles were up and work was progressing well on a new community hall in Little Fort.

35 Years Ago:

Area A voters soundly defeated a referendum on mosquito control by a vote of 344 opposed to 260 in favor.

30 Years Ago:

CTP general manager Peter Berry said the Camp Two sawmill was to close in mid-December due to a shortage of logs and high stumpage. Further plans were to be announced shortly.

Area A director Paul Caissie was re-elected by a comfortable margin, receiving 424 votes.

25 Years Ago:

Paul Caissie announced that he was resigning as Area A director. He said his experience as a TNRD director had convinced him that Clearwater should incorporate, as the job was too much for one man.

Nearly 90 representatives from improvement districts and irrigation districts attend the annual meeting of the Association of B.C. Irrigation Districts in Clearwater. “The doom and gloom is there are new water regulations coming out of the province, and it’s going to cost,” said CID chair Jack Patterson.

20 Years Ago:

Four working groups were established under the North Thompson Forest Advisory Group, said committee chair Deryl Cowie. The groups were focusing on tourism and commercial recreation, agri-forestry, timber processing and education.

15 Years Ago:

Voters in Area A re-elected Bert Walker to represent them at the TNRD.

Steve Quinn was returned unopposed for another term as TNRD director for Area B (Blue River-Avola). His priority would be getting the Murtle Lake Road fixed, he said.

B.C. Parks is not interested in selling the Wells Gray Infocenter to Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, according to chamber president Richard Rutley. B.C. Parks had said that the chamber would have to take over the building’s maintenance.

10 Years Ago:

Ron Bitterman and his wife were awakened by a strange sound during a windstorm. Ron rubbed his eyes in disbelief when he saw part of the roof of his barn hung up in a tree 60 feet in the air. “I’m wondering if we had a twister. One-half of the roof flew about 150 feet, and just missed my car and truck,” said Bitterman.

A possible major catastrophe was averted at Race Trac Gas in Clearwater when fire department personnel stopped a Butterworth’s Transport driver from moving his rig. The driver had somehow wedged the 10-wheeler against a large propane gas tank and dug a small trench trying to get out.

5 Years Ago:

Pauline Gregory and Muriel Dunford were presented with Queen’s Jubilee medals by MP Cathy McLeod during a ceremony in Clearwater.

Approximately 20 local girls participated in the fifth annual Girls Hockey Jamboree, joining youngsters from across the southern Interior.

Frank Ritcey showed the documentary film More Than Just Waterfalls during a Wells Gray World Heritage Year event at Upper Clearwater Hall. He was developing the film with Loyd Bishop and Peter Miller.

1 Year Ago:

MLA Terry Lake presented a $3.56 million cheque from the provincial government to Yellowhead Community Services, represented by board chair Louise Weaver and executive director Jack Keough. The money was to be used to construct a 26-unit apartment building in Clearwater.

Enrolment at North Thompson schools was up by about 1.6 per cent, according to School District 73. The number of students at CSS went from 183 in 2015 to 201 at the same time in 2016.

Alli Borrow celebrated her 17th birthday by scoring a goal during a bronze medal hockey game during a national championship and by being named the game’s all star player.