Age-Friendly needs assessment grant going to Clearwater

Age-Friendly BC provides grants of up to $20,000 to help communities create or continue a variety of projects

Clearwater is to receive $17,670 for an Age-Friendly needs assessment.

“We are glad to get that funding,” said Mayor John Harwood. “Our seniors groups have been saying there are gaps that need filing.”

The Age-Friendly BC program provides grants of up to $20,000 to help communities create or continue a variety of projects that help address the needs of the older population.

“One of the many benefits to these Age-Friendly BC grants is that it will provide seniors with greater mobility around their communities and in local businesses,” said Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake.

Initiatives can range from setting public policy to physical improvements to address the needs of older residents. Examples of age-friendly community changes can include: widening sidewalks, installing benches, maximizing green space, as well as making information, programs and services more accessible to the older population.

The provincial government has worked with local governments, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and other partners to achieve a vision where people of all ages and abilities feel included and valued in their communities.

Premier Christy Clark announced the launch of Age-Friendly BC last September. It is a grant and recognition program to help local governments create environments that support the good health and community participation of seniors. Due to an overwhelming response from communities, the Province has provided an additional $750,000 to further support age-friendly community planning and projects.

The program focuses on providing communities with support, information and recognition to help meet the needs of an aging population. Local governments can achieve age-friendly recognition and officially become an Age-friendly BC community once they have completed four basic steps that focus on community engagement, commitment, assessment and action.


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