Adult Reading Club boldly tackles sci-fi

There are many sub-genres of science-fiction — dystopian, paranormal, steampunk, apocalyptic, speculative

The TNRD Library System is once again inviting readers to join the Adult Summer Reading Club, which this year has as its theme: “To Boldly Read What You Have Never Read Before.”

It will feature a grand-prize draw for a Kobo Aura HD eReader.

Running between July 1 and August 31, the Adult Summer Reading Club is asking readers to take a risk with the largely misunderstood genre of science fiction. Science-fiction novels have long been perceived as a niche genre, only meant for a small community of readers, but recently attitudes have begun to change. There are now many sub-genres of science-fiction novels — dystopian, paranormal, steampunk, apocalyptic, speculative, among many others. Science fiction also has a way of sneaking into books of all genres.

Despite this year’s theme, reading science fiction is not required to participate in the Adult Summer Reading Club. Participants must only be 18 and older, and a registered member of the TNRD Library System to participate.

Readers can register online at starting in mid-June.

After registering, readers can begin writing and submitting reviews directly to the library catalogue.


For every review that is submitted to the catalogue, a name will be entered in the grand prize draw for the Kobo Aura HD eReader. There will be a maximum of 10 submissions per participant.