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A triumph of the human spirit

Vickie and I attended a celebration for a young man who won three silver and one gold medals at the Special Olympics in Germany this past year. Ryan and his mother Grace sat as guests of honour while M.C. Ken Matheson walked us through the proceedings. Pictures and a trailer of the documentary, “Beyond the Weights” that Ken is producing of Ryan’s life were shown to an audience of 25 plus people.

For the past three years, Ryan and Grace have lived on our street in Blackpool so we have been witness to some of Ryan’s training methods. He rides his three wheel bike for many kilometers when he is home. His weight trainer is in Kamloops where most of his power lifting with his coach takes place.

Something I am impressed with even more than the four medals, Ryan won was for the enormous personal growth in this young man and second was the pride in his mom, that for all their struggles as a family they have achieved so much.

When I first met Ryan he was withdrawn and shy but this experience and the support of his mother have transformed this young man into a confident Ryan who has some valuable life lessons for us all. The man who focuses on superheros himself has become a superhero to many others.

Vickie and I are proud to have Ryan and Grace as our neighbours. May their future endeavours ensure a happy existence as they face the challenges ahead.

Wes and Vickie Morden,

Blackpool, B.C.

About the Author: Hettie Buck

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