Youngsters try out Clearwater’s new splash park after the water gets turned on for the first time in late June. This image originally appeared in the June 20, 2016, issue of The Times.

Youngsters try out Clearwater’s new splash park after the water gets turned on for the first time in late June. This image originally appeared in the June 20, 2016, issue of The Times.

5 YEARS AGO: Splash park opens in Weyerhaeuser Pioneer Park

Back in time: A snapshot of history


A rather special milestone in service to the Royal Canadian Legion, Vavenby Branch 259 was commemorated last Friday night as members honoured their Sergeant-at-arms Bob McCracken for his 35 years. In handing Mr. McCracken his past officers medal and Sgt-at-arms bar, presenting officer Bill Anderson noted that the 35-year term of continuous service in his position was amongst the longest in the province.

The Anglican Church is pleased to announce the arrival of their new minister Rev. Bruce Chamberlayne to the Clearwater area. He and his wife Linda are living in the rectory at Chinook Cove. This is Mr. Chamberlayne’s first appointment as he graduated from the Vancouver School of Theology this spring and was ordained deacon on May 1.


Two persons stormed out of the Expo Legacy meeting last Thursday night, loudly complaining of the conflict of interest by members of the committee that is to select the project(s) for the Clearwater area.

Trigger for the walkout was the presentation by selection committee member Dr. Bob Woollard on behalf of the proposed swimming pool complex.

One of those who left, Dan Coleman, returned shortly thereafter, said he had “cooled down,” and apologized if it seemed he had been attacking the doctor’s integrity.


Clearwater River salmon hatchery, which in April had been threatened with closure by July, may be kept open as a fisheries training and demonstration centre for Indigenous people. The facility may also be used to develop and evaluate experimental fish culture strategies for Fraser River fish stocks, according to a news release from federal Fisheries and Oceans.

A 30-year-old Clearwater woman and her two children were lucky to get out alive when a fire destroyed their home on Whymper Road early Friday morning. According to Clearwater Fire Department spokesman, the woman was awakened by her cat, then crawled through the smoke to reach her children.

On Monday, July 1, the Barriere Museum and Travel Information Centre officially opened for their 1991 season. The museum is filled with lots of interesting items on display for everyone to come and enjoy.


A cougar charged and then trailed a man, his two young children and their two dogs as they completed a hike to Moul Falls late Sunday morning. The family was returning from the falls, a two-kilometre hike off Clearwater Valley Road, when the cat first charged.

An assault in the wee hours of the morning between roommates resulted in the early Canada Day arrest of two Barriere residents who now face charges of assault and possession of a prohibited weapon. The arrests stemmed from a complaint by their 31-year-old male roommate made earlier that morning that the pair assaulted him at their joint residence.

Ed Shook, chairman of the Board of Trustees of School District 26 urged new minister to stop amalgamation of SD26, North Thompson, and SD24, Kamloops, stating, “the disruption this process is causing, along with the resulting costs, clearly outweighs the savings to the system.”


Valley residents were invited to a groundbreaking ceremony for a new hospital facility behind Dr. Helmcken Memorial hospital. The new facility would bring the first multilevel bed facility to the town since the ministry of health endorsed a new health-care centre based on the concept in 1993.

Four cyclists from the United Kingdom were in Clearwater on their way from Vancouver to Calgary. Martin Goss said the four wanted to get a feel for the Canadian Rockies. They set out from Vancouver June 23 and expected to take two weeks for the entire trip.

The restructuring committee will hold an all-day public meeting to present their report on incorporating Clearwater. After the public meeting, the restructuring committee will determine if there is sufficient interest among residents to hold a vote.


A mine controversy returned, as the Foghorn Polymetalic property 13 kilometres south of Clearwater, was acquired by International Ranger Corp., who plans to drill 15 holes at three sites south of Birch Island to determine the depth of the uranium and fluorite deposits. The controversy began 27 years ago when Rexspar Mining Company and the public took issue to the Royal Commission Inquiry board in Uranium Mining in B.C.

Backyard and industrial burning are prohibited until further notice throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre. Crews are fighting a few large fires near Dewdrop (three hectares), Saskum Lake (230 hectares, 30 per cent contained), Leonie Mountain (100 per cent contained), and McGillivray (100 per cent contained).

The Conservative government cut the GST rate to 6 per cent, effective July 1. Though it was not without controversy. Critics say the government is making a smart political move, but a very bad economical move.


Wells Gray Community Forest could have up to $100,000 to give away to worthy community projects, according to Clearwater councillor Bert Walker. The funds are distributed on an application basis.

Clara Shipp is senior all round student at Clearwater Secondary School. The Grade 12 student received the award plus the $500 Fred Allan Memorial Bursary from teacher Mike Lau. She also won the award for having the highest academic achievement in Grade 12 and the Bert Lambert Senior French Award.

Clearwater council approved granting $500 to the Wilderness Gateway Relay. They also approved a $4,000 contract to Shelley Sim to coordinate the 2011 Canoe Regatta.


Temperature gradient work in the North Thompson Valley could change this area’s geothermal ranking. Potential direct-use geothermal energy applications include commercial, industrial and residential space heating, aquaculture, greenhouses, crop drying, snow-melting and recreational applications.

Youngsters tried out Clearwater’s new splash park after the water was turned on for the first time June 27. An official grand opening would be held July 10.

The Holtby family returned to Clearwater to perform at the first Dutch Lake Music Night of the season on July 7. All four kids, Beth, Jess, Teddy and Mitch, became performing artists after graduation.