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35 YEARS AGO: Piston Bally 100 arrives in Clearwater

Back in time: A snapshot of history
Neil, left, Kennedy and Olen Gelineau of Kamloops play a little shinny hokey on the ice on Dutch Lake on Christmas Day. Several days of cold weather before the first snowfall left the lake with a smooth layer of ice in some areas. This image originally appeared in the Dec. 29, 2016, issue of the Times.

35 YEARS AGO: A Piston Bally 100 tracksetting machine belonging to the Wells Gray Outdoor Club arrived in Clearwater. The machine’s arrival had been delayed a number of times due to competition for time at the Kelowna dealer for machines from larger ski areas. The Piston Bally will be able to smooth, pack, groom and trackset cross-country ski trails in one pass. It was purchased earlier in the year in Alberta with a B.C. Lottery grant. First priority was to groom the Loppet trail in Wells Gray Park, and many more at North Thompson Park, Dutch Lake, Clearwater Secondary School and Candle Creek would soon follow.

25 YEARS AGO: Tenants in Blue River on property originally occupied under lease agreements with CN Rail had been given an ultimatum by the new owner of that property in letters that arrived on the day before Christmas Eve. TNRD Area B Director Stephen Quinn said they basically got an eviction notice. The letter stated leasers would have to agree to a new lot fee of $1,500 or vacate the land, removing all traces of their residences, even the foundations of their homes. CN Rail had confirmed the agreements had a 30-day cancellation clause and would be transferred to the new owners.

20 YEARS AGO: The provincial government gave a thumbs down to a proposed expansion to double the number of units in Barriere’s Yellowhead Pioneer Residence. It was described as “another slap in the face for seniors.” A brief letter from B.C. Housing dashed committee leaders’ hopes after a year-long campaign to obtain a provincial loan to expand the residence and allow seniors to live close to family. The Housing BC CEO suggested the committee look for funding solutions at the community level.

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