Victoria Fisher demonstrating the correct way to hold a fish. This image originally appeared in the Sept. 18, 2006, issue of the Times.

Victoria Fisher demonstrating the correct way to hold a fish. This image originally appeared in the Sept. 18, 2006, issue of the Times.

30 YEARS AGO: Residents vote in favour of mosquito control program

Back in time: A snapshot of history


About 125 Clearwater and area residents gathered Sunday at the Clearwater Secondary School to run, jog or walk ten kilometres in a tribute to Terry Fox. Participants ranged in age from about two to 80 years and included four generations of one family, the Davidsons of Clearwater.

People from all over the region gathered in Vavenby to compete in a variety of logging skills at the Vavenby Logger Days. The events got underway with a parade, led by Vavenby’s fire engine, to the fair grounds in the Centennial Park. Juniors competed in the log chop, cross cut saw, power bucking, choking, log rolling and the axe throw on the first day. Both boys and girls aged six to 16 competed in the activities.

Three escapees of the Bear Creek Camp appeared in court and plead guilty to a charge of escape from lawful custody. Lyle Scot and David Charity, both 19, received a sentence of 30 days consecutive while Kenneth Tyron, 36, was given an additional two months to serve.


Thompson-Nicola Regional District director Paul Caissie was “eating crow” after he made accusations about the IWA executive that “were in fact groundless.” In previous letters he had accused the executive of strong-arm tactics in relation to a strike carried out by IWA members. He said he was guilty of a certain amount of overzealousness to keep CTP operating, something he made no apology for.

Attempts by Weyerhaeuser management to produce a small amount of lumber at their Vavenby sawmill met a sharp response from the IWA. Rep. Carol Toth said the union was going to close down the company’s sawmill in Kamloops and limit supervisory access to the Vavenby mill unless their practice was stopped. The dispute was resolved within a few hours of pickets going up.

About 50 persons ran, jogged, cycled or just plain walked in the third annual Terry Fox Run held in Clearwater under cloudy skies. This was the third annual official Terry Fox Run in the community and several athletes received commemorative certificates to record the event.


A report that TNRD director Paul Caissie was to tender his resignation from the board was in error. According to his wife, Karen Caissie, she was not aware of any plans for him to step down, unless he was elected MLA in the upcoming provincial election. However, Mr. Caissie was planning on tendering his resignation from the executive of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

A slash burn visible to the west of Clearwater above the reflectors on Road 1 was more than just a regular burn as scientists and representatives from the U.S. Forest Service, UBC, Ministry of Environment and others were using the burn for research purposes.

Residents of Area A (Clearwater-Vavenby) voted two to one in favour of a mosquito larva control program in a TNRD referendum. The program will use the bacterially-derived insecticide Vectobac to attack the immature mosquitoes in local swamps and wet areas.

There was a record turnout and record amount of money raised at both Clearwater and Barriere’s annual Terry Fox Run. About 130 walkers took part in Clearwater’s event, and increase of approximately 50 per cent. Funds raised totalled $1,800, almost double previous years.


A new truck for Barriere Search and Rescue was delivered, and just in the nick of time. The crew received three call-outs in the next four days. It took over three years to get the vehicle, which came from Red Deer, Alta.

Electors in the TNRD Area A were to vote in a spring 1997 referendum to decide whether property taxes will increase to subsidize the cost of running a Handi-Dart service in the Clearwater area. TNRD Area A director Carol Schaffer took the referendum proposal to the regular meeting of the board where it was passed unanimously.


The third annual Blue River Mountain Bike Cup Festival was a success, reported organizers. A total of 42 racers took part in the cross-country event on Saturday. There were 15 people in a hill-climb race held on the Sunday. The year prior there were 44 participants, while just 28 raced in the inaugural event.

School District 73’s budget shortfall for the 2000/01 school year is about $1 million greater than anticipated, leading staff and faculty to question how they can slim down more to accommodate. The deficit had been predicted to be approximately $600,000. Figures presented to the school board the week prior indicated the true figure was $1.6 million.


The Clearwater and District Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution in opposition to new roofed accommodation, including hotels and resorts in provincial parks. The CDCC joined the municipalities of North Vancouver and Whistler which have both taken a stand against the Liberal government who, prior to any consultation with the public or local levels of government, issued request for proposals encouraging interested parties to come forward with detailed plans to construct fixed-roof accommodations within the boundaries of 12 parks throughout the province.

A boost of $3 million in federal gas tax surplus is to be shared amongst electoral areas within the TNRD. Blue River residents paid higher taxes for the same services, and the new formulas to share the funds acts as an equalizer.

Students at Blue River elementary school enjoyed a hands-on experience of the “Learn to Fish” program conducted by a Department of Fisheries and Oceans conservation officer. Using stuffed models, children were taught about the anatomy of a fish, how to correctly remove a hook from the mouth of a fish, as well as skills involving correct techniques in knot tying and casting a fishing rod.


The Whist participants from Zone 8 for the 2011 BC Seniors Games held in Castlegar came home with a number of medals and two of them gold. Those players hailed from the Barriere and Louis Creek area, and were regular Whist players at the Barriere Seniors hall.

An annual event to raise money for a Hospice House to be located in Little For was held. Supports buy a “guess” to predict the exact location of cyclists heading towards each other on Highway 5 between Clearwater and Barriere. The event raised $3,000.


A fire truck was parked in front of Dutch Lake Community Centre following a small propane explosion. The loud bang occurred at about 12:45 p.m., shortly before town council was to meet as the infrastructure committee. That and another meeting were postponed until a few days later. One person was injured in the explosion but not seriously. There was no major structural damage, and although the centre is mainly heated by wood chips, it retains its old propane furnace as a backup.

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