Jessica Rotzetter, left, and Kiana Burke share a hug as they get ready for commencement ceremonies at Clearwater Secondary School on June 3. This image originally appeared in the June 9, 2016, issue of The Times.

Jessica Rotzetter, left, and Kiana Burke share a hug as they get ready for commencement ceremonies at Clearwater Secondary School on June 3. This image originally appeared in the June 9, 2016, issue of The Times.

25 YEARS AGO: First cougar sighting in Clearwater area

Back in time: A snapshot of history


A small turnout attended the Recreation Commission meeting on June 4.

One of the first topics discussed was the recent May Day Celebrations. It was noted that all Clubs and Organization’s efforts and participation were greatly appreciated. Still incoming are the 10 per cent cheques from the booths.

The Recreation Commission is looking for a desk to furnish their new office which will be located in the Clearwater Improvement District building.

A discussion ensured on the entry of an information booth for Spoolmak Days in Kamloops.


Last week the sun, hot and blistery, caused all the snow packs from high country to melt and come rushing down.

The North Thompson River crested on Sunday and Clearwater River sometime Monday.

Water level was close to Highway 5 near Little Fort. One resident north of Roundtop farm was totally under water. The flood was so sudden the cows were trapped for a while. The family has had to evacuate their home until the water level has dropped.

Another unfortunate place in the area was the Clearwater Bible Camp near the Clearwater River. It was surrounded by water. Even though there were sandbags pulled up to aid in some protection, the camp didn’t stand a chance.


Most golfers play the game all their lives without scoring a hole-in-one.

Clearwater resident Ross Kjenstad sank not just one, but two hole-in-ones last week, and won a car in the bargain.

His second single shot to the cup was even recorded on videotape, by Clearwater Video Service’s Doug Kehler.

Mr. Kjenstad’s good luck began Tuesday evening of last week when he was playing a round with John Russell at Lacarya golf course in Blackpool.

He scored his hole-in-one on the third hole using a seven iron.

When interviewed by The Times after he commented, “I’m happy to have it, but with this weekend men’s open tournament a hole-in-one would have meant a new car.”


A rare sighting of a cougar crossing the Old Yellowhead Highway near the Brookfield Creek bridge has prompted the local Conservation Officer service to issue a warning to area residents.

“It was reported by a reliable source,” said CO Warren Chayer, who noted this is the first cougar sighting he’s aware of in this area.

A brochure issued by BC Environment states if you meet a cougar, pick all children up off the ground immediately as children frighten easily and their rapid movements may provoke an attack. Stay calm, do not run, try to back away slowly, always give the animal an avenue of escape, talk in a confident voice and do not turn your back on it. And, remember, pets are easy prey.


A severe problem with the Blue River water system has finally been solved.

Several years ago a new well was installed to replace the surface water that had previously served the town. The water tested remarkably pure, but with pressure much improved, many leaks in the grid were located.

Most of the leaks were fixed, but it became apparent that a large leak still existed. Who was responsible for the repair was in question.

The problems with Blue River’s water escalated. Soon both the main and auxiliary pumps were working almost constantly to keep the well filled.


The Clearwater Improvement District held a public meeting June 5 to discuss the treatment of the sewage lagoon to reduce solids and odours. The CID wants to introduce into the lagoon a type of bacteria which will compete with the odour-causing, or “bad,” bacteria for their food source. This will cause the bad bacteria to reproduce less and reduce smells, explained Marshal James from Bio-Energy Systems who came to speak about the product.

The second part of this new bacteria, called Lactobacillus Plantarum, will increase the breakdown of solids on the bottom of the lagoon. Lactobacillus Plantarum (LP) is a food-grade bacteria, meaning it’s safe for human and animal consumption.

The LP bacteria will also reduce the amount of disease-causing bacteria in the lagoon through the competition of proteins. The process is described as using strains of bacteria against other strains.


Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is looking at installing a roundabout at the junction of Highway 5 and the road to Wells Gray Park.

“The ministry’s engineers came to us with the idea,” said John Harwood, Clearwater’s mayor. “We’d been in discussion with them for some time about lights at the intersection and they came back with this as an alternative.”

Bart Chenuz, roads manager for the Clearwater area for MOTI, included an update on the proposal in a presentation he made to the District’s infrastructure committee.

The Ministry spokesperson told them that going through the paperwork and acquiring the land for the project could take until next January, said Harwood.


Their theme might have been “Black and White” but Clearwater Secondary School’s graduating class of 2016 seemed to do everything in Technicolor during commencement and prom last weekend.

A total of 29 students graduated this year, down from 46 students last year and 32 the year before.

The residents and organizations of Clearwater and area have always been generous in supporting the grads but this year they outdid themselves. The students shared nearly $54,000 in scholarships, bursaries and awards during last Friday’s commencement ceremonies.

This was an increase from $41,000 last year and the $33,850 given out in 2014.

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