Back in Time

25 YEARS AGO: Escaped Bear Creek inmate found near ice cream shop

Back in time: A snapshot in history

35 YEARS AGO: More than 60 people were on hand to bid farewell to Pay and Diane Rogers at a banquet held in their honour. The evening proved to be a mixture of sadness over the loss of two valuable community members and one of honour as both Pat and Diane were “roasted” in true celebrity fashion. Emcee Bill Mattenly got the ball rolling after dinner with a few words about the contributions of Pat Rogers to this community, and to Wells Gray Park in particular. In citing Pat’s co-cooperativeness, Mattenly said, “He was always there giving 110 per cent.”

30 YEARS AGO: All 20 graduates of a six-week silviculture course offered in Clearwater had jobs by the time they finished. Yellowhead Employment Services marketing and placement officer Bedi Beattie reported. The course, which was funded by Canada Employment through Canadian Job Strategies, was organized and taught by local silviculture contractors. All aspects of silviculture were covered — tree planting, spacing, pruning, firefighting, helicopter exits, falling and so on. The majority of those in the course had some silviculture background, other were outdoors-oriented but never work in the bush.

25 YEARS AGO: A brief fling at freedom ended suddenly and painfully for a Bear Creek inmate who was reported missing from the open setting facility at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday night. Shortly after 3 a.m., just four hours later, the AWOL inmate was in cells at the Clearwater RCMP detachment. A search organized by police, with the assistance of a service dog and handler from Kamloops, located the inmate in the bushes near the Ice Cream Adventure. He was taken into custody suffering minor injuries as the result of dog bites.

20 YEARS AGO: Just one day after opening, medical staff at Clearwater’s new hospital delivered the facility’s first baby. Eliana Bromley, daughter of Tammy and Monte Bromley, was born at the new health-care facility at 9:18 a.m., Monday, June 17, 2002. She weighed seven pounds, 15 ounces. “We broke them in,” joked Tammy. “Now they know where everything is.” The baby girl was the Bromley’s fourth, after their three boys aged eight, five and two.

5 YEARS AGO: A pedestrian bridge with a price tag of $75,000 connecting the north and south shores of the Blue River was approved by the TNRD. It was to be built in Herb Bilton Way Park in Blue River and funding would be allocated from the Area B community park capital budget. The project was slated to be complete in the fall of 2017. There formerly was a logging bridge in the same area, but it was damaged and removed by debris flow many years prior.

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