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All of the 2021 Christmas contest stories

The Times had 48 submissions this year
(Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash)

The winners of the Times’ annual Christmas story contest have been chosen.

A big “thank you” to the youngsters who took the time to write and submit their Christmas creations. This year, the teachers deserve a big “thank you” as well, editing the stories for many of the children and making sure they get to the right place.

Just like previous years, the kids brought their A-game, writing stories filled with imagination, creativity and some really good humour. This year has been another tough one, and we think everyone could use some holiday spirit and a good laugh.

This year, our young authors were asked to write stories no longer than 400 words in one of three themes: 1) You’re one of Santa’s elves. Write a journal entry about your day at Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. 2) Imagine your tree has a mind of its own. Write a story from your Christmas tree’s point of view on Christmas Eve. 3) The snowman you and a friend just built has magically come to life. Write a story about what activities you and your new snowy friend do.

Two age divisions were offered, Kindergarten to Grade 3 and Grade 4 to Grade 7, with three prizes in each division: First place $25, second place $15 and third place $10.

It’s always hard for the judges to to decide. Each year, our youngsters submit original, creative content, which makes our jobs very hard to do. A story for each division and place has been awarded, but there are many honourable mentions. The judges want all of the young writers to know that even if your story didn’t place, to not be discouraged! Everyone’s story blew them away.

Division 1: Kindergarten to Grade 3

1st Place

The Snowmen

Once upon a time there was a snowman with three round balls, two stick arms, and a carrot nose. She had a magic hat that was red and bright.

She walked through a path and she found a bright orange house with a purple door. Then she stopped and with her magic, she lifted up the house and throwed it to the sky. And then she walked some more and found a tree.

Soon it would be summer so she decided to walk to the North Pole to stay cold. She didn’t want to melt. Its magic wouldn’t be that good. Soon she ate some leaves and felt better.

Then she walked to a bright blue house and knocked on the door. She was happy to see a boy. Then the boy got ready and played with the snowman. He made two more snowmen that were twins. The snowmen got to play hide and seek, go to the park and then they danced around the trees singing “I like tree, I like tree.” Then they ate some more leaves.

The end.

Seneh Dhanoa, Kindergarten

2nd Place

The Littlest Reindeer

It’s a stormy Christmas Eve night in Santa’s workshop. What am I? I’m an elf!

Santa is getting ready for lift-off. Oh no! He forgot his toy sack! How will deliver his presents? All the elves are worried. What should we do?

Maybe we can check if there are more reindeeer in the stable. There might be one more but I don’t know if she can fly yet, she’s still pretty young. Well, who is she? Her name is Little Caribou. I’ll go see if she’s in the stable.

Hmmmm, I wonder where she could be? I can’t see her in any of the pens. I’ll check the back. There she is! She’s trying to fly, she might do it. She did it, she flew!

I’ll grab the toy sack, try to get on her, and fly to Santa. Now Christmas will be saved and everyone will be happy.

The end.

Mira Fullen, Grade 2

3rd Place

Santa’s Workshop

It was a busy night at the North Pole. One of the elves noticed the toys were disappearing.

“What is happening?” asked Santa.

“I do not know,” said one of the elves, whose name was Elfie.

“I think the Grinch is trying to steal Christmas!” said another elf, whose name was Snowy.

“How?” asked Santa. “He’s nowhere to be seen.”

And then the Grinch appeared.

“Stay away from the presents,” said Santa.

And the Grinch went home and never came back.

Hudson Atwater, Grade 2

Division two: Grade 4 to Grade 7

1st Place

The Journal of Nallak the Elf

2nd Place

December 24th

My name is Nallak. I’m a toy-making elf in Santa’s workshop. I have worked for Santa for 100 years.

The day began with my usual order: 25 cork-shooting guns, 15 trains, and 92 swords. I was making my 24th gun.

Santa hurried in and begged me to be the toy-sorter because the elf was sick. I told him I didn’t know how! But there are three types of elves in Santa’s workshop: toy-makers, inspectors, and toy-sorters.

I became a toy-making elf because one Christmas when I was young, I broke one of my toys. Mom and Dad weren’t there, they were making Christmas dinner. So I fixed it myself. My parents were so proud of me that they sent me to toy-making school.

Then I got an idea! What if I could invent something that would sort toys for me so that I could still do the job that I loved — making toys?

Because I’m a toy-making elf, I didn’t know how the toy-sorters did their job. So I went to see how they worked and then I got some ideas. The toys travel on a conveyor belt. The inspectors check the toys before they get sorted. The toy-sorter then wraps the toy, looks at Santa’s list and types a label “From Santa, To ____.” Then, the toy gets put into Santa’s sack.

But the toy-sorting elves did all their work manually. By December 24th, they have worked long hours and got very little sleep. No wonder they got sick!

Now I must quickly get to work. I need to draw blueprints, find materials, and get help.

When my invention was finished, toys moved more smoothly. The inspected toys now move to a conveyor belt with a built-in scanner that sorts the toys by size. Then the toys go onto one of three new conveyor belts. Now that the toys were sorted by size, it was easier for me to invent an automatic wrapper.

Finally, I created a scanner that could x-ray inside of the wrapped box, check Santa’s list, and create a label that said “From Santa, To ______” without being touched by elf hands.

After the automatic labeller sticks the label onto a present, the final conveyor belt drops it into the Santa’s sack.

It was the hardest day in the 100 years I worked for Santa!

Kallan Mclarty, Grade 6

2nd Place

The Chosen One

“WOW! Look at me! I am gorgeous!”

There I stood, in the corner of the living room, dressed in beautiful silver and blue scarves, from top to bottom. I had beautiful earrings and pins all over me. Colourful beads laid on my branches. I lit up like the night sky.

Let me tell you about how I got here. It was a crisp air, a black starry night with the full moon lighting everything up. I stood there in the field with all the other blue spruce trees. A couple of does pranced through the field, probably looking for a place to bed down for the night.

It had to have been 10 or 11 o’clock, just when I was about to go to sleep for the night, I saw a bright light. It landed on me, then I heard them say, “This is the one” — she was pointing at me.

They all stood around me, gazing at me. I was a little embarrassed, to be honest. They were feeling my branches and my needles. Looking all around me to see how full I was. Weird, right? And then something happened. I felt something like sharp claws sliding back and forth and back and forth along my trunk.

All of a sudden I was falling, I heard someone say “TIMBER!”


I had landed face first into the cold fluffy snow. Next thing I knew I was dragged through the snow and lifted onto a sled.

After that things got a little fuzzy. I remember being strapped to a roof. It felt like I was flying, the wind was flowing through my needles, my branches were swinging, I felt free. Then we stopped. We were in front of a house, the bright colourful lights blinded me.

We went inside, it was warm, a little too warm for my liking. I saw clothes, scarves and accessories. It was dress up time.

“WOW! Look at me! I am gorgeous!”

There I stood, in the corner of the living room, dressed in beautiful silver and blue scarves, from top to bottom. I had beautiful earrings and pins all over me. Colourful beads laid on my branches.

I lit up like the night sky. I was so fancy it was like I was a model. They filled underneath me with colourful boxes. Big ones and small ones. I felt like I was home.

I was the chosen one.

Emelia Rotzetter, Grade 5

3rd Place

Christmas Eve Invasion

On a dark and ominous Christmas Eve, it was 8 p.m. when Marcus’s mom and his dad were sleeping, as well as Marcus’s little brother. But on the best night of the year something happened.

Marcus was still up and was playing video games when he heard a crash!

(Oh wait, I never introduced myself. Hi, I’m the Christmas tree and I was watching the whole time!)

Marcus went to check it out and saw something horrible. Marcus saw something coming towards him when he was knocked out by aliens.

Hours later Marcus woke up in a spaceship. The alien ship is as fast as a bunny.

Marcus saw a sleigh outside and reindeer were attached but then he realised it’s Santa! He’s here to save Marcus, but then the aliens fight back.

They had an epic battle in the sky but then the sleigh went down.

“Oh no,” said Marcus.

But when the aliens thought it was over, they heard a big crash at the side of the spaceship. Then Santa broke through the window and it was a distraction all along. Then they got in his sleigh and it was all over, but the aliens did not give up.

The aliens shot one of the deers down but they forgot that Santa has flying powers and got on the roof of the alien ship. The aliens had a fight with Santa but they didn’t know that Santa knows karate! So Santa kicks their butts and then Marcus said, “Take off yor beard!”

So he does and it turns out to be his brother, and then they fly back down and his big brother tucked Marcus in.

The End.

Ezra Mann, Grade 4

Honourable mentions

Life as an Elf

I am an Elf and my name is Elfie. Today is Christmas Eve and I am making presents. It is very busy. I tell Santa everything is going good. All the elves are working hard getting the presents ready. I am having fun.

My favourite thing to build is Star Wars toys. The Grinch is on the bad list so he isn’t going to get any presents. I like being an elf.

Kash Hjelmeland, Grade 2

Broken Machine

At Santa’s workshop it was a busy night. And I said Santa our toy machine is broken. Oh no, elves! I want you to fix the toy machine. Grab a hammer and a pack of screws. Ok Santa. Then it was finished. Santa we’re finished. Thank you! And they let Santa drop off presents and Santa was back and he fed the reindeer carrots.

Ronnie Mackenzie, Grade 2

The Snowman

My snowman’s name is Snowy. Me and Snowy built another snowman. His name is Lily. Me and Snowy and Lily we all do so much together. We went skating at the skating rink and we saw a cat. We hang icicles on people’s houses. And we all love each other.

Emma Marshall, Grade 2

The Broken Toy Machine

In Santa’s workshop I saw a broken toy and it almost went in Santa’s sled. Good thing I caught it before it went in Santa’s sled, thanks all to me. And then another broken toy came again. Something must be wrong. So I went to the toy machine. The machine was broken so I called Santa. Santa said please fix it so I did. The end.

Thomas, Grade 2

The Snowman’s Story

“Mom, mom, I made a huge snowman, and he came to life! Come, come, come! You gotta see it” I said.

“Wow, how did you make it?” Mom said back.

“Let me tell you the story… Me and Mira built a huge snowman and I poured a whole bottle of potion on its head and he came to life. Then we had lots of snowball fights and lots of fun. And the snowball fights me and my snowman friend, Bob, we went j side and had hot cocoa. He didn’t melt because he is magic. Then, after the hot cocoa and snowball fights, me and Bob made other snowman’s and poured potion in their heads, too!”

“Did they come to life as well?” Mom asked.

“Yes, they did. There are five more snowmen alive. I gotta go play with my six new friends, bye!”

Olin Fullen, Kindergarten

The Bunnies

Once upon a time there was a snowman that built a snow fort. Two bunnies came to wreck it. The snowman felt sad. The snowman stopped crying and then he built it again. He liked to hide in his snow fort and play in it. The end.

Kira Klassen, Kindergarten

The Journal of an Elf Who Lived with Santa

My name is Max. I know I’m the best elf in the North Pole. All the other elves make electronics, but I’m the best elf at making toys.

I actually made a toy that saved Christmas for a little boy and his family. I am proud to be part of Santa’s team. One thing I do is bring marshmallows, hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, and milk to Santa.

One day there was a boy sleeping in his house. Santa gave lots of presents to him. He also gave the boy’s dog a bone. The boy heard a loud crack downstairs. When he went down there to check it out, Santa saw him and used a magic spell book to put him back to sleep.

The next morning the boy woke up and saw all the presents. He was happy. He got a phone and a guitar and he played music all day long. He was so happy when he woke up. He called his mom to listen to his song. Then his dad came and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m singing a song to mom.”

Mom and dad made a candle for outside decorations. When the boy went out to play, when he saw the candle, he sneezed on it, on purpose, which got him in trouble. Mom and dad said he had to go back in the house and wouldn’t get any Christmas treats. The boy was sad and played a song on his new guitar to apologize for being bad. The boy’s mum and dad forgive him and they had a wonderful Christmas.

I’m so glad I helped make that guitar in Santa’s workshop. It saved the family’s Christmas!

Max Campbell, Grade 6

One Horse Sleigh

Hello my name is Tinsel. I am one of Santa’s elves. I work with the reindeer. Nothing really exciting happens here. Sometimes the reindeer run out of carrots but that’s all. Today, however, was a little different…

I was walking over to the sleigh with a fresh basket of carrots when my best friend Holly called me and asked me if I could help her with something. I glanced over my shoulder and said, “Later.”

Looking the other way, I accidentally bumped into Jingles! He tripped into the sleigh and accidentally rang the bell for the reindeer to start flying! The reindeer took off as fast as they could in all different directions.

“We should tell Santa,” said Holly.

I whirled around and said, “No way. We can’t tell Santa. Do you know how much trouble we’ll get into!?”

“Right,” said Holly.

“So what do we do?”

“I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to find those reindeer” I said confidently!

I started marching out into the snow.

“Wait,” said Holly. “You can’t go alone, especially not without proper winter gear.”

“You’re right,” I said, and I went back in, got on some winter gear, and started back to follow me and together we tried to find all of the reindeer.

It was very cold outside but together we trudged through the snow. I spotted some antlers hidden behind a snowbank. I said, “Over there! Look, I think I see some antlers. I just hope they’re not branches.”

We walked over and saw Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen, and Dancer hidden behind the snowbank.

“Three down, five to go,” I said as we put the leads on them.

After another kilometre or so, Holly had a great idea: “Why don’t we just ride the reindeer instead of walking this whole time?’’

“Brilliant,” I replied as I climbed onto one of the reindeer.

It was Holly that spotted the reindeer tracks leading into the snow and up a small hill. We sprinted up the hill and found Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Dasher.

“Hooray!” I yelled, “Now that we have all of the reindeer we can start heading back to the stables!” But Dasher was moaning and trying to tug away.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

Then I saw a female reindeer with a fawn. It turns out they made a family while we were looking for him.

“It’s okay,” I said and I let him go.

As we were riding back to the stables, Holly spotted a brilliant white horse that had followed us. The horse stayed with us, and became part of the team. That is why this year, Santa’s sleigh included one horse.

Nature Knight, Grade 5

A Tree Just Trying to Have Fun

Once upon a time, I was a beautiful tree listening to the birds and minding my own business. And then a family cut me down! AHHHH TIMBER!! That was a little fun.

When they brought me home, I was in the living room and there was a big couch and a ginormous TV and a fireplace. I could hear a cat meowing and playing with the dog’s tail, having a lot of fun. I wanted to play too.

The food was driving me crazy because it smelled so good, I snuck over and stole a cookie from the jar. It tasted so good and the candy canes tasted good, too. I smelled a turkey being cooked and a candy cane.

I feel bulbs weighing me down and tight lights. I felt love and happiness. And I was really shy and kind of rude and funny, and my name was Socks because I always wanted feet. And I’m dark green. And I can do a frontflip and a backflip. My goal is to have an awesome life.

The family is stopping me from having fun and doing front flips. But the family is being as nice as possible. And they had a lot of stuff. But the nicest was Rick. And the boy helped it learn to do front flips and to have fun. So I can leave and have a fun life. In the end I am having a good life.

Reg Fast, Grade 4

The Night Before Christmas

It was a rainy Christmas Eve night. I see stockings but with no presents in them. I was waiting for Santa to come to fill the stockings with presents. I could smell hot chocolate and even Christmas cookies that were shaped as stars and snowflakes and even Santa cookies just made for Santa.

Everything was dark and quiet. I heard something on the roof. It sounded like reindeer and a sleigh, too. I didn’t know what? Oh thank goodness, it was Santa, but not the santa you know, it was the Grinch. I wonder how he got in?

You must have come in the window or maybe he came through the walls. Oh boy, the Grinch is taking me away! And not only me, it was a present too.

I used my incredible karate skills and did a high kick to knock the Grinch out. But it didn’t work out. It would be better if I didn’t have a stump as my legs.

The mom wakes up and thinks her daughter is awake. Cindy Lou Who is deaf, so she can’t hear what’s happening in her room. But she woke up and saw the Grinch. But she thought it was Santa and she said, “Santa, why are you stealing our Christmas tree?”

Before he could say a word he jumped out of the window with a zoom.

That night I told myself I want to go back to the forest. The day after Christmas I said in sign language to Cindy Lou Who that I want to go back to the forest.

The day after Christmas Cindy Lou Who and her mom took me back to the forest. The forest was as welcoming as a hug. I got to go to see all of my friends Gary, Max and Jaxon. And they said how was your Christmas. I said it’s a long story!!!!!

Alexis Ludtke, Grade 4

The Bad Christmas Ornament

Hi my name is Twinkle!

One Christmas Eve I was patiently waiting for Santa (and tasting my sap plus smelling cookies) when an awful, awful ornament jumped out of my branches! She cackled evily, “Ha ha ha! You can’t stop me! My name is Darrica, and the horrible toymaker made me!”

“Oh ya? Then take this!” I said, making all my wonderful ornaments alive!

One of my ornaments exclaimed, “Oh no! It’s Darrica the evil ornament!”

My ornaments created a whirlwind snowstorm of kindness and Darrica made awful needles of darkness! Then Santa came in and broke it up.

“Ok, the good guys win, so can you go Darrica?” Santa asked.

“Boohoo,” exclaimed Darrica. “I don’t want to go!”

“So I will take you with me to the factory to clean reindeer poop!” exclaimed Santa.

“NOO!” yelled Darrica suddenly. “This is not over, and you should know it! We have to have a rematch!”

“Oh Darrica!” said Santa. “You are as stubborn as a mule!”

“Wait a minute!” I said. “I smell smoke!”

“Darrica is burning you down!” yelled one of my ornaments.

“AAAAHHH!” I yelled, “It really hurts!”

So Santa put one of his spells on me so I would not turn to ash!

“I Survived!” I yelled.

Everyone, but Darrica, cheered!

The end.

Emily Luedtke, Grade 4

Presents Time

Hi, my name is Candy Cane. I am a Christmas tree. It is Christmas Eve and there is joy in the house and there are Christmas ornaments getting put on me. Everybody is tired. They are ready for tomorrow. They put cookies and milk on a TV tray and went to bed.

Now I wait for Santa to come and they wait for him to put presents under me. An hour after everybody went to bed, look at that — I see Santa putting presents under me and I also see a sled track off the deck of the house for sledding. I hear hooves on the roof (reindeer). I see and hear Santa eating cookies and drinking milk.

I taste cookies! Cookies are a combination between chocolate chips and the crunchy tasty dough. I smell a hybrid combination of joypine needles and cookies.

I feel ornaments on my arms and water at my feet. I feel sad and happy because I am going to be chucked off a deck but I am happy for the people that get presents and the seven cats and two dogs that get presents too.

I just wish I could become a human and be like them but I have not found any magic yet to turn me into a human. Sadly, I got chucked off the deck but I did not know that there was a magical snowflake that was as fast as a cheetah flying over me and wanted to help me, so it turned and flew down on me and poof I turned into a human.

The humans in the house saw the miracle and came out and pulled me up. They brought me inside and gave me hot iced tea and I told them all about the snowflake and how I turned into a human. I drank the wonderful hot iced tea and then I got to open a few presents.

Later on in my life I got some glasses and made a very nice friend. His name was Max Osborne and my name became Blake Nelson von Hollen. It turns out that the family at the house where I turned into a human, that their last names were von Hollen too.

My whole family is Daniel von Hollen, Karen von Hollen, Alex von Hollen and Tyson von Hollen. My human name is Blake Nelson von Hollen and Max is a very, very, very good friend. The End

Blake von Hollen, Grade 4

The Christmas Elf

Hi, my name is Sapphire. I was the best elf. Until, one day, I went where an elf should never go — the South Pole!

When I moved away, everyone was devastated. They missed me so much. They made a decision to try to be as kind, cheerful, and helpful as me. I did not return until 10 weeks had passed. The toys were being made slower than usual and without cheer. Everyone was worried that I would never come back and that Christmas would be cancelled! No one had hope or Christmas spirit; not even Santa.

When I returned, it wasn’t as busy as usual. I found all of them making toys, but really slowly. The other elves noticed me and celebrated. But, after five minutes I got really annoyed. They were so confused by my lack of cheer. The other elves knew something was up. I told them the story about how, on my travels, I froze and how I got a needle from Bad Santa, a needle that turned me evil.

I had been travelling for over two years and been around the world many times with Santa. I was fascinated by, and journalled about, all of the creatures I saw on my trips. The other things I learned about are what children love to do and eat. I have put many, many gifts under Christmas trees all over the world.

Anyway, one day when I was making toys and eating candy on my break, there were children who turned into elves right before my eyes. I decided to tell them my story and how I was turned from a child into an elf just like them. In turn, they told their stories, and it went on for generation after generation after generation.

Things got back to normal and these days, everyone’s doing really really well in the North Pole.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got married and had four kids. Their names are Elizabeth, Hallen, Sheldon, and Liam. The oldest is Hallen. The second oldest is Sheldon. Next is Liam, and last is Elizabeth. A lot of people are journalists because of one elf named Sapphire (Me!).

Everyone still misses me, but they know that I moved to a really nice place. I even have souvenirs, like posters, cards, wrappers, and a lot more because of what I did. I truly am the best elf ever!

Sapphire Lancaster, Grade 5

The Bunnies

Once upon a time there was a snowman that built a snow fort. Two bunnies came to wreck it. The snowman felt sad. The snowman stopped crying and then he built it again. He liked to hide in his snow fort and play in it. The end

Kira Klassen, Kindergarten

The Talking Snowman

Hi my name is Amy. Today I made a snowman. When I put a mouth on it it started to talk. When I put arms on it it moved its arms. I ran inside and came outside a little later. When I came out again it said hi again.

“Why did you run away?”

“Because I was scared of you.”

“But why were you scared of me?”

“Because you are a talking snowman, that’s why. Sorry!” I shouted. “Want me to get you something to eat or drink?”

“No, thank you.”

Amy Elliot, Grade 2

The Snowman that Came to Life

One day I built a snowman and it came to life. When it came to life me and my snowman went to a snowhill and we went down the hill. After we went down the hill we played hide and seek. After we played a couple of rounds we went to school. We did a lot of stuff together.

Ryker McLarty, Grade 2

The Elf in the Workshop

Hi my name is Jingle. I work in Santa’s workshop. I build toy figurines. Today something unexpected happened in the workshop. The toy machine gear broke. Three elves ran to help me fix the machine. Then we fixed it. Christmas was saved after all. I went to bed feeling happy the day was over.

Jace Verge, Grade 2

The Best Snowman Friend

I built a snowman and it comes alive and we do really fun things like hide and seek and like tag and snowball fights. And then it was summer and then my snowman melted and then I cried because he died and then he came back to life and then we did all of the fun things again.

Grayson Shymkiw, Grade 2

The Snowman that Came to Life

One Christmas morning the kids were playing outside but then they made a snowman. Then the snowman came to life and they named him Frosty and he was on the nice list and they played with snow for the day and they had hot chocolate.

Kairin Borneman, Grade 2

I am an Elf

I am on wrapping duties. I can’t wrap a basketball. My favourite thing to wrap is toy trucks. Oh no I forgot to wrap the specialist thing, the Christmas star. I need to wrap the Christmas star. It can only be in the right hands.

On Christmas night the Grinch comes to steal the Christmas star. The Grinch wants to destroy Christmas so he can have some silence. He got to the Christmas tree. He climbed the stairs to the top of the tree. He stole the star. The end.

Colin Choney, Grade 2

The Tree

One night a tree was walking and then the tree started to eat the presents and it had a mouth and it had an arm and another arm. And a leg and another leg and a star. A tree went out of the home and then the tree ate other presents and then the tree left. The end.

Malikaih Reykdal, Grade 2

The Elf

I’ve been working very hard for my kid. Her toy is a BIG one. She wants a rocket but I do not think I can make it in time. And her brother wants a train. A real train. I don’t know what to do.

Santa’s sack has a magical hole so they will still fit. Hey I have an idea. I think that Santa can help. Santa can finish the rocky and I can get started on the train. Bye! I need to get busy.

Olivia Bonnamour Grade 2

Have a Merry Little Christmas

There was a girl named Arihanna. She was 10. Her family went on vacation to Hawaii. It was fun. When they were done hanging out on the beach, they went to the village where they were going to sleep that night. They were really excited for their first night in Hawaii.

That night Arihanna was up to mischief. She went outside and realized just how hot it was. When she was outside, she saw something moving in the sky. At first she thought it was a rocketship. Soon, she realized it was a small floating object. When it got close enough it looked red and it quickly came down and grabbed her. She realized she’d been taken by…a guy in a red suit…Was it Santa? IT CAN’T BE HIM!

Her dream had always been to meet Santa, but now she’d been kidnapped by him! It was CRAZY. She couldn’t believe her eyes and then she looked over at him and saw his big, white beard and his huge Santa hat. Next thing she knew it was really white and it was really beautiful. OMG it couldn’t be any better…she was at the North Pole!

When Santa took her inside it was really bright. You would think that there would be hundreds of Christmas trees there. One Christmas tree was huge. It was nine times bigger than Arihanna. When they got inside, all the reindeer were lining up in their pens. They had water, food, and a little shower above them so Santa could wash them off. But, that wasn’t all.

There was a little tree in all the reindeers’ pens. When Miss Arihanna was done looking at all the reindeer, she went to go see Santa. She was sure he would have a heart attack while driving the sleigh. Arihanna was sure Santa would hate her but he actually gave her a smile and a glass of hot cocoa.

As Mrs. Clause came down the stairs, I heard a noise in the kitchen. It sounded like Santa yelling, “Hide! Hide!” At first I didn’t believe him but then I remembered there were bad elves running around. I heard a loud crash and when I went downstairs, I saw Dasher on the ground. I was so worried that I yelled out Santa’s name. I saw a bite mark on Santa and I saw the bad elves running away with blood on their faces…. I got out of there and never looked back.

Arihanna Chrystall-Rhodes, Grade 5

The Tree Who Lost Everything

Once, there was a tree that lived in the forest. It was kind and always happy. It loved animals, it loved other trees, and it made sure people didn’t see it move. I was that tree.

One day a kid got lost. The kid saw me (a tree) move. What would I do? The next day the forest caught flames and I almost died but luckily someone took me home for Christmas right on time…before I burned up. All the animals left and I was so happy that everyone was safe. But, I didn’t have a forest family any more. I was so sad I cried for the first time ever.

When I got to my new home, the people saw that I was wet. They started drying me. I was so happy, I said, “Thank you.” I started to love them all. In two days it will be Christmas. That’s what the humans said so I was in a jolly mood.

The next day the house burnt down, the family died, and I thought it was my fault. But, it was one of the kids who started the fire (on purpose) and escaped before the house completely burnt down. Now that kid is at an orphanage, and is asking himself why he did it. That’s the story of the tree who lost its family.

Samantha Leins, Grade 5

The Snowman

It was the day before Christmas and we rolled three giant snowballs together to make a snowman. This was no ordinary snowman, however. When it was finished, we heard a noise, turned and saw it waving at us. Scared and excited we ran back to it and it said, “Hi! I’m alive!” We had so much fun with our new, snowy friend. The day went by so fast that it was bedtime before we knew it.

The next day, the snowman was still there and waiting for us to come and play with him. The following day, the news said it was going to be a hot day. We knew that the snowman would melt before we could get out with him again. Sure enough, when we went outside, he was gone. We were so sad. I guess we’ll try again next year…and hope that our friend will come to life…you never know.

Lucas Choney, Grade 5

Tree’s View

Two days ago, the tree was blank as a piece of paper. Now she is full of shiny, sparkly ornaments and garland. She looks gorgeous.

Jenny, Gabe, Lee, Coco, and Mom and Dad, ate a big dinner. Our tradition on Christmas Eve is that everyone gets to open one present. Coco got a ukulele, Lee got a dinosaur, and Gabe got an avocado. The most special gift of Christmas Eve was for Jenny. She got a puppy and named it Whiskers. Tree thought to himself, “Finally. I’ll have a friend.” Tree had never had a friend before so she was really excited.

Christmas morning, everyone opened more presents as soon as they woke up. Whiskers also had a present under the tree. He got a talking collar for Christmas so Jenny could hear what Whiskers was saying when he barked at something. Whiskers kept barking at the tree, but they didn’t know why, so they put the talking collar on him.

Jenny really wanted to know what Whiskers was saying to the tree, but Whiskers didn’t really like wearing the talking collar so he scratched at it. As he did, the collar flew onto the tree. Amazingly, the tree started talking, and, thanks to the collar, we could all understand what it was saying! That is how Jenny and her family figured out that Tree and Whiskers were friends.

So after that, Jenny’s family left the tree up. They would even dress Tree up on holidays. They all loved Whiskers’ new friend and Tree became part of the family.

Anna-Jean Roy, Grade 5

The Magical Tree

“Christmas Eve! I love Christmas. It is the best time of the year. Now I have to put the ornaments on the tree.”

Jim goes into the living room and the Christmas tree has shaken all of the pine needles off.

“What happened in here?”

“Oh no, I dropped all the ornaments.”

Jim goes to the store and buys ornaments.

“Now I have to buy a new tree.”

Jim goes in the living room and all of the pine needles are back on the tree.

“What? Now all of the pine needles are back on. Now I don’t have to spend anymore money.”

The magical tree hopped out of the window.

“Where’s my tree and why are the ornaments on the ground?”

Jim sees a trail of pine needles. He follows them and it leads him to the forest where he sees his tree jumping up and down.

“How is the tree jumping up and down?”

Jim jumps out of the bushes and asks, ”Who are you?” The tree says, “Nobody.”

“You have to come back to my house.”

“Ok fine just until Dec. 26.”

”Thank you.”

Jim and the tree go to the house. Later that night Jim’s nephew comes over for Christmas dinner. After they eat dinner, Jim’s nephew wants to stay the night for Christmas.

“You have to ask your mom.”

“Mom can we stay the night?”

“Ok fine,” said Susanne.

“Yesss!! Thank you mommy!”

“You guys can have the guest room.”

“Thank you uncle,” said Jimmy.

They all go to sleep. The nephew wakes up in the middle of the night and he sees Santa putting presents under the tree. He goes downstairs and scares Santa, who asks, “What are you doing up this late mister?”

“I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited for Christmas.”

”You have to go to bed or else you won’t get anything for Christmas.”

Jimmy goes back to bed and waits till he hears Santa leave. Then he sneaks back downstairs and picks up a present. Before he gets it open the tree starts to shake all its needles and ornaments off. Jimmy drops the present and runs back to bed. In the morning he looks downstairs and all of the needles and ornaments are back on the tree. Then he goes downstairs and the tree says, “Christmas presents are for Christmas morning!!”

Hunter Atwater, Grade 5

The Sussy Tree

*sussy Christmas music playing*

It was Dec. 12 and everything was quiet. I knew that in a couple seconds the bells in the town would ring its cheerful tone. The sound of it was watered down. And in a couple of seconds I could hear the footprints in the snow echo.

As I decided to relax myself, at the last second I heard loud footsteps and laughter coming towards me. I look in all directions and see a girl and an older man. The girl looked about 11 and the boy looked about 16. They’re probably siblings, I thought.

The boy was holding an axe hunched behind his back. They must be looking for a christmas tree, I thought. They wouldn’t pick me, after all I have been sitting here for years… It would be nice though to spend the last of my years in a home where I will be admired. As I’m thinking this I feel a chop in my lower body. I realized that I was being chopped down, then everything went black…

I woke up to the bell chiming once again, but this time I was lying inside of a house as I heard something storming down the stairs. It was the same girl I had seen in the woods. I then heard the girl yell “BIG BROTHER IT’S TIME TO PUT THE TREE UP!”

I then saw that same boy I had seen in the woods except he was not wearing the same winter gear. Instead he was wearing a VERY ugly Christmas sweater with oven mitts and an apron on.

“Ok, ok im coming,” said the boy.

He then takes off his apron and gloves and throws them onto a chair. He walks towards me and he grasps me and stands me up. The next thing I know they are placing ornaments on my branches. By the time they were done I was covered in candy canes, garlands, and bright red and green orbs. The lights soon all went out as each goodnight was sent.

I sat there for endless days being admired by guests, siblings and family members. Until more people had entered the house than ever they were all eating and laughing as I wondered what was going on. I took a glance at the calendar and then I realized IT WAS CHRISTMAS EVE.

“I should have known.”

In all the commotion I forgot why I was here. Later when it started to get dark and everyone was sound asleep. And yes this is right about time the parents are going to wake up and put the presents under the tree. It’s quite sad frankly but eventually the little ones find out and Christmas is never really the same.

Soon enough everyone goes to sleep. I figure I should rest as well. Later the clock startles me awake. I took a glance at the clock and it was currently 1 a.m. and I saw a white blur coming closer to me. It looked like some sort of angel. It then filled the room with clouds that drifted along the floor and immediately filled my head with past memories of Christmas in the forest. Then it all disappeared as if it was never there so I went back to a drowsy sleep.


I heard the clock again, it was 2 a.m. and I saw a man in a robe and a wreath on his head made with mistletoe and holly branches then the room was scattered with sparkles that looked like the millions of stars in the sky, I felt a warm feeling go through me. Then again it disappeared.


The clock struck 3 a.m. and I expected to see something beautiful and bright but instead I saw a figure in a cloak and the room filled with black mist. I had an uneasy feeling. But once again It disappeared. This time I stayed awake, and soon enough the clock struck 4 o’clock and then I took a single blink and there were presents all around me. I was shook. The End.

Annie Johnston, Grade 5

A Christmas Story

The ground was covered with white fluffy snow. Bobman the Christmas tree was having a dream about having fun outdoors. He woke up and realized it was just a dream!

Bobman has white branches with green, red and white lights. He has store bought decorations and homemade decorations on his branches. Bobman has an angel on top with beautiful rings and wings. The clock was ticking and then it was Christmas Day everybody was sitting at the table having fun playing Cards Against Humanity. It was really funny and then we open our presents and then the day ended and we cleaned up. We have to clean up the wrapping paper. The End

Myles Thibodeau, Grade 4

Christmas Fire

Once upon a Christmas Eve a little tree named Ashman liked warm cookies and he was the funnest tree in the world. I am that funny little tree.

A mean fire roared beside me. He always pretends to be nice but he’s mean. Then that night the fire came to warm my house and he was talking to me and I was sleeping and I was so mad at him. I was so mad at the fire and the fire lit me on fire and I ran around the house so fast I burned my bum and then the kids woke up and sprayed the fire and the fire ran away and then the kids sprayed Ashman and they ate warm cookies.

The kids’ parents woke up and I froze and I had a nice xmas. Merry Christmas to all, good night

Ashton Mackenzie, Grade 4

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree

Hey my name is Dominic and I’m a Christmas tree. I hate Christmas because I might get cut down by people. It was Christmas Eve, snow was falling as fast as a brick and people might really really actually cut me down.

It really happened! I really actually got cut down by a family of five. A 7-year-old and 9-year-old, 3-year-old, 34-year-old and 32-year-old. I got decorated and I got a shining star on top of my head.

I smell a pickle… the family that cut me down hid a real pickle on me! They’re strange… I don’t even like pickles! I see the fire pit, I can hear the reindeer. I actually am starting to feel really happy. All the warmth from the fire and the cheery sounds.. I feel my sap dripping down in the heat. It feels sticky.

I taste the water. I heard there are presents on Christmas Day. I saw Santa on Christmas. He ate their cookies and milk. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. They wanted him to eat them. The family opened their presents and they had so much fun playing with them. They played in the snow, they loved it, they loved it and they even made a snow fort and a huge snowball. They may even have made a seat out of snow and a cat house. Christmas was over before I knew it. I got put in the fire and died…I still like Christmas though.

Dominic Man, Grade 4

A Stumpy Christmas

Hi I’m Greg tree stump yesterday some person cut me down. Now I’m at somebody’s home. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I hope it is perfect. My branches are covered in ornaments. My family hates me they say I’m ugly and I smell bad. I see their living room. It is so nice. They look like little rotten spoiled kids and I think their moms straighten them out and they’re bullies and they’re not nice to me in the mean to me and they are bullies and they saved me from the fire pit.

Do I like the kids are little they’re pretty fun and I really like them but they’re so nice and they’re kind can me and they’re cool and they smell like roses but they spank me and rip my branches all the time and I’m going to say it in one week it is going to be Christmas Eve and I’m so excited.

The kids are such big bullies they called me fart doo doo head yesterday and it’s not fun but yeah they’re nice kids but they’re mean to their mom and dads are also mean to me and as a pet dog and they always spank their pet dog and they put gum in his hair then they one time they threw him out the window and all and his dog was crying.

The kids are so bossy and they jump and from everything and like it’s not okay and I wish I had a different family and I wish Santa came yesterday well it’s not Christmas yet it’s Christmas Eve.

They gave me a banana split for Christmas I love it so much in my ornaments now feel like so smooth and I love it so I really hope this Christmas is the best one I’ve ever had cuz all the other Christmases I’ve never had anybody to spend it with this is so much fun.They have an Elf on the Shelf his name is Fuzzy. Mother and I love when he sleeps on my branches and he told me that there’s another else another tree and her name is Susie Medusa.

When Santa came he came and pick me up so I w the magical tree and they wanted me at the place where they make the presents at the North Pole it is so cold I feel as happy as a kid a in a candy shop. The End

Gabriel Helmer, Grade 4

Twas The Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and the whole house was quiet as a mouse but I heard something happen like Santa was nearby. I see cookies, decorations, candy, birds and chocolate. I hear my pet birds tweeting and I taste candy and chocolate.

I feel my branches on the couch. I smell cake and chocolate and candy. In my living room I heard something weird like Santa but no it was the Grinch coming down the chimney. Oh no the Grinch will take me back to his house!

I was still damp and moist from the forest. I had actually just been put in the house and decorated. I see great, so good I saw the Grinch coming to steal me and I was so terrified I was kicking and screaming. I kicked him right in the face and my mom woke up and Cindy Lou Who woke up and screamed “Santa why are you stealing our Christmas tree you have to give it back and you have to put presents underneath it!”

“Never!” the Grinch said as loud as he could. Then the Grinch went back to the chimney and jumped back up to bring Marissa back. When the Grinch got back home he put the tree on a stool and started to take off the decorations. Stop wiggling around stupid marissa. The End.

Darrica, Grade 4

Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, I did not see you there, my name is Santa Claus. I am telling kids a very interesting story, do you want to hear? Ok.

”Mom,” said Brian. “Can I feed the tree bacon?”

“What! Why would you want to do that?” said mom.

“Because, I could speak to trees and he said that he wants bacon, organic bacon,” said Brian.

But right after mom could speak Brian’s dad came back from work and he had urgent news. First I thought he was going to cut me and buy another tree because they need wood to keep the fireplace going but he was just talking about spaghetti. Mom and dad went to their room and locked the door. Right after they locked the door Brian said that to not worry, I will give you bacon, organic bacon.

So I said “Okay but how?” said the Christmas tree, aka me?

“I would secretly sneak into my barn, slotter some of my pigs, cook it and you could try it.”

So I waited until it was tomorrow. It was a beautiful day and it was also the best day of my life because Brian was going to give me bacon, organic bacon. Brian also said that he is going to roast the organic bacon and it was Christmas today but the horrible thing about today is that I was shivering, it was so cold.

Brian woke up and he did the plan he almost got caught but he did it, he made the organic bacon! I tasted it and it tasted soooooooo-oooooooooooooooo-ooo good and everyone got their presents. The end.

Jk. I wanted to tell you that the tree’s name was SSundee. The End.

Brian Okezue, Grade 4

The Mean Christmas Tree


Once upon a time on Christmas Eve there was a tree but it was not an ordinary tree. It was a very horrifying tree because it was badly treated by his parents. So he decided to be the meanest tree in the world. So he decided to ruin Christmas for everyone in his family but he smelled Christmas cookies. But when Christmas Eve came the kind son came and said it is not good to be bad.

But he just ignores him then the bad son came and said “Leave him alone.”

But that made the kind son mad then he decided to throw the Christmas tree in the fire pit. But with all the noise the mom woke up but the mom was as slow as a turtle but when she came down and asked, “What have you done? You have no more presents on Christmas. That is your punishment for burning down the Christmas tree.”

But at the end they realize what they had made in the end. Just kidding the mom said “But you need to learn from your bad action” so at the end they have a wonderful Christmas all together but the mean Christmas tree was bert to achis but at the end the tree felt happiness in him. The end.

Jules Dumoulin-Schaller, Grade 4

Christmas Went Wrong

It was a dark damp winter night and that night there was a Christmas tree.

Hi , my name is Mabel. I am a very spiky and tall Christmas tree with lots of bushy pine needles. I taste the sticky gooey sap on pine needles. I feel the presents at the button of my stem. I live in the living room. There is a fireplace next to me and his name is he said that he was very very hungry. also said he is as hot as the sun.

I already had some Christmas presents for him. was so hungry that he ate the Christmas presents under me. I saw a cat and I asked for help the cats name was Ginger he was orange and black and very soft and cutely.

Ginger went to the kitchen and was looking for a bottle of water to spray the Mr. fire so santa can give more presents to me. Ginger was looking in drawers and cabinets and then Ginger climbed up the fridge and found a water bottle with water in it. Now how does Ginger get the water bottle to the fire? Then Ginger got an idea. Ginger carried the water bottle in his teeth. Ginger got the water bottle and spread the water on the fire and said “ahhhhhhhhhhh that hurts.”

I said “ is gone now” and Santa came down the fireplace crash. Santa is here and I can get more presents.

“Hey Santa can I have more presents please?”

“Yes you can here’s some more presents.”

“Thank you.”


Wyatt Affleck, Grade 4

A Christmas Tree Who Lived its Death

It is the night before Christmas everyone is baking except for a tree that felt a bit sorrowful. All I want to be is pretty! But a cat keeps knocking down all my ornaments! But later that night I saw a little gray mouse.

“Hello I can help you put your ornaments back on?”

“Thank you.”

“Wait, what is that noise?” the mouse said. “I think it’s hooves. Santa!”

“Hopefully that wasn’t too loud,” said Santa.

Santa is putting presents under me. OO some cookies and milk and a present for the mouse. Hm that tree is missing something, oh a star yes that will be good. Oh time to go. Santa left in a flash then I called to the mouse, “Hey Mouse get out of your home. You got to help me catch that cat before it knocks me right over and ruins christmas.”

“I’m just eating my cheese. Alright I’m done.”

“I have an idea. Move that laundry basket. Grab the lights that are around me tiy it to the roof when the cat is under the basket, drop it. All right, there’s the cat, drop it!”

“Meaw! Wait wat a mouse trapping me, a cat, a hunter!”

“Hey cat, do you want a home?”

“What do you think? Of course I want a home!”

“Do you want to go to the Bodaler family? fine but won’t Jeney miss me?”

“I didn’t think about the fact that she would miss you, ok you can stay only if you stop knocking down all the Christmas tree’s ornaments.”

Don’t tell anyone but I thought it was fun. You know I’m still here. Right, what’s that smell? Ah! I’m on fire! Early that morning the fireman found the house burnt down but everyone was ok but what really surprised me was that me, the Christmas tree am totally fine. The End.

Anna Tilley, Grade 4

The Christmas Tree and the Christmas Story

Twas the night before Christmas and there lived a tree named Mister Tree. I am a massive pine tree with lots of branches to hang decorations on. I live in a house beside a window in a living room. I’m afraid the people are going to throw me away because when they brought me in the house I didn’t fit. Let’s not throw the tree away. Let’s just put it in the house and cut it to size.

The next day they had a snowball fight while they made snow angels and made some gingerbread houses. The night before Christmas all the stores were closing and the baker’s were closing for christmas. Santa Claus’ name was Father Christmas. At Mister Tree’s house. The people said “Let’s put them beside the tree.”

Mister Tree said “Please under me pretty please” mister tree said.

“No Mister Tree Im Mario come on guys let’s head to bed.”

When Santa Claus came he put the Christmas presents under Mister Tree when the people woke up ice bro walked down stairs. Ice bro was surprised. Ice bro said “Mister Tree what were you thinking.”

“But Santa placed them under me,” Mister Tree said.

“How interesting,” ice bro said.

Something fishy going on Mister Tree put our gifts. I’m so sorry. Now let’s open the gifts. They lived happly ever after. The end.

Jaxon Blanchard, Grade 4

The Runaway Xmas Tree

Hi, my name is Bob. I am a Christmas tree. I am good at being quiet. I am tall, wide and cute. All I want is to be free, but I don’t have legs. What am I going to do? I smell cookies for Santa. I see nothing. It is pitch black. All I see is red, blue and green lights it was boring just like a Naruto.

It’s Christmas Eve. Someone broke into the house and tied me to a skateboard. Then I turned into a human then I got pushed down a hill!!! My name changed to Max Osborne. The names of the people that bought me were Osborne too. Then I got off the skateboard and walked up the hill.

I met a good friend. His name is Myles he was weird funny and kind a I met a another friend she was evil a dark spirit her name was Bree. I also got to go to school. I lived it in Clearwater BC. I had 2 cats 1 dog and lots of friends. THE END

Max Osborne, Grade 4

The Little Christmas Tree

There once was a little Christmas tree that some farmers cut down. They said “This would be a nice Christmas tree for our cat to shred.” So the tree did a backflip and landed on one of the farmer’s heads and knocked him out. The other farmer carried him into their house. The cat was dragging the other by his hair.

I am the Christmas tree so I’m the one who knocked him out. They put me in a corner that was very dark. I wish that they threw me in the fire, but the cat is fighting them off so they can’t throw me in the fire. I wish I was in the fire so I would die because this house smells like rotting wood. So I did a backflip and landed on the cat and crushed him to smithereens.

Now the farmers just grabbed me and threw me in the fire. I think I’m going to die in 3 seconds. 3 seconds later I died. I’m in heaven. I’m telling every single little kid in heaven ‘‘Just so you know my name is reko Fred. Just so you know I also smell like skunk oil and bat poop mixed together but worse, I also added bear poop. Guess what? I also smell like people poop and cat poop and dog poop and hamster poop! I smell worse than anything you’ve ever smelt! I love hot chocolate. It tastes so good because Joe and Tom always put extra cocoa powder in it!’’

All the little kids jumped up and down and said, “P. U! You actually do smell like that!” AH AH AH AH CHOO THE END

Austin Giesbrecht, Grade 4

The Wimpy Tree

It was a nice day outside I am Spruce Juice. Someone cut me down yesterday at 12 a.m. they brought me to a house the house is as bright as a sun leaving my other half behind. I was so mad in hot rage they put me in the house they put ornaments on me my branch is now BROKEN. I am so MAD luckly they feed me.

It is Christmas Eve tonight I am so happy I am out of here soon. My goal is to steal some presents. Before I leave I smell the humans feasting on a big roast. Well, I think my goal is not going to work because the kids are being little bullies to each other. Well, the mom straightened them out. I am so happy.

The next day they fed me some banana split. It was so good. Tonight the kids were pulling on my twigs. They broke another branch I’m going to lose my marbles. I’m so mad that’s like the second time they pulled off one of my branches. They also smell really funny. I do not like it.

I cannot stand this anymore !!!!! These little kids are so bossy to their dad and mom I am so mad. Well, I made one of the kids cry because they were pulling on my branches and it hurt them. Me and the elf, his name is Filin, were talking about what they’re going to get. Well tonight after I’m done talking with the elf I figured it out that there is another Christmas tree and it is a boy I think he is really nice.

The kids woke up with their parents and started playing Christmas music I guess they do like me I just thought they hated me because they pull on my branches. Well good night “zzz.”

It is morning. Oh there’s presents under my tree. Oh here comes the kids why aren’t the parents up they’re going back what are they doing? Here come their parents. Oh no the parents are bringing out their phones what are they doing now the kids are opening the presents under me. Wow they got a hoverboard that’s really really really cool. One kid got hockey gear. Wow that’s really cool. I think the other kid he got cool pants T-Rex is on them. Well Christmas is done I have achieved my goal I took a present from one of the kids. Well I think this year was one of the best Christmas I have had back to the forest for me. My other half went to the dump! THE END

Jackson Hedman, Grade 4

Jolly Christmas

Dear Journal,

I thought it would be fun to journal about what it’s like before Christmas. My name is Hallen and I’m 14 years old. My friend is Nico and she is 16.

Today Santa wanted me to put some lights on the sleigh then I started loading up all the presents. Ellis was being a snob because he didn’t want to go with us. This year Santa needed us all, even Tipto (he’s an elf dog). So he had a fit but he said okay. We got in the sleigh and left. We were leaving Clearwater when the sleigh broke down then Santa said, “Oh no I forgot to check the sleigh.”

Being the person I am, I said, “Guys, the reindeer they are gone! Come on, Ellis and Nico. Lets get ‘em.”

“Ok, let’s go!” they said with excitement.

Santa needed someone, but we were already gone. We went to a house and asked if they could help find the reindeer. They said yes, so we got looking. First we asked what the girls’ names were. They said, “Sapphire and Arihanna”, so we went looking.

Finally, we found them. We took them back to Santa and they got extra presents. We’d saved Christmas!

Back at the North Pole another great Christmas happened.

December 25, 2021

Today was pretty slow. The snow was like sugar. This morning we got to open all of our presents and Nico got me the cutest wolf ever. I named him Fighter because he always wanted to fight. Him and Tipto are best friends. I got Nico a new sled and he loved it. We took Fighter on the sled and I can’t wait for next Christmas.

Hallen Cheveldave, Grade 5

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